2003 France National Championships Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on April 29, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Stéphane Damizet, France national champion 2003 Sunday Players
The new french Champ, Stéphane Damizet Sunday Players
Wilfried Ranque vs Olivier Ranque Sunday Players
Farid Meraghni vs Stephane Damizet Sunday Players
Farid Meraghni vs Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Wilfried Ranque vs Stéphane Damizet Sunday Players
Stéphane Damizet vs Yann Hamon Sunday Players
Antoine Ménard vs Farid Meraghni Sunday Players
Alexandre Peset vs Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Karim Aouidad vs Wilfried Ranque Sunday Players
The top 8 Sunday Players
Magic Mushrooms : Christophe Haim and Franck Canu Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel vs Stéphane Damizet Sunday Players
Vincent Gelly vs Alexis Dumay Sunday Players
Julien Silverstone vs Damien Leloup Sunday Players
Romuald Coueffé and Manuel Bevand Sunday Players
Damien Lacroix and Antoine Ruel Sunday Players
Pierre Chanioux playing U/G Madness Sunday Players
Amiel Tennenbaum Sunday Players
Alexandre Peset vs Bastien Perez Sunday Players
A mirror and very looooong game Sunday Players
In red, Frédéric Courtois Sunday Players
Alexandre Peset vs Sandy Thevenon Sunday Players
Farid Meraghni vs Gabriel Nassif Sunday Players
Wilfried Ranque vs Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Nicolas Bornarel vs Christophe Haim Sunday Players
Mathias Véron and Davy Loeb Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel vs Antoine Ménard (featuring Mark Wraith in the middle) Sunday Players
Pierre Baussaron vs Wilfried Ranque Sunday Players
Karim Aouidad vs Farid Meraghni Sunday Players
JB Mathieu et Florent Jeudon Sunday Players
The Kiva Team : Gilles Bléry and Gerard Garcia Sunday Players
The other village idiot, David Gallien Sunday Staff
The village idiot, Oren Guez Sunday Staff
Dave Regouby, Veronique Lemaire and Guillaume Lecointe Sunday Staff
Tony Fournival and Lois Jacquet Sunday Players
Yves Buttard, Nicolas Bataille and Mickael Bouet Sunday Staff
Tatiana Montandon and Damien Guillemard (gosh, he's everywhere) Sunday Players
Thierry Gourdon, Cyrille Peuvion, Damien Guillemard and Barthelemy Moulinier Sunday Players
Thierry Trégaro playing Tight Sight Sunday Players
Stéphane Gastaud, David Iacono and Damien Guillemard Sunday Players
David Vogin and Gabriel Cazorla Sunday Players
The Raymond Poulidor of France, Manuel Bevand Sunday Players
A tired Laurent Cassaro watching a Tight Sight deck Sunday Staff
A former french national champ, Fabien Demazeau Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel on the left vs Antoine Menard Saturday Players
Maybe ex-champion Sylvain Lauriol Saturday Players
French deck designer Karim Aouidad Saturday Players
Raphael Levy vs Nicolas Labarre Saturday Players
Pierre Baussaron (in red) near Marc Le Campion (in blue) Saturday Players
Colombian star from Vitry sur Seine, Julien Silverstone Saturday Players
Mickael Bouet, Mario and Luigi's cousin Saturday Players
Benjamin Caumes Saturday Players
Ex-french champ : Yann Hamon Saturday Players
In the middle of the picture, Thierry 'kipik' Tregaro Saturday Players
Antoine Ruel is thinking Saturday Players
Thierry 'old timer' Gourdon Saturday Players
The Nationals carpet Saturday Players
Second draft is about to begin Saturday Players
Dragooooooooooooooon coming ! Saturday Site
Ugly weather on the Alps Saturday Site
Focus on Le Manége, the event place Saturday Site
The guy with an aura : Nicolas Labarre Saturday Players
Being a scorekeeper is being alone ? Saturday Staff
The big fight ! Saturday Players
First round, feat. Gabriel Nassif Saturday Players
Oren and Damien, french Hasbro staff, talking with Cyril Saturday Staff
Cyril Grillon, the head judge Saturday Staff
Waiting to be seated Saturday Players
The zebras Saturday Staff
Players sittin' Saturday Players
Hilarity ! Saturday Players
The Ruels Saturday Players
Head judge Cyril Grillon briefs his judging team Saturday Staff
Akroma and Phage guard the venue for the main event Saturday Site
David Lavergne - the head judge for the last chance qualifier Saturday Staff
The grinder proved a popular event for players and traders Saturday Players
Jose Barbero of Argentina is surprised to be caught at French Nationals Saturday Players
Argentina's Diego Ostrovich may be in the wrong place Saturday Players
The bustling streets of Chambery's tourist area Saturday Site
Chambery's historic cathedral Saturday Site
Players relax outside between rounds of the last-chance qualifier Saturday Players
'Le Manege' is the site for this year's French Nationals Saturday Site

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