2003 Grand Prix Amsterdam Final Standings

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

RankTeamWinningsPro Points
1Rankko Bongo Wheshiwheshi$4,5004
2Ace Ten Off$3,0003
3Object of Affection$2,1002
4Boston Tea Party$2,0002
5Phoenix Foundation$1,5001
6Boys of Summer$1,5001
7Wesh Wesh Crew$1,2001
8No Mas Pinguinos$1,2001
10Darmstadt Desolation 1$9001
11The Only Barns In Town$6001
12Dan Clegg Uncut$6001
13Cleeman's Fan Club
14Free Pat Chapin
15The JC Experience
16Bear et Nice
18Die drei guten aus KA
19Need 5 for a draft
20Hobby One
21Perkas and Pouncing
22Norfolk and Chance
23Courtney's Men
24Tenacious D
25Tix Trix & T-Rex *
26Vitamin B12
27Alpha Strike
28V. O. P
29Andi's Haircut
30Team Ratpack.dk
31Big Bad Baboons
32Burning Houses
33Team Outland 2003
34Club der dichten Toten *
35Kai's gonna get it!
37Team Luxembourg
38En hest på en strand
39Never Give Up *
40Call of the Nerd *
41Broken Specimen
42R21 Manager *
44M.O.R.P.H.M.A.S.T.E.R.S. *
46S-Klasse 2. Edition
47Ban Kaas
48Kikos les daubes
50Tovenaars Groeten Martin V
51We are I. T. *
52God's Gift to Women
53Dat Zal Je Leren *
54O.W.L. *
57Two Ch Bears And A D Mouse
58Thierry Theron's Fan Club
61Mannheim Dragons
63Die drei ???
64Manége Enchanté
65Smokin' Cokin' & Quentin
66Digi und die stärken Männe *
67614 *
68Nürnberg Nightmare
69Cerberus *
70Les alcoholiques peu anonyme
71Mort Subite
72trashtalk.be *
74M. Y. C. *
76The Red Devils *
77Die Biberbande
78Hooks and Jeroen
79La Gondole de Venise
80We know your Mum!
81Force Field
82Team Mana Pool
83Shades of Green
84Bist du stark genug?
85Eet minstens twee stuks fr *
86The Unknown Stuntmen
87LNT Chouchen
8836th Chamber International *
89K-MD 8082
92Semper in Olio
93Two Lords and a Hobo
94Epowerforce *
95Spawns of Valroux
96Faded Skillz *
97Bez Loba *
98The Sublime
99Braindead *
101No Name No Fame No Glory
102Malouco Topdeck
103Fantastic Four
105341 *
106Team Fas *
107Imposture Team
108Black Sheep
109Manaplanet *
110Magic Friends *
111No Risk No Fun *
112Limbo Zone *
114Fort Castadale
115team.sys *
116Ich würds riskiern!
117De Smurfen
118Fallen Angels
119Karsten & Co
121Het lekkerste Aken
122All Mixed Up
123Minus Seven
124Sons of Seton
125ABC Team *
126Drop and give me 50 *
127AMT *
128Over the Delirium is Kaka *
129Temps X *
130Elle Encaisse Bien
131La Bande á picsou *
132123 Team
133Xarrupa Que Vessa *
134Blaat *
135Gold Team
136KPK *
137Bassie & Adriaan *
138The Random Noobs *
139The Happy Beatsticks *
140How Lucky
141La Cofradia *
142Frits Daan en Ruben *
14312 *
144Team Muts! *
145Feniks Magic *
146Assembly Workers *
147MYM *
148Dworp Team *
149The Cheese Stands Alone *
150Forever Young
1512 beans and a guy we picke *
152Team Bergen
153CCG Academy Team 2 *
154The Nameless Ones *
155Spy Network *
156Wednesday Night Special *
157magicuniverse.de *
15808/15 *
159De Schaapies *
160Midget & Co *
161Bull!t *
162The Goblin Bowling Team *
163R. A. W. Fish *
164Op Volle Toeren
165Flaters & Flair
166Rooie Biet *
167Wet ik veel - weet jij wil *
168La Triade
169Hobby Girls
170Die Drie *
171www.morefood.net *
172'Wat maakt het vit'
173Your Best Buy *
174L'Equipe du Dimanche *
175Zero-Two-Drop *
176magic4you.nu *
177Lierke Plezierke *
178FC Turbine Kiel *
179Mind Twisters *
181Team 055 *
182R. P. M. *
183Poemma's XGR *
184www.insanescrubposse.tk *
185Murderers in Action *
186Homat *
187Fatboy Slim
188Dark Aversion *
189It's a Kind of Magic *
190Roll a Die *
191Trefpuntmagic.nl *
192Infernal Spawn of Evil *
193Random Team *
194Brabant Reloaded *
195Fog *
196CCG Academy Team 1 *
197Nieuw En Rigoreus Doortast *
198The RAI-dragons *

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