2003 Grand Prix Pittsburgh Final Standings

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

RankPlayerWinningsPro Points
3Phoque Foundation$2,1002
4Northern Lights #5$2,0002
5Team Togit$1,5001
7Slay Pillage Gerard$1,2001
8I Blame Bung$1,2001
9Team Work with Josh$9001
10Efro Naked$9001
11Carta Magica$6001
122318 *$6001
13The Fun Police
14Tired Lost Souls
15Owls and Bungee Cords
18Saltine *
20Collectors Cache
21Demented Mustard
22Gus Macker
23Brock Bottom
24Ukranian Mailmen
25Jay-Z feat. Lil' Mo
26Hi We're the Warlords
27Obviouslyasian.com *
28Annoy Offend Intimidate
29Team Ace
31Backyard magic
32Below Me *
33Juice Bottle Gnome
34The Muppet Show
35Team Ken Russell
36Zero Byes *
37Legions of Rathe *
38Guildhouse Games
41Zangeif Dhahisiem and Eardle
42Kem Cards
43Strip Club
44Jam *
45Log Jammin
46Alpha Snail Supremacy
47Los Pepes
48Karmic Justice *
49Balloon Me *
51Caped Crusaders *
52Team Redneck *
53Where are They Now?
54Pretty Tigers
55N-Slayer 41 *
56Mr. Belvedere Fan Club *
57Rico Suave *
58Gatekeeper *
59Faded Glory
60Team Eskimo *
61CFish and the Rockettes
62We Resh It
63What's a Doughnut *
64How Teamful
66The Jokas
68Peabo Bryson
69Robot *
70Wascally Weasels
71Team Duff
72Stalking Tiger Hidden Shark
73Team Shoulder Pads
74Team Rideau
76Please Boccio Win!
78Your Move Games
79F Vince
80Real Men of Genius *
81Zzoom Zoom Zoom *
82Aboshan = go *
83Angry Peppers *
84Michael J. Flores
85Neil Reeves Owes me a Buck
86Rat Trap *
87Team Rory B
89Team Richcom *
90CBG *
91Jews Full
92Human Tequilla Shooters
93Operation: Doormouse
94I Got the Magic Stick
95Team Flashback *
96220 *
97The Charging Slatebacks!
99Free Traficant
100Renting People
101Porse: Reloaded
102Lucky Snacks *
103G-Unit *
104Mystery Men
106Sha'darrack *
107Soldier *
108Whine and Cheese
109Complacent and Proud *
110Scoop-a-Doop *
111Give Me A Dollar *
112The Wrecking Crew *
1142 Docs and a Psychic *
115Game Wizards *
116Lemon *
117Fire and ice *
118Scorpicorp *
119Madderdad *
120Element *
121Tandem Cyclers
122The 888 Collective *
124El Gatobus
125Team Gregs Sports cards *
126Skillz *
127Mr. Nice Guy Games
129Out Lose You
130Giant Idiotface *
1313 Guys 5 Legs
132Don't Counter on It *
133Pattys Boys
134Genetic Drift *
135Onsite Registration
136Nightboat *
137Four Eyed Froggers *
138True *
139Pjlmqc Qwertgfd *
141We Got Nothing
142Burninator *
14369 Purple Balloons *
144Lucky Frog
145Set Eisel Free *
146Team Academy 4L
147Soup is Good *
148Drunken Squirrels *
149Fox Force Three!
150Spitfire *
151Team Hypnotoad *
152Brain Helmet Stick *
153Tha Hertz *
154Team 0-3 Lunch *
155Sonikk Cheezz *
156Religious Debate *
157The Moose Knucks *
158Team! Team! *
159Cambodian Peacocks *
160Decepticons'x *
163Penny Will You Marry Me?
164Guptil's Sutured Ghouls *
165The Window People *
166Team Deckcraft *
167Team Gaming Dungeon *
168Plan B *
169Three Angry Fatmen *
170Somethin' Fierce *
171The Wookies *
172Fat Chicks in Party Hats
173Da Supergoatz *
174Two Matts and a Dan *
175Barry White Boyz *
176Triple Entente *
177Mexican Border Patrol *
178Cocky Diego and his Goonz
179Chattering Squirrels *
1803 Dollar Nacho *
181Various Artists *
182Unsung Heroes *
183Realultimatepower.net *
184Team Amos *
185Sin Ep Sevol Nai
186Free Turner!
187Team Black *
189Smawhower *
190Magic Dorks
191Mooninites *
192Amazing Stories *
193Swamp and 2 Plains *
194Master Mages *
195Team Maude *

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