2003 Pro Tour Boston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Caption Category
2020 is in a pensive mood Players
Rood sends it back to Reeves Players
Bob Maher gives Wolfman The Stare without his knowledge Players
Dave Williams scouts Elijah Pollock's graveyard Players
Not a keeper! Players
Sometimes, a teddy is your only consolation Players
Brett Shears is unimpressed by Mattias Jorstedt's previous season Players
NicoH strokes his beard, in thought Players
Tommi Hovi stares down the best dressed team in the event: Mount Cleverest Players
Jason Adams versus fellow-Canadian Gary Wise Players
Michael Gurney distracts Eugene Harvey and steals his attacker Players
TerryT faces Iron Mike Turian Players
Tomi Walamies, such a nice young man Players
Gary Wise, up close annd personal Players
The always-sassy Brian Kibler Players
Gerard Fabiano, clown prince of TOGIT Players
The one and only TBS Players
2020 need to win out to Day 2 Players
Jordan Berkowitz, Caricacture Players
A slightly creepy Carlos Romao Players
Harvey fights a Cornelissen Players
Turian fights a different kind of Cornelissen Players
Wise vs. Van de Logt Players
Watch out, ladies, 'cause here comes Joe Black! Players
The Japanese have too much mojo Players
Budde takes on a shrieking Amiel Tenenbaum over lunch Players
The black-and-reds yuk it up Players
Your fill of all-YMG action Players
A.A. Beam versus Huey, Brock and Linde Players
A room full of hopefuls Players
An aghast Paul Rietzl watches Efro save his bird Players
Tom Guevin buttons up against Kamiel Cornelissen Players
Finkel and Guevin fight it out Players
No one can top Nitter's fashion sense Players
This is barely one-tenth the deck's power! Players
It's a lazy day in Mowshowitz Land Players
Ed Fear wants you! Feel free to be terrified Players
Jonny Magic, slightly on-edge Players
The World Champion, Daniel Zink Players
A more rugged Eivind Nitter than usual Players
Chris Wong vogues Staff
The court jester makes his appearance Players
Marco Blume, man of action Players
Mike Kryzwcki mouths off on Ed Fear Players
Chris Galvin helps demo the game Players
Illuminati try to keep it straight while Zvi makes faces Players
An ocean of concentration Players
There's trouble a-brewin' Players
KK tangles with Mike Long Players
Someone's getting a dressing-down! Players
Head Judge Collin Jackson confers with his generals Staff
The ever-cautious Mike Pustilnik Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Phoenix Foundation vs. 2020 Players
The Pit has all the best matches Players
TOGIT vs. The French Players
There's a lot of action to watch Players
Solidarity is important Players
Judges lay the smack down! Players
No warning, just spectating Staff
Precarious! Players
It's a grimace-on-grimace matchup Players
BDM gets beat up by the best Players
Tim McKenna fights Andy Wolf Players
Pollock and Baberowski do battle Players
Remember kids: Smoking is bad for you! Players
Blume and Wolfman rematch! Players
Has anyone else noticed that Kai is looking a lot more … evil, these days? Players
Sideboard Reporters enjoy a "discussion" Staff
Diligent Judges nitpick … For Justice! Staff
Competitor? You gotta be kidding me! Players
YMG hope to escape Sealed Deck this year Players
Becker and company hang out under a tree Players
Rob Alexander shows off his landscapes Staff
Last-Chancers "YMMV" Players
Last-Chancers "Block Party" Players
John Avon cocks an eye at his Decree of Annihilation Staff
Side Events. It's too early for there to be anyone here. Players
Chris Benafel, teamless Players
The Flat Three Players
Amiel Tenenbaum, Gabriel Nassif and "The Weshwesher" Players
Illuminati really want to win this one Players
Larkin, Gomersall and Mello, The JC Experience Players
Evil Genius Nicholas Labarre, and minions Players
Anan Go is Best Player, a team of Japanese Heavyweights Players
Tsuyoshi Fujita clowns around while Itaru Ishida works Players
Wise, Harvey and Turian, up to no good Players
Team Outland, back again Players
Team TOGIT are back, with a vengeance Players
Pros enjoy the breakfast of champions Players
Ken Ho is mesmerized by his Game Boy Advance, and has no time for teammate Ben Rubin Players
A little pre-game warmup Players
Check out these fly fellahs Players
The Arbiters of Justice Staff
The French give a shoutout to their homeboys Players
Zombie Gerard Fabiano tries to look inconspicuous Players
Players line up for registration Players

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