2003 Pro Tour Boston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on September 14, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Sideboard Japan works furiously Staff
Don't give the check to those hooligans! Players
The Brockafellars, Pro Tour - Boston Champions! Players
The Original Slackers. So close, and yet so far Players
Champions, through and through! Players
That's a $60,000 hug, right there. Players
Parker smashes Crnobri, look at Jensen go wild! Players
Huey and Linde oversee Parker expectantly Players
Huey bashes Smith in two straight! Players
Jensen and Smith do battle Players
The Finals! Players
Spectators stare into the face of Jake Smith Players
Linde tangles with Osterberg Players
Huey makes his feelings known Players
The Original Slackers suss things out Players
Linde prepares to be mobbed Players
Linde victorious! Players
Jensen takes it! Players
Budde vs. Jensen draws a crowd Players
High-fives all around as The Original Slackers make the semis Players
Blume congratulates Parker, after Huey and Linde win their matches Players
"It wasn't supposed to be this hard." Players
Osterberg and Harvey duke it out Players
Smith with a HUGE upset over Wise! Players
Crnobori gets all up in Turian's grill Players
Kai glowers at Huey's Infest Players
Brock Parker stares down Blume's men with a smile Players
Baberowski and Linde under the lights Players
Emergency repairs Staff
"Tight Tommy" Guevin spices up the commentary room Staff
Very few of these wires actually DO anything Site
The Draft is in full swing Players
Pale? Check. Exhausted? Check. Definitely Sideboard writers. Staff
A quick Kai-Dirk conference Players
Linde fakes left for Airborne Aid, ignoring Arcanis Players
Definitely too early Players
This pick is killing Wise Players
The Brockafellers fondly remember their wins Players
Collin Jackson readies his squad Staff
The Sunday Players Players
Top 4: Phoenix Foundation sell out Players
Breakfast Fiasco! Players
Top 4: Zabutan Nemonaut are all smiles Players
Top 4: "The Brockafellers," Huey, Brock & Linde Players
Top 4: "The Original Slackers" look very much the part Players

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