2003 Kentucky Open Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on August 17, 2003

By Sideboard Staff

The Top Four stop to take a pose before the semis begin
Co Champion Adam Yang dreams of a way to spend the money he won.
Head Judge Jason Dooley and his two kids, Wife Jennifer was unavailable for pictures.
Judge Mark Shafer looks on while the top eight plays it out.
Brett Reliford is going to give out plenty of hall passes this year.
Adam Yang shuffling.
As close to a birds eye view as you can get to the top eight.
The trophy, the trophy, what what the trophy.
More top eight action
David Snow wants to add some more accolades to his blossoming career.
Moving at the speed of light in round seven.
Peter Maginnis wants to be the true lord of the undead.
Gary Ritchie likes to wear beanies in 90 degree heat.
Shades of Wrath, Taking the team out in round six.
Brian “DC” Spencer really wants to draw land
Daniel Meadors hanging free in round six
Adam Yang vs. Gary Ritchie in a battle of local players in round five.
Ben Price wants a cookie. Can you give him one?
It’s red green vs. blue green as two of eastern Kentucky’s players play round four.
Ken McAlpine’s Cards have a special message for you, and you alone!
McAlpine loves to play the magical cards.
Joshua Beal and Glenn Wallace in game
Do you like his little dance?
Glenn is shuffling.
Adam Prosak takes on the defending Co Champion of Kentucky Magic, Will Lutes.
I’m better then you.
Adam Prosak tells a funny joke.
Ryan Nunn takes the beating of a lifetime from Kyle Eden.
Kyle Eden pumps the fist over a great matchup round one.
Ryan Nunn hanging out in the mulligan phase.
Quick Interview: Ryan Nunn
Quick Interview: Taylor Parnell
Quick Interview: Kentucky Co Champion Will Lutes
Quick Interview: Jeremy “JT” Tate
Quick Interview: Jarod Burt
Quick Interview: Kentucky Co Champion Derek Glenn
Quick Interview: Anthony “fro” Justice
Quick Interview: Trey Van Cleave
Quick Interview: Joshua Claytor, reporter of the Kentucky Open
Quick Interview: Mark Vollmar
Father and Son bonding through magic, Justin Atwood, and father Ricky.
Faces in the Crowd: Anthony Justice, Matt Pearce, and Ricky Atwood.
Faces in the Crowd: Shane Adams
Faces in the Crowd: Cody Damm and Jarod Burt
Faces in the Crowd: Jacob Beal
Faces in the Crowd: Matt Oldakar
Faces in the Crowd: Derek “Ridge” Glenn
Faces in the Crowd: Adam Prosak
Here is Derek MacFarland and friends.
Tournament Organizer Brennan Moody looks out of the tournament.
Trey Van Cleave and Wife hanging out of the dealer booth.
Look at the DEALERS!

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