2003 Grand Prix Detroit Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
The finalists pose together Sunday Players
Hoist it high, Champion! Sunday Players
Maher's used to photo ops Sunday Players
Yet another Maher Championship Sunday Players
The Finals, in all their glory Sunday Players
Maher, large, and also in charge Sunday Players
Harvey gears up for the finals Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Josh Ravitz v. Eugene Harvey Sunday Players
A victorious Bob Maher, Jr. Sunday Players
Alex Shvartsman bested in the semis Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey's narcolepsy takes hold during the Slide mirror Sunday Players
Josh Ravitz faces a decision Sunday Players
Starleaf on the offensive, while a yoda-like PTR watches Sunday Players
Bob Maher's game face Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Bob Maher, Jr. v. Derek Starleaf Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass managed to escape coverage while Top 8'ing Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Douglass v. Ravitz Sunday Players
The quarters have everyone's attention Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Eugene Harvey v. Mark Herberholz Sunday Players
A jolly Alex Shvartsman wins with Form of the Dragon Sunday Players
Matt Severa gets ready to rip Sunday Players
Magic player or transient? You decide. Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Starleaf v. Goodson Sunday Players
Unearthly beings shower Herberholz and Anderson in a strange light Sunday Players
Tony Goodson zones out to dreams of the Top 8 Sunday Players
Derek Starleaf, maxin' and relaxin' Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: McGuffin v. Harvey Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Valentin Moskovich v. Jon Sonne Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey is livid! Sunday Players
Max McGuffin throws down Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey v. Tony Goodson Sunday Players
Sean Vandover is ready to strike Sunday Players
Josh Ravitz makes sure nothing can go wrong Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: EDT v. Dave Williams Sunday Players
Dave Williams boards up Sunday Players
Eric Taylor asleep at the switch Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman v. Gerard Fabiano Sunday Players
Guest Artist Ron Spencer signs roughly one billion cards Sunday Staff
Round 10 Feature Match: Paul Hollar v. Lester Smerling Sunday Players
A bored Lester Smerling Sunday Players
Paul Hollar. That is all. Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Osyp Lebedowicz v. Mark Herberholz Sunday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Benafel v. Sullivan Sunday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Ben Rubin v. Max McGuffin Sunday Players
Adrian Sullivan throws off a pleading look Sunday Players
Chris Benafel is all attitude Sunday Players
An accurate description Saturday Staff
Some kind of crazy, light-based child Saturday Staff
Round 8 Feature Match: Gerard Fabiano v. Bob Maher Saturday Players
Round 8 is barely controlled chaos Saturday Players
The man behind the name, The Ferrett work coverage for Star City Games Saturday Players
They'd never believe it back home, but Adam Whitehead is playing Eugene Harvey Saturday Players
The redoubtable Gerard Fabiano Saturday Players
Bob Maher, ready to 8-0 Saturday Players
A king's ransom in famous mtg signatures Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Herberholz v. Paquette Saturday Players
Mark Herberholz has flipped "the switch" Saturday Players
Aeo Paquette. THE Aeo Paquette. Saturday Players
Ben Stark fights Dan Flood Saturday Players
MattR, BB, and BenS Saturday Players
Eric "Danger" Taylor, looking anything but Saturday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Tony Tsai v. Gerard Fabiano Saturday Players
Extreme Close-Up: Antonino DeRosa Saturday Players
Everyone wants to see the Feature Matches Saturday Players
Adrian Sullivan always draws a crowd Saturday Players
Gerard Fabiano shows how tough he is Saturday Players
Tony Tsai lounges around Saturday Players
Gary Wise hates this format. Hates it. Saturday Players
This shirt contains a crippling indictment of "facts" Saturday Players
Already players have started checking the standings Saturday Players
Sam Gomersall shows off the lashes that drive the ladies wild Saturday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Jon Sonne v. Lucas Glavin Saturday Players
Maher considers his options Saturday Players
Head Judge Rune Horvik tries to hang on to his soul Saturday Staff
Peter Szigeti shows off his Odyssey Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Ken Ho v. Alex Shvartsman Saturday Players
Ken Ho wonders what he's doing Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman as The Thinker Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Matt Rubin v. PTR Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Geordie Tait v. Gabe Walls Saturday Players
A subdued Geordie Tait Saturday Players
Gabe Walls needs a rip Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Mauro Bongiovanni v. Rich Hoaen Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: McClasky v. Vanderwielen Saturday Players
Ben Bleiweiss covers for Star City Saturday Players
J Vanderwielen. That's right, just "J" Saturday Players
Derek McClasky with a long day ahead of him Saturday Players
Magic Online's "MagpieSM" Saturday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Hakan Jackson v. Justin Schneider Saturday Players
Justin Schneider and Mark Zajdner, superfriends Saturday Players
Kenny Hsiung's match sums up the metagame Saturday Players
That looks downright respectable Saturday Site
The Renaissance Center, site of the Grand Prix Saturday Site
Central Command Saturday Staff
Judges mingle with one another Saturday Staff
Everyone's asking for Starstorms Saturday Players

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