2003 Grand Prix New Orleans Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on January 2, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Behold the mighty Zvi! Sunday Players
The smug of victory! Sunday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz and trophy Sunday Players
Finals Action: Harvey vs. Mowshowitz Sunday Players
Harvey gives a rare smile. File this one away, you'll never see it again. Sunday Players
Zvi can taste that trophy! Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Harvey vs. Pustilnik Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Ostrovich vs. Mowshowitz Sunday Players
Harvey navigates the Tog mirror Sunday Players
The crowd asks for a smile, and Pustilnik obliges Sunday Players
Mowshowitz Racks for seven Sunday Players
Ostrovich is bored vs. TurboLand Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Douglass vs. Ostrovich Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham loses it! Sunday Players
Supercilious Zvi Mowshowitz Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass is playing Tinker, of all things! Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich, poised Sunday Players
It had to be said, and this judge said it: "Domo Arigato, Carl Lobato" Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey, asleep at the wheel Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Van Cleave vs. Mikey P Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: PTR vs. Trey van Cleave Sunday Players
Possibly The Thing with Two Heads Sunday Players
Trey van Cleave adjusts his life total Sunday Players
A nearby spectator is blinded by Eugene Harvey Sunday Players
Gary Talim likes to keep his decisions simple Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Gary "MFT" vs. Eugene Harvey Sunday Players
Zebras swarm the matches Sunday Players
It's best if you don't think about how PTR earned those beads Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass has a heck of a board Sunday Players
Jarod Burt looks for answers that aren't there Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich is on a tear! Sunday Players
GP Los Angeles Champ Phil Freneau is looking to repeat, with Mountain! Sunday Players
Ken Krouner hopes these will be enough Sunday Players
Gerard Fabiano still shaking sleepiness Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: KK vs. Fabiano Sunday Players
A frumpy Eric Froehlich Sunday Players
Osyp "Joe Black" Lebedowicz, ladies' man Sunday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Froehlich vs. Lebedowicz Sunday Players
Zvi goes on tilt Saturday Players
There are only ever two: A master and an apprentice Saturday Staff
Head Judge Collin Jackson makes his rounds Saturday Staff
8-0 Jeff Cunningham shows how it's done Saturday Players
James Stroud endures more DeRosa prattle Saturday Players
Antonino DeRosa ponders his options while cheerleader David Rood looks away Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: DeRosa vs. Stroud Saturday Players
He may not look like it, but he's "The Shark" Saturday Players
Tsai sneaks an extra card. Saturday Players
Shock! Horror! Kastle plays The Rock! Saturday Players
Harvey's pace slows to the point where he dozes off Saturday Players
Kastle, in mid-slam Saturday Players
Kibler dares Tsai to start something Saturday Players
A pensive Dougherty Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Rob Dougherty vs. William Jensen Saturday Players
Huey sends this one out to the ladies Saturday Players
Ben Stark plucks Saturday Players
Matt Noble strikes an appropriate pose Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Stark vs. Noble Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey, American Hero Saturday Players
Ken Krouner looks askance Saturday Players
Huey is too much man for one photo Saturday Players
No prize for guessing what Antonio DeRosa is playing this weekend Saturday Players
"Sketchy" Mauro Bongiovanni Saturday Players
Joey Siagian already looks defeated Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Siagian vs. Bongiovanni Saturday Players
Up close and personal with Zvi Mowshowitz Saturday Players
Doctor P, looking to repeat his his GP Vegas performance Saturday Players
Jon Becker, roustabout Saturday Players
The Radisson hosts Grand Prix - New Orleans Saturday Site
Darwin Kastle gets intense Saturday Players
EDT sports slacker chic Saturday Players
BDavis does what BDavis does best Saturday Players
They're well-behaved, for now. Saturday Players
Desperate players will pay top-dollar to make sure they have their decks together Saturday Players
Invitationalist Diego Ostrovich makes a surprise appearance Saturday Players
Osyp Lebedowicz, back in the game! Saturday Players
A couple of sinister coconuts Saturday Players
Expect to see lots of this, this weekend Saturday Players
Last-minute playtesting does not go well for Brian Kibler Saturday Players
The littlest YMG'er of them all Saturday Players
Head Judge Collin Jackson briefs his crew Saturday Staff
The hubbub Saturday Players

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