2003 Grand Prix Bangkok Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Grand Prix Bangkok Champion Tsuyoshi Fujita Sunday Players
Champion Tsuyoshi Fujita and Finalist Itaru Ishida Sunday Players
The crack judging staff of Grand Prix Bangkok Sunday Staff
Top 8 competitor Itaru Ishida Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Tsutomu Yamada Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Fujita Osamu Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Masahiko Morita Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Tsuyoshi Fujita Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Noppadol Srirattana Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Vincent Gan Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Peerapat Ekpoothorn Sunday Players
Mark Tedin musters his biggest signature Sunday Staff
Mark Tedin takes in his work blown up a thousand times Sunday Staff
Japanese players consult the Top 8 bracket. Sunday Players
The Chin has a laugh as Taiwan defeats China today Sunday Players
Chinese National Champion Jie Li Sunday Players
Taiwanese National Champion Chih-Hs Chang weighs his options Sunday Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita laughs his way to another GP Top 8 Sunday Players
Albertus Law Sunday Players
China's finest player Sunday Players
Chinese National Champion Jie Li Sunday Players
Singapore's Albertus Law Sunday Players
The original artwork for the dreaded Necropotence Sunday Players
More of the sensational artwork of Mark Tedin Sunday Players
Mark Tedin displays his wares. Sunday Staff
Thai rookie, Noppadol Srirattana Sunday Players
A larger than life Forgotten Ancient Sunday Players
Amateur Prize front-runner Noppadol Srirattana. Sunday Players
The Grand Prix stage Sunday Site
Adrian Teh is happy to have his computer up and running again! Sunday Site
Tournament Organizer Adrian Teh hard at work. Sunday Site
The dangers of new sleeves. Sunday Players
American Brad Taulbee discards to Zombie Infestation Sunday Players
One of the massive banners that loom over the venue. Sunday Site
The judges confer Sunday Staff
Head Judge Jacky Yang supervises a critical ruling. Sunday Staff
Ben Seck, Jun-Wei Hew, and Nick Wong test Dark Desires Sunday Players
Canadian Michael Thicke focuses on winning the Grand Prix Trial Sunday Players
Mark Tedin signs Forgotten Ancients Sunday Players
American Brad Taulbee has some questions about what he can Stifle Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida's game face Sunday Players
The lovely venue, with fun for all! Sunday Site
Head judge Jacky Yang and Scorekeeper Taksapol Sriwachirawat Sunday Staff
Tsyoshi Fujita unleashes his fiendish Goblin Bidding deck Sunday Players
Ben Seck can't hide from his adoring fans. Sunday Players

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