2003 MagicSingles.com Invitational Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Andrew Stokinger Wins the $1000 prize
Learning how Verdant Succession works
Andy "No Blocks" Stokinger
Alex on the attack
Their match isn't interesting, let's play chess.
Andrew Stokinger with nothing but an Angel and a Chaplain
The Payout
The games of Academy Games
Paul Reitzel in an Northeast Challenge Qualifier
Ok, you see, I'm going to sacrafice this, and this, and this, and you are going to die.
People crowd around Alex and Lander's top 4 match
Rob and Justin Gary's Game of Nightmare Chess
Too... strong... can't... hold... out....
Ready, set, GO!
He's going to block... I knew it!
Semifinals - Alex Shvartsman vs Mike Landers
Mike Landers, a Massachusetts local player, learning the infinite loop in the Top 4
Andrew Stokinger casting Wrath of God in the Top 4
Wrath of God? How lucky!
Paul Reitzel talking about the deck he didn't get to play.
Looking good for Ken
Chris Chin fighting in the Top 8
What... the heck.. are you looking at?
Ken Krouner in the Top 8
Kimmie and her Erhnam Djinn
Kimmie and Mike playing running the original Top 8 Gauntlet
Mike Bregoli thinking while playing a Pro Tour 1 decks
Zvi sideboarding during the Top 8
I couldn't BELEIVE how many Clerics he had out.
Canu uses Brock Lesnar cards as tokens in an attempt to intimidate his opponents
JUDGE! He has too many tokens
Rob and his insect tokens
Store copies of Pro Tour 1 decks keep the long rounds from getting boring
Ernham? Who plays that guy any more?
Balance, sacrafice all my land to the orb, and gain 10.
Ken Krouner and Bregoli playing Pro Tour 1 decks
Round 5 - Peter Guevin vs Dan OMS
Peter Guevin is all business
Danny, are you done yet?
GP Philly 1999 Finalist Britt Fitch staring at the Bridge
Meet the Judges
That's one way to kill a 'Tog player
What about the Grateful Dead? That's it! Attack you
Should I discard the second Rootwalla or the Roar?
Zvi actually has to block
Planar Guide has cleared the board, and the Roar token doesn't come back.
Tom Guevin and his dice
I'm not Josh Bennett, I swear! I'm Sideshow Bob.
Too... many.. creatures....
The Psychatog mirror match, as exciting as it looks.
Look! Look! There IS an Opposition at this tournament.
I can't beleive he's playing so slow, I want to get lunch.
Master says, "Violent Eruption you for 0."
Why did I play Psychatog today? Why!
Flashing the ice
Yeah I'm a Red Soxs fan, what about it?
I have to draw something
Pete Guevin running Mono-Black Control
Alex Shvartsman sending in the... Insect tokens?
It's ok, it's ok. I don't need to block, I can just gain infinite life.
Alex pauses before the attack.
Chris Chin has Matt Rubin on the ropes
There are way too many clerics in play
Living the Game 2003
Heh he HAY! That's a good one.
Joseph Kambourakis rolls up his sleeves and taps some land
Why aren't I attacking?
Feature Match Round 1, Rob Dougherty vs Ken Krouner
Hmm, I guess I need to block
What happens if I kill the elf?
Pro Tour II Finalist Tom Guevin at his local store
Team Your Move Games sleeving up, and Zvi is not happy
Bregoli and Ken Krouner waiting for Dan OMS to register his deck
Mike Bregoli, can't wait to mise
Welcome to Academy Games

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