2003 Grand Prix Boston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Almost six years later, he's champ again Sunday Players
Kibler works it for the camera Sunday Players
Brian Kibler, Grand Prix - Boston Champion Sunday Players
Finalist Matthew Cory can't believe it. He really can't! Sunday Players
The Finals! Sunday Players
Kibler's mom roots for him from the sidelines Sunday Players
Cory's worn out Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Zajdner v. Kibler Sunday Players
The Dragonmaster fears no Dragon Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Breider v. Cory Sunday Players
Kibler ponders Sunday Players
Aaron Breider in the fight of his life Sunday Players
Cory fights the semis Sunday Players
Zajdner, and his operative codenamed JoshR- Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Zvi v. Zajdner Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: James v. Breider Sunday Players
Ben Rubin looks away Sunday Players
Kibler senses something is amiss Sunday Players
Amplified! Sunday Players
Mowshowitz veils his contempt. Thinly. Sunday Players
Mark Zajdner, citizen of the City of Toronto Sunday Players
Rubin v. Kibler! Take three! Sunday Players
Eric James, predicted to be here by none other than Huey Sunday Players
Aaron Breider is all intensity Sunday Players
Wagener has had a long weekend, but it's all worth it Sunday Players
All-Amateur Action: Matthew Cory v. Josh Wagener Sunday Players
Check out Kibler's murder machine Sunday Players
You can practically hear him shouting "HL!!!!111" Sunday Players
Eric James tries to remain enthused Sunday Players
Ben Rubin would describe this deck as "Not Good" Sunday Players
Matthew Cory builds Sunday Players
Ace Reporter BDM and Zvi get down to brass tacks (Zvi didn't bring any, he drove) Sunday Players
ScrubbyZ loves the camera Sunday Players
Ben Rubin hems and haws Sunday Players
Lots of eyes on the Mowshowitz, Breider, Kibler arc. Sunday Players
The Top 8 Draft has everyone's attention Sunday Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Freedman v. Freneau Sunday Players
Jon Becker, on the verge Sunday Players
Mike Gilmore sports thug appeal Sunday Players
Punch-Drunk Phil Freneau Sunday Players
Jerry Freedman, playing for Top 8 Sunday Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Mike Gilmore v. Jon Becker Sunday Players
Adults? Who let those in here? Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Glavin v. Walls Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Seth Burn v. Jordan Berkowitz Sunday Players
Jordan Berkowitz keeps it dainty Sunday Players
Gabe Walls can taste victory. Taste it! Sunday Players
Lucas Glavin goes in for the kill Sunday Players
Seth Burn with a sassy look Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Mowshowitz v. Wagener, packed in by fans Sunday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz draws a wary crowd Sunday Players
Josh Wagener dreams of storms of fire Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Flores v. Gilmore Sunday Players
Brian Kibler, and his Mom. Awwwwwww. Sunday Players
Ben Rubin goes through the motions Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Zajdner v. Jordan Sunday Players
A subdued Paul Jordan Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Ben Rubin v. Brian Kibler. The Teammates' First Fight! Sunday Players
Mark "ScrubbyZ" Zajdner delights in others' annoyance Sunday Players
Is it any wonder the girls swoon over Kibler? Sunday Players
Superman Ben Rubin goes incognito Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Shawn Regnier v. Gab Tsang Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Melissa DeTora v. Ben Stark Sunday Players
Hammer checks on his secrets Sunday Players
Kilnmouth Dragon shows up just in time to save Gab Tsang from Screeching Buzzard Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Ryan Fuller v. Brian Lynch Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Zvi Mowshowitz v. Trey Van Cleave Sunday Players
Classic Ryan FUller Sunday Players
Brian Lynch has many quality elves Sunday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz waits impatiently for the scoop Sunday Players
Trey Van Cleave falls into a sad reverie Sunday Players
The view from above Sunday Site
Michael J. Flores finally gets to put his money where his mouth is Sunday Players
Mike Turian's dazzle contrasts with Joe Crosby's nausea Sunday Players
Canadians dissect Vienneau's draft from afar Sunday Players
Van Cleave covets Zvi's YMG shirt Sunday Players
Table 1, Hammer and Tsang kick it old school! Sunday Players
Spectators get the go-ahead to get up close and personal Sunday Players
Richard Hoaen, juvenile delinquent Saturday Players
Antonio De Rosa enjoys a gigglefest Saturday Players
Ben Rubin fights Mike Gilmore for undefeated status Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Horvath v. Shawn "Hammer" Regnier Saturday Players
David Bachmann Saturday Players
Mark Le Pine, stunned Saturday Players
Deadguy David Bartholow Saturday Players
Good lord, check out those guns! Saturday Players
Adam Horvath boasts a thousand-Watt intensity Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Shvartsman v. Fuller Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Kastle v. Vienneau Saturday Players
Matt Vienneau offers a dilemma Saturday Players
Darwin Kastle wears a severe look Saturday Players
Mike Pustilnik stares at a favorable situation Saturday Players
Bet you didn't know Toby Wachter could play this game. He's 5-1! Saturday Players
Iron Mike Turian Saturday Players
David Rood hides behind Warped Researcher Saturday Players
TGO makes short work of the dashing Jon Becker Saturday Players
Sealed Deck is Matt Vienneau's forté Saturday Players
Darwin Kastle flashes those bedroom eyes Saturday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz loves to be clever Saturday Players
William Jensen is slightly out of it Saturday Players
Jeff Cunningham and PTR form some kind of Hive Mind Saturday Players
Brian Kibler, the ladies' choice Saturday Players
Charming harlequin Gary Wise Saturday Players
Huey makes a plan Saturday Players
Brian Kibler draws the right lands Saturday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz focuses on his game Saturday Players
Justin Gary, stone cold Saturday Players
Osyp "Joe Black" Lebedowicz Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman, GP King Saturday Players
Smilin' Dave Williams Saturday Players
They call him The Great One Saturday Players
Yes, that is PT Finalist Elijah Pollock Saturday Players
EDT sports tropical flair Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Elijah Pollock v. Eric "Danger" Taylor Saturday Players
Alan "Eeyoo" Webster Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Flores v. Webster. Webster's way is ... not great Saturday Players
Crown Prince of Awful, Mike Flores Saturday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: David Nolan v. Christine Gerhardt Saturday Players
Gerhardt gets ready to make an ogre Saturday Players
Nolan faces tough decisions early Saturday Players
Two tables of YMG Saturday Players
Big stars put their byes to good use Saturday Players
Strangely appropriate. Saturday Site
The Castle looks like some sort of gaming Valhalla Saturday Site
The view from above Saturday Site
Joe Crosby assesses all the options Saturday Players
William "Baby Huey" Jensen looks over his options Saturday Players
A sea of gamers Saturday Players

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