2003 Pro Tour Boston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Higaki Torrents Berkowitz in the face Players
The South Americans have a ball Players
You'll find no sanctum in that hoodie, son Players
Cronobri cuts Maher's deck Players
Smith on Reeves, where's your money? Players
Dave Williams vs. Rickard Osterberg Players
Danny Mandel tries to take down the former U.S. Champ Players
Rabinowitz vs. Wise gets underway Players
Gabe Walls messes with Higashino Players
Fujita vs. Hron! Players
Harvey falls asleep at the switch Players
"I Thought You Quit", looking particularly grizzled Players
Huey takes notes Players
Maher, Reeves and Williams need just one more win Players
You may not recognize the Original Slackers, but they're in Top 4 contention Players
Gabe Walls goggles Players
The Japanese in their final round Players
Linde and Gurney go through the motions Players
Huey and Jason Adams in a stalemate Players
The Brockafellers take on the Canadian Greybeards Players
Dave Williams disgusts Paul Rietzl Players
Tom Guevin shows off his "tech": Lay Waste Players
Neil Reeves vs. Peter Guevin Players
"Istari" (Sven Grottke, Peer Kroger, Claudia Loroff) Players
Collin "Human Metronome" Jackson calls the draft Staff
Williams makes his intentions clear Players
Rietzl demands the Guevins' attention Players
Staring at trouble Players
Why is Krzywcki smiling? Players
Higashino thugs. It's what he does. Players
Gurney vs. Higaki Players
Blume puts Schneider on the ropes Players
Long vs. Baberowski Players
TerryT, Adams and the new improved Michael Gurney Players
Higashino's hat hides his lack of eyes Players
Schneider, Krzywcki and Long try to beat the best Players
Phoenix Foundation, bored with winning Players
The Brockafellers, aka Huey, Brock and Linde Players
"vGG": Hovi, NicoH, Jorstedt Players
Judges hustle. Staff
The red mana symbol inspires the likes of Dan Paskins Players
A tree. How super. Players
This may be the only sun the players in this tournament see today Players
A single tear, for all the sore losers Players
Phoenix Foundation versus Phoenix Foundation Lite (actually The JC Experience) Players
A prim Kazuki Ueno Players
This one goes to the dome Players
Akira Asahara needs outs, and fast Players
Apparently, Hron is playing for the other team Players
Romao bludgeons Berkowitz Players
Walls takes it easy against Ostrovich Players
Higaki serves into Long Players
Kryzwcki tries to get a bead on Higashino, and fails Players
Schneider and Fujita with matching scowls Players
South American Dream Team: Romao, Ostrovich, Gabrenja Players
Two on Three finally get to do some drafting Players
Remember, there are only ever two, a master and an apprentice. Players
Ayumi Gundan sign strategy Players
Rob Dougherty, and son Players
Baberowski victorious over Labarre! Players
For some, this is as close as they'll get to glory Players
Mmmmmmm, 'nanas Staff
MINE! ALL MINE!! Players
So cute, but don't be fooled, she's running blue-green madness Players
Mikey P makes gaming fun! Players
Brett Shears guards against the cold, and Eugene Harvey Players
Kai and Dario get Players
The Man in Black, Masayuki Higashino, versus Jer Elgar Players
Nick Page and his jaunty new Chapeau vs. Takayuki Nagaoka Players
Adam Hurd Mobilizes against Osamu Fujita Players
Marco Blume sends an army against Antoine Menard Players
Cunningham vs. Turian. Straight-laced vs. goofy Players
Tomi Walamies takes some pain from Gary Wise Players
Phoenix Foundation know their way around Players
Labarre, Minieri and Menard in their first draft Players
Tomi Walamies directs traffic for Mount Cleverest Players
Harvey and Turian ponder, but Wise doesn't like it one bit Players
"I Blame Bung" face a hard decision Players
Ayumi Gundan ponders their first pick Players
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