2003 Grand Prix Hiroshima Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on January 24, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Motokiyo Azuma, Grand Prix Hiroshima 03 Champion Sunday Players
Judge Shin'itchirou Tachibana makes a call in the Finals Sunday Staff
The Finals of GP Hiroshima 03 Sunday Players
The board gets complicated Sunday Players
Can Osamu Fujita take his first title? Sunday Players
Motokiyo Azuma watches his opponent's moves intently Sunday Players
The diligent judging crew Sunday Staff
Ji-Sang Kang is trying his best to be the first South Korean player to make it to the Finals of a premier event Sunday Players
Osamu Fujita is not impressed with his odds in the Semifinals Sunday Players
Higaki gets ready for his Semifinals match Sunday Players
Motokiyo Azuma is not pleased with his opening hand in the Semifinals Sunday Players
The Top 8 has begun Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Ji-Sang Kang Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Yoshitaka Nakano Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Atsushi Tabuchi Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Takao Higaki Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Tsuyoshi Fujita Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Motokiyo Azuma Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Osamu Fujita Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Jun'ichi Kinoshita Sunday Players
The Top 8 of Grand Prix Hiroshima (showing that imitation is the greatest form of flattery) Sunday Players
This picture of the Lee-Kang match is brought to you by the back of Josh Bennett's head Sunday Players
Lee Ji-Hoon of Korea Sunday Players
If he wins this match, Kang Ji-Sang of Korea will become the first non-Japanese Asian player to make Top 8 at a Japanese Grand Prix Sunday Players
Masahiko Morita. Can he secure another Top 8 for his resume? Sunday Players
An intense Osamu Fujita, hoping to gain a Top 8 berth Sunday Players
Akira Asahara Sunday Players
Takao Higaki Sunday Players
Masahiko Morita Sunday Players
Hiroshima player Kazuya Mikawa Sunday Players
Osamu Fujita Sunday Players
Nagoya player Kouji Nose Sunday Players
Katsuhiro Mori counts along as Higaki plays Stroke of Genius Sunday Players
Higaki Strokes Sunday Players
The hard-working staff of the Sideboard Online, bringing you the fine coverage you're reading today Sunday Staff
Players get their first taste of Legions at the prerelease Sunday Players
The Scion of Darkness watches over the crowd as the Legions prerelease begins Sunday Site
Tsuyoshi Fujita shows the crowd his impression of an octopus Sunday Players
Shuuhei Nakamura strikes a pensive pose Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida is stunned by Nobushita's display of superhuman speed Sunday Players
Even the camera is too slow to catch Jun Nobushita in action Sunday Players
Josh Bennett supervises Sideboard Japan reporter Kouichirou Maki while Fire Ball members Jin Okamoto and Tsuyoshi Ikeda watch teammate Jun Nobushita versus Itaru Ishida Sunday Players
Hiroshima player Takao Higaki Sunday Players
Yuuichi Itou finds his center Sunday Players
Shuuhei Nakamura adds a dramatic flare to his playing Sunday Players
Takao Higaki Sunday Players
Kiyoshi Sasanuma prepares to deal 16 points of damage Sunday Players
Katsuhiro Mori seeks the termination of all organic life Sunday Players
Masayuki Higashino guffaws Sunday Players
Yoshitaka Nakano, 2002 Japan Nationals Top 8 player Sunday Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita, dapper as ever with his scarf (catch him on the cover of next month's GQ!) Sunday Players
Jun'ichi Kinoshita is blinded by the light Sunday Players
Undefeated amateurs Yoshihiro Umeno Saturday Players
Jun'ichi Kinoshita Saturday Players
Yoshihiro Umeno looks to lead the Swiss going into Day 2 Saturday Players
Korean player Lee Ji-Hoon fights to take top place in the Swiss Saturday Players
Hiroshima player Takao Higaki plans his next saucy move against Ishida Saturday Players
Itaru Ishida is nonplussed by his opponent's play Saturday Players
Katsuhiro Mori. His hair may be back to brown, but the soul still burns. Saturday Players
Yuuta Hirosawa Saturday Players
Tsuyoshi "Rolly" Fujita, friend of the Dutch and Bob Maher Saturday Players
Akira Asahara Saturday Players
Masahiko Morita Saturday Players
Jun'ichi Kinoshita Saturday Players
Takayuki Nagaoka Saturday Players
Chikara Nakajima Saturday Players
Akira Asahara Saturday Players
2001 APAC Championship Finalist Jun Nobushita Saturday Players
Satoshi Nakamura, almost unrecognizable in his demure chapeau Saturday Players
Masashi Ooiso Saturday Players
Takao Higaki moves so fast, the camera can catch only a blur Saturday Players
Kazuki Katou contemplates the state of affairs while Itaru Ishida plans his next play Saturday Players
GP Sapporo 02 Champion Shin'ichi Kumagai (right) shuffles off against Jin Okamoto, "The Last Emperor of Asia" Saturday Players
Tarou Kageyama: A pleasant façade hides danger. Saturday Players
Artists are always popular attractions in Japan, as guest artist Daren Bader has discovered. Saturday Staff
Daren Bader will sign cards for food. Saturday Staff
Naoki Kubouchi (right) versus Jun Ishihara, a Japanese PT regular Saturday Players
Hisaya Tanaka, the top-ranked Japanese player at PT Chicago 03 (right), versus 1998 APAC Championship Finalist Kiyoshi Sasanuma. Saturday Players
Masashiro Kuroda, GP Nagoya 2002 champion Saturday Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita strikes a pose Saturday Players
Jin Okamoto, sporting a new hair color Saturday Players
Itaru Ishida of Panzer Hunter fame Saturday Players
Takayuki Kawahara Saturday Players
And they're off! Round 1 of Grand Prix Hiroshima has begun Saturday Players
Hiroshima Sangyou Kaikan, the Grand Prix Hiroshima site. You can't tell by looking at it, but there are 400 Magic players inside this building. Saturday Staff

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