2003 Grand Prix Genova Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
The trophy podium, ready for the winners! Sunday Misc
Reinhard Blech, the man, the myth, the snowboarder. Sunday Players
The new DCI Big Boss Ilja Rotelli talks about Italian Grand Prixs. Sunday Staff
The standard trophies, this time eclipsed by the snowboards. Sunday Misc
Jan Doise measures up the snowboard for the high mountains of Belgium. Sunday Players
Blech loves his trophy and he sure knows how to work the camera. Sunday Players
Two finalists, two trophies and two snowboards. Sunday Misc
Jan Doise, the lone Blue players in the Top Eight. Sunday Players
Reinhard Blech knows Type One and knows Onslaught Block Constructed. Sunday Players
Too fast for the camera: now that is what I call shuffling! Sunday Players
The table for the finals is all set. Sunday Misc
Blech and Doise, looking for their first Grand Prix title. Sunday Players
This is where we will find out who is the champion. Sunday Players
The tables are set for the semifinals. Sunday Players
Germans discussing sideboards for the Top8, just like any other Grand Prix. Sunday Players
Top 8er Martin Heidemann watches his compatriot Blech in the semfinals. Sunday Players
The last Italian hope: Stefano Fiore. Sunday Players
Reinhard Blech and Stefano Fiore get ready for their semifinals. Sunday Players
Andre Mueller and Jan Doise playing the Dragon game. Sunday Players
The Top 8: Doise, Carboni, Fiore, Vegna, Benifei, Heidemann, Blech and Mueller. Sunday Players
Doise already own a snowboard, now he wants to be Amateur award winner, Simone Carboni. Sunday Players
Reinhard Blech crushing Alessandro Vegna. Sunday Players
Italian Marco Benifei is trying to stop yet another German, Andre Mueller. Sunday Players
A Quarterfinals that lasted a mere ten minutes. Sunday Players
Heidemann tried but it seems no one can stop Fiore. Sunday Players
The Germans, plotting sideboard strategies. Sunday Players
The stage is set, let them fight! Sunday Misc
Vegna and Romano: only one of them will make it. Sunday Players
Lo Moro and Krutil in a crowded Feature Match Sunday Players
Krutil reaches for his deck! Sunday Players
Alessandro Vegna is about to crush Stefano Romano. Sunday Players
Jan Doise and Sascha Luscher battle for a Top spot. Sunday Players
Andre Mueller trying hart to keep Thomas Preyer out of the Top 8. Sunday Players
Pascoli and Benifei battling out for the Top 8. Sunday Players
Marco Pascoli surrounded by his friends. Sunday Players
Stewart Shinkins is back! Sunday Players
Mueller vs. Shinkins, a match full of Dragons. Sunday Players
The crowd egging Stefano Fiore on. Sunday Players
Andre Mueller and Stefano Fiore: There can be only one... undefeated. Sunday Players
Stefano Fiore's Goblins give no mercy. Sunday Players
Look! A smiling German! Andre Mueller is having one brilliant weekend. Sunday Players
Alessio Angeli & Massimo Crotta, two Italians on the hunt for the Top 8. Sunday Players
Vegna and Mueller telling their friends all about their round. Sunday Players
A much smaller field today... Sunday Players
Blech and Fiore get a visit from the Head Judge. Not good. Sunday Players
Alessandro Vegna against Andre Mueller: Battle of the Undefeated. Sunday Players
Bruno Carvalho and Stefano Fiore drawing the usual crowd. Saturday Players
Swiss Bruno Carvalho typing up a Swiss recap. Saturday Players
The few, the proud, the ones waiting for the final standings. Saturday Players
The Red Zone: where it all happens. Saturday Misc
Somewhere in there, Raffaelle Lo Moro is fighting for Day Two. Saturday Players
Germany's Reinhard Blech: a Type 1 mastermind. Saturday Players
Swiss Marc Invernizzi vs. Italy's Stefano Fiore. Saturday Players
Raphael Gennari and Reinhard Blech dancing with Dragons. Saturday Players
Luca Chiera: an Italian who knows Feature Matches. Saturday Players
Sylvain Lauriol and his three-color Goblin Bidding deck. Saturday Players
A lonely judge sorting result slips. Saturday Staff
Belgium's pride and joy: Jan Doise. Saturday Players
Stephan Klose again in the Feature Match area. Saturday Players
Italians just LOVE Features Matches! Saturday Players
Guy Joulin and Marco Pascoli, two White Sleevers. Saturday Players
Stephan Klose playing against the top ranked Italian: Andrea Santin Saturday Players
Wherever there is a match... Saturday Players
Somewhere out there a Goblin Piledriver is killing someone. Saturday Players
The Scorekeeper and the Head Judge: the often unsong heros of a Grand Prix. Saturday Staff
Welcome to GP Genova 2003! Saturday Site
Still three European GPs to go this year... Saturday Misc
Two snowboards with Mtg art... Saturday Misc
... for the winner and the youngest Top8er. Saturday Misc
Judges love decklists... just like you. Saturday Staff
Mark Zug starts signing. Saturday Staff
Free Sideboards! Saturday Misc
585 players eager to go... Saturday Players
As usual in Italians GPs, the entry fee is donated to charity. Saturday Misc

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