2003 Grand Prix Atlanta Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on August 28, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Marco Triumphant! Sunday Players
The Big Man flashes a grin Sunday Players
It took a full minute for Marco to wipe the smile off his face for this photo Sunday Players
Marco Blume gets ready to lock it up Sunday Players
Matt Linde fails to turn his frown upside down Sunday Players
The Finals: Matt Linde vs. Marco Blume Sunday Players
Top 8'er Matt Linde Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Linde vs. Wagener Sunday Players
Josh Wagener digs down deep Sunday Players
Matt Linde can't stop flicking his cards Sunday Players
Top 8'er Marco Blume Sunday Players
Top 8'er Tim Bonneville Sunday Players
Top 8'er Keith McLaughlin Sunday Players
Top 8'er Josh Wagener Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Blume vs. McLaughlin Sunday Players
Marco's game is overseen by Kai Sunday Players
Keith McLaughlin stares down Marco Blume Sunday Players
Top 8'er Zvi Mowshowitz Sunday Players
Top 8'er Sean Buckley Sunday Players
Top 8'er Keith Thompson Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Linde vs. Bonneville Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Buckley vs. Blume Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Mowshowitz vs. McLaughlin Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Thompson vs. Wagener Sunday Players
A dainty Marco Blume Sunday Players
An unflattering picture of Sean Buckley Sunday Players
Keith McLaughlin plans to destroy Zvi, or die trying. Or try dying. Sunday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz can't keep his mind on the match at hand Sunday Players
Tim Bonneville plays like he belongs here Sunday Players
Calm, cool, collected. Matt Linde. Sunday Players
The Champ, and entourage Sunday Players
Keith Thompson doesn't like his chances Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Gabrenja vs. Linde Sunday Players
Matt Linde was denied his draw by the pairings Sunday Players
Matias Gabrenja in round 14 Sunday Players
It's do-or-die as Mikey P faces a deadly board from Keith McLaughlin Sunday Players
International Action: Nassif vs. Ostrovich Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: BenS vs. Mikey P Sunday Players
Mike Pustilnik plays a wacky Wake Sunday Players
Ben Stark peels Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Berkowitz vs. Wagener Sunday Players
Round 12: Richie Chua of The Phillipines faces Germany's Marco Blume Sunday Players
Josh Wagener, in the hunt for another title Sunday Players
Jordan "Bumblebee" Berkowitz Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Gabrenja vs. Rood Sunday Players
Canada's own David Rood Sunday Players
Argentina's Matias Gabrenja rips up the field Sunday Players
Round 11: Kibler vs. Lebedowicz. FIGHT! Sunday Players
Significantly more spectators jam up the Feature Match Area on Day 2 Sunday Players
Does this man look like he's playing red? Sunday Players
This is Bob Maher's Wake face Sunday Players
Battle of the 9-1's: Morgan Douglass vs. Matt Linde Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Maher vs. Crosby Sunday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Reeves Sunday Players
Neil Reeves makes a sour face Sunday Players
Brian Kibler laughs at the ridiculousness of a card-for-card mirror Sunday Players
Josh "X" Claytor fights Eugene Harvey at 7-1 Sunday Players
VDB, with his posse in the background Saturday Players
Carlos Romão gives the high sign Saturday Players
Barrel of Laughs Ben Seck Saturday Players
Amiable Dutchy Frank Karsten Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Buckley vs. Douglass Saturday Players
Osyp Lebedowicz and Wade Maraj fight it out for Day 2 Saturday Players
Sean Buckley shows poise Saturday Players
Morgan Douglass, on the trail of back-to-back Top 8's. Saturday Players
It's Zvi vs. Ho in round seven! Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Linde vs. Wolf Saturday Players
Matt Linde rips with a quickness Saturday Players
Andy Wolf shows off his fashionable Homestar Runner "20X6 Double Deuce" Ringer Saturday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Wagener vs. Harvey Saturday Players
U.S. Champ Josh Wagener Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey at his most animated Saturday Players
JBerk messes up Rob Dougherty's pretty face in round 6 Saturday Players
Patrick Sullivan glares a hole through the table Saturday Players
Joe Crosby can make even the mono-red mirror meticulous Saturday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Crosby vs. Sullivan Saturday Players
Round 5 Action: World Champ vs. People's Champ! Saturday Players
Joe Black couldn't tell you why he's so successful with the ladies. But he is! Saturday Players
Gabriel Nassif gives us his crazy face Saturday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz accepts having his photo taken Saturday Players
Titanic Jeroen Remie, recent Worlds Top 8'er Saturday Players
The Kai Saturday Players
Victor VDB, not your average American GP competitor Saturday Players
They call him TGO for a reason Saturday Players
Zach Parker, that loveable malcontent Saturday Players
The Big Man himself, Carlos Romão Saturday Players
Everyone's favorite Atlantan, Brian Kibler Saturday Players
Ed Fear can't help but look smooth Saturday Players
Marco Blume dwarfs all his opponents, but rarely as much as he does Parker. Saturday Players
Baby-Faced Assassin Zach Parker, overseen by Gerard Fabiano Saturday Players
ScrubbyZ and Matt Long fight in Round 2 Saturday Players
Todd Scott, impassive Saturday Players
Victor VDB puts his faith in mountains Saturday Players
Chris Pape, featured in Round 2 Saturday Players
Peppermint von Courderoy oversees his disciple Paul Sottosanti in Round 2 Saturday Players
PTR gets into the convention spirit! Saturday Players
It's a Fett Fête! Saturday Site
We're all a little mad here Saturday Site
Will the REAL Lara Croft please stand up? Saturday Site
Whatever you do, don't call him "Bub" Saturday Site
Remember V? That's Mark Singer of V! Saturday Site
Sweet Lord, it's Lou Ferrigno! Saturday Site
Gaming Jim revels Saturday Players
Two of many, many Klingons in attendance Saturday Site
You're never too young to kill rebel scum Saturday Site
They're recruiting! Sign up now for an exciting career in service of the Empire Saturday Site
Little did you suspect he had X-Ray eyes! Saturday Site
Mark Poole stands out of the crowd Saturday Staff
Just a few of the many art lovers in attendance Saturday Players
The Artist Bazaar is imposing Saturday Players
Wait a minute! That's not Johnny Depp! Saturday Site
These two Stormtroopers are personally responsible for the success of the rebellion. That's why they're stationed here. Saturday Site
Round 1 is in full swing! Saturday Players
Michael Kwan hopes to crush McGee Saturday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Hochsberg vs. Gui Saturday Players
Mike "Pegleg" McGee renounced his byes to try and win just one match. He needs the rating for New Orleans Saturday Players
Kai and Marco, but no Dirk! Saturday Players
Sol Malka playing, what else, black-green Saturday Players
PTR and Rich Hoaen in the early morn Saturday Players
Head Judge Sheldon Menery, and young go-getter Jeremy Smith Saturday Staff
EDT and Mikey P, in a rare sans-glasses moment Saturday Players
CMU-TOGIT in the hizzy! Saturday Players
From left-to-right: Mone Moore, Larry Elmore, Brom, and Jeff Easley, artists extraordinaire Saturday Staff
The boys of TOGIT Saturday Players
Rob Dougherty and Ed Fear sort out breakfast Saturday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz in mid-argue Saturday Players
The Front Hall at the Hyatte Regency Saturday Players

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