2003 Grand Prix Sydney Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on October 3, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Andrew Gordon receives his second place plaque Sunday Players
Grain and his novelty cheque Sunday Players
Grain holds his trophy aloft! Sunday Players
Andrew Grain receives his trophy from head judge Chris Williams Sunday Players
This quarter final match brought to you by Hungry Jacks Sunday Players
Lenny receives his plaque from head judge Chris Williams Sunday Players
Lenny Collins is still smiling and who can blame him Sunday Players
Grain looks like hes edging ahead in a nail biter Sunday Players
The final match of the weekend Sunday Players
That's the big prize that they're playing for....well...apart from the Sunday Players
Andrew Grain looks as cool as a cucumber Sunday Players
Jiang looks like hes seen a ghost Sunday Players
It didnt take long for Itaru to polish off Jiang Sunday Players
Itaru receives his plaque from head judge Chris Williams Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida and his plaque Sunday Players
Tim He prepares to do battle in the top 8 Sunday Players
Andrew Gordon flashes his hand for the crowd Sunday Players
A mohawks eye view Sunday Players
Dan Turner and his one man cheer squad Sunday Players
Even if its your own team its still a cheer squad Sunday Players
Tim He delicately places a counter so as not to damage his cards Sunday Players
Lenny, Jake and Timd decide on their pics Sunday Players
Dan, Shun and Tim decide on their pics Sunday Players
Andrew Grain lays out his first pack Sunday Players
Shun lays out his first set of cards in the top 8 Sunday Players
Wayne Steel flashes the spell hes casting Sunday Players
Tim He squares off for the top 8 Sunday Players
Well lookie here its Rob Nadebaum Sunday Players
For someone who doesn't want his picture taken Frankie sure is Sunday Players
Will Copeman could be the very definition of concentration Sunday Players
Now thats what I call a close up shot! Sunday Players
An artistic view of Ben Sunday Players
This tournament could be the breakthrough for Ben Fleming Sunday Players
Jake Hart tries to make it back to back limited top 8s Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida is always there at the top of the standings Sunday Players
If I didn't know better I'd say this looked like a BRIBE Sunday Players
Lenny Collins was the first player to lock in his top 8 birth Sunday Players
Magic tournaments arent just about gaming theyre about good times too Sunday Players
What exactly do you call a gathering of judges? Sunday Players
The perfect balance is finally achieved Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida considers his deck options Sunday Players
Textbook use of the feature area mats Sunday Players
Paul Van Der Werk fights hard against Puszet Sunday Players
Our beautiful feature match area...awwww isn't it puuuurdy Sunday Players
Lightfoot feels a little ill after all the tic-tacs Sunday Players
Grain sports his team colours in his lands, red and black Sunday Players
Players who miss day 2 still have a chance with the PTQ Sunday Players
Chris Nadebaum decides just how to use his combat trick Sunday Players
Ishida takes a beating from Nadebaums monsters Sunday Players
Now thats what a side tourney room should look like! Sunday Players
Andrew tries hard to concentrate through Lennys rambling Sunday Players
Thank goodness for sideboards Sunday Players
It's hard to find Lenny not smiling this weekend Sunday Players
Playing with your cards is better than playing with something else Sunday Players
Tim in mid summon Sunday Players
Lenny uses the review period to keep up to date Sunday Players
Dion Stratford and his little white men Sunday Players
Russell gets some assistance in laying out his pack Sunday Players
Richard Grace enters everyones favourite step, the draw step Sunday Players
Lenny, Bryce and Andrew all study a new pack Sunday Players
Russell Barlow reviews his pile of magical cardboards Sunday Players
8 pretty draft pods sitting in a row Sunday Players
Leeeeets get rrrreeeady to drrraaaaaaaft! Sunday Players
Tomorrow the side events room will be packed with PTQers! Saturday Players
Paul Wright gets the game underway Saturday Players
Gene Brumby gets the last feature match of the day Saturday Players
Is Chris Kwan the man to crush Seck's dreams? Saturday Players
Ben Seck does battle for a spot in day 2 Saturday Players
Judges dont always look like this :( Saturday Players
Gordon's beard sure does make him look wise Saturday Players
Jiang could be the luckiest player in the country Saturday Players
Puszet sits back and waits for a block Saturday Players
Ishida was more than happy to make the trip to Sydney Saturday Players
Call it scouting or call it boredom, theres always people who love to Saturday Players
Despite what some people think there's always hard work at the front Saturday Players
Judges are always prepared to lend a helping hand Saturday Players
You really can see the love in Nik Smiths eyes Saturday Players
Paul Merry psyches himself up for a tough block Saturday Players
New Zealand's Richard Grace is lost in the Shuffle Saturday Players
Survival of the Fittest Saturday Players
Justin West models his Milwall beanie Saturday Players
Osamu Fujita deep in thought Saturday Players
Tom Haddy tries to put up some resistance to Osamu's hoards Saturday Players
Lil Cole Swannack, New Zealands pride and joy Saturday Players
I wish they got my good side! Saturday Players
Rob Alexander sorts his wares on display Saturday Players
Gordon ponders his decision to change 12 cards Saturday Players
Allen puts his land denial plan into action Saturday Players
This could be Lee's first recorded victory! Saturday Players
Mark Brown fells the force of the red zone Saturday Players
Lee Copus ponders an attack Saturday Players
The convention centre in full swing Saturday Players
Round two gets underway Saturday Players
Michael Doecke quick interview Saturday Players
Andrew Plinston quick interview Saturday Players
Nick Wong quick interview Saturday Players
The always helpful judgiung table Saturday Players
Battles rage on as competitors seek to gain those valuable 3 byes Saturday Players
Centrepoint Tower, home of GP Sydney 2003 Saturday Players

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