2003 Grand Prix Sevilla Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Fourteen rounds, three drafts and a Top 8 later: the winner. Sunday Players
"Can I use this as a Call of the Herd counter?" Sunday Players
The Swedish Hurricane lifts his trophy! Sunday Players
Romão is getting used to award cerimonies. Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter knows a catwalk when he sees it. Sunday Players
Antoine Ruel getting his round of applause. Sunday Players
The big finals. Sunday Players
Too fast for the camera. Sunday Players
You want fast games? Talk to Anton Jonsson. Sunday Players
Carlos Romão ponders his sideboarding. Sunday Players
Nitter against Jonsson: All-Nordic semifinal. Sunday Players
Romão against Antoine Ruel: Huge guy against little guy. Sunday Players
Rohmer and Ruel just finished their quarterfinals, who won? Sunday Players
Velden has been too Amsterdam one time too many. Sunday Players
David Brucker is going to wipe Nitter's smile any second now. Sunday Players
Nitter and Brucker leaning over the table. Sunday Players
Fresnedo tried to smash the World Champion. Sunday Players
Brucker chats with Kai while Eivind Nitter hides behind his deck. Sunday Players
Anton Jonsson learns a new hip handshake from Stan van der Velden. Sunday Players
Rohmer and Ruel shuffle up. Sunday Players
Sideboard Reporters Kai Budde and Olivier Ruel: the Sideboard spares no expenses. Sunday Players
The moment of truth: deckbuilding in the Top 8. Sunday Players
The Top 8 players hard at work. Sunday Players
Rune Horvik is the Nowegian Frank Sinatra. Sunday Players
Jesper Nielsen is a Head-Judging machine. Sunday Staff
Head Judge Jesper Nielsen sings the Top 8 Blues. Sunday Staff
Somewhere in there the Top 8 draft is taking place. Hopefully. Sunday Players
Antoine Ruel, following his brother's footsteps into lunacy. Sunday Players
Javier Perez Fresnedo, one of Spain's remaining hopes for the GP title. Sunday Players
Adriano Rohner, a young Spanish hoping to keep the title at home. Sunday Players
Anton Jonsson, all business even for his Top 8 photo. Sunday Players
Stan van der Velden, Card Shark from the Netherlands. Sunday Players
David Brucker, European Champion. Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter, bringing a touch a high-couture to the Top 8. Sunday Players
Carlos Romão, a World Champion with a attitude. Sunday Players
Ready for the draft? Sunday Players
The classy Top 8. Sunday Players
Stan van der Velden and Carlos Barrado locked in battle for a Top 8 slot. Sunday Players
Raul Mestre and Antoine Ruel fighting for the Top 8. Sunday Players
This will NOT be a quick game. Sunday Players
Dirk Baberowski trying hard to ignore the Druid Reporter. Sunday Players
Anton Jonsson reaching out to his creatures. Sunday Players
Nicolai Herzog hypnotizing the opossing creatures. Sunday Players
Luis Sousa's friends leaning over to check his hand. Sunday Players
Nicolai Herzog and Diego Ostrovich locked in a tense battle. Sunday Players
Nicolai Herzog loves the camera. Sunday Players
Pierre Malherbaud swept the first day but missed the first draft. Sunday Players
Two Frenchmen locked in battle. Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel picks is way through Malherbaud's avalanche of monsters. Sunday Players
Antoine Ruel and Eivind Nitter commenting their drafts. Sunday Players
Even down in pod six Kai Budde draws a crowd. Sunday Players
Dirk Baberowski under the watchful eye of Tiago Chan, rookie Sideboard Reporter. Sunday Players
The top table in all its glory. Sunday Players
The crowd gathers to watch the second draft. Sunday Players
Behind this crowd is the first pod. Sunday Players
Even little kids want to see Carlos Romão draft. Sunday Players
Amiel Tenenbaum deals damage. Sunday Players
Alejandro Dominguez and Marco Duarte trading hits under the watchful eyes of the crowd. Sunday Players
Portugal's Marco Duarte has a monoblack deck full of bombs. Sunday Players
Antonio Fernandez is packing mean Green-Black beats. Sunday Players
Spain's Raul Perez doesn't like sleeves. Sunday Players
Argentina vs. Sweden, in a Grand Prix in Spain. Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich analysing his hand. Sunday Players
Antoine Ruel showing his white sleeves. Sunday Players
Sweden's Anton Jonsson ready for battle. Sunday Players
Feast your eyes on Marco Duarte mono-black deck's highlights: 3-0 or no? Sunday Players
David Brucker is all about the smiles. Sunday Players
Stan van der Velden turning his bye into something useful. Sunday Staff
Pro Tour Player of the Year and European Champion. Sunday Players
Joost Vollebregt taking notes. Sunday Players
Xavier Petit focusing on the table. Sunday Players
Kai Budde enjoying his Feature Match. Sunday Players
The rain in Spain stays mostly in... not in Sevilla today. Sunday Site
Hugo Machado, former Portuguese Champion and discarder of morphs. Saturday Players
The Portuguese support crew checking out Hugo Machado. Saturday Players
Dirk Baberowski shuffling up for the decisive round. Saturday Players
Dirk has only one "cheerleader" but its a famous one. Saturday Players
From right to left: Scion of Darkness, Wellwisher, Centaur Glade. Scoop? Saturday Players
Jabaiano counting his Centaurs. Saturday Players
Kai Budde ignores the crowd. Saturday Players
Diego Ostrovich, from Argentina to table one. Saturday Players
Carlos Barrado takes on Kai with a little help from his friends. Saturday Players
A good time to meditate: the table is locked. Saturday Players
John Larkin overworks his Skinthinners. Saturday Players
Eivind Nitter: Mtg Top Model. Saturday Players
Stan van der Velden takes his card sharking way too seriously. Saturday Players
David Brucker can't stay away from the top spots. Saturday Players
"No Blocks" THIS! Saturday Players
Nassif is NOT happy. Saturday Players
Kai Budde and Olivier Ruel Saturday Players
Gabriel Nassif and David Brucker. Saturday Players
Kai dismantled Olivier Ruel in a few minutes. Saturday Players
Who said scorekeeping is easy? Saturday Staff
A true patriot? Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel, part-time Sideboard Reporter. Saturday Staff
The Spider and the Demon... Saturday Players
Ostrovich and Fernandez still talking about the first game. Saturday Players
Omar Sagol choosing the best way to smash Florent Jeudon. Saturday Players
Floreunt Jeudon and Omar Sagol just woke up the Sideboard Reporter (Olivier Ruel). Saturday Players
Diego Ostrovich showing Jaime Fernandez his no-look shuffle. Saturday Players
Guess what? The judges are still checking decklists... Saturday Staff
Head Judge Jesper Nielsen contemplating his domain. Saturday Staff
Ben Thompson's artwork attracting the cameras. Saturday Staff
The Spanish champion battling it out from round one. Saturday Players
The judges begin checking 800 decklists! Saturday Staff
The quest for lands begins... Saturday Players
Ben Thompson still smiling after signing his billionth Chainer's Edict. Saturday Staff
Carlos Romão building his Sealed deck. Saturday Players
To The Dome! Saturday Site
Welcome to the Magic Dome! Saturday Site
The impressive Palacio de Congresos. Saturday Site
All 800 players trying to find their places. At the same time. "Chaos" would be an understatement. Saturday Players
Rune Horvik and David Sevilla try to sort things out. Saturday Staff
The busiest time of the weekend for the scorekeeper. Saturday Staff
800 Magic players waiting for cards. Saturday Players

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