2003 Pro Tour Chicago Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on January 17, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Germany's Stefan Fries Pro Tour
Rabid fans Pro Tour
An appropriate response to Silent Specter Pro Tour
Huey smashes Eisel! Pro Tour
Nick Eisel smolders for the camera Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Lebedowicz vs. Crosby Pro Tour
Huey plans ahead Pro Tour
Joe Crosby is expressionless Pro Tour
Osyp Lebedowicz stares a hole through his opponent Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Krempels vs. Bruneau Pro Tour
Craig Krempels is let down, yet again Pro Tour
Newcomer Derek Bruneau is 6-0! Pro Tour
Contrary to popular belief, Eugene Harvey has more than one expression Pro Tour
Trust a guy in a "Bong" shirt to wear an expression like this Pro Tour
Side Events putters along Pro Tour
Round Six Feature Match: Eskeland vs. Jonsson Pro Tour
This is as excited as Anton Jonsson gets Pro Tour
Sigurd Eskeland asks for mood lighting Pro Tour
Round Six Feature Match: Franz vs. Maher Pro Tour
Bob Maher, such a nice young man Pro Tour
Eric Franz had hoped for more Pro Tour
Round Six Feature Match: Cornelissen vs. Long Pro Tour
Kamiel Cornelissen untaps gingerly Pro Tour
Unshaven Long shows a Mistform Wall Pro Tour
Crowds start to swarm the Feature Matches Pro Tour
Kai Budde has you right where he wants you Pro Tour
That's "THE" Ben Seck to you! Pro Tour
It's good times all around! Pro Tour
Fujita smashes Zvi, revenge for Pro Tour - Tokyo so long ago Pro Tour
The Pit is packed Pro Tour
Round Five Feature Match: Fujita vs. Mowshowitz Pro Tour
Fujita Swats! Pro Tour
Zvi manifests speed lines Pro Tour
Round Five Feature Match: Eisel vs. Benafel Pro Tour
Kyle Rose prepares to bludgeon Pro Tour
Round Five Feature Match: Cornelissen vs. Rose Pro Tour
He's hypnotizing you, with the power of his mind! Pro Tour
Nick Eisel, in a pose gone horribly, horribly wrong Pro Tour
Chris Benafel goes nova Pro Tour
Two of Japan's best, Tsuyoshi Fujita and Itaru Ishida Pro Tour
Nick Eisel would rather be dancing Pro Tour
Dave Williams can't resist a photo op Pro Tour
Bob Maher, The Great One Pro Tour
Frederico Bastos has nothing to hide Pro Tour
Ed Fear, Charlatan Pro Tour
Nicolai Herzog is the ladies' choice! Pro Tour
Jon Becker, fashion disaster Pro Tour
William Jensen can't help but tower Pro Tour
Things seem to be going Ooiso's way Pro Tour
Troublemakers caught in the act! Pro Tour
Benafel poses with his blue-red deck Pro Tour
Huey shows off his Skills Pro Tour
Jonny Magic can't stay away Pro Tour
Gotta feel bad for the guy that forgets to show up for draft two Pro Tour
Babyfaced Victor van den Broek Pro Tour
Ooiso plays it cool Pro Tour
No-one is satisfied with this turn of events Pro Tour
Eisel works his thug appeal. Benafel works something else. Pro Tour
Pick one pack one. What do you do? Pro Tour
An appreciative fan Pro Tour
The Pit is still short on spectators. Most are still hoping to make Day 2 Pro Tour
Ruel tries to play it cool, but the giggles slip out Pro Tour
Shvartsman sends! Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Shvartsmen vs. the other Ruel Pro Tour
Mowshowitz is all confidence following his win at Grand Prix - New Orleans Pro Tour
Okamoto needs something fancy Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Jin Okamoto Pro Tour
Everyone's gunning for Eisel this tournament Pro Tour
Ruel tries a little Zoolander Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Eisel versus Ruel Pro Tour
No promises that this guy isn't crazy Pro Tour
Highly Unofficial? And yet they have such a polished setup! Pro Tour
Redemption comes home in a big way Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Jon Finkel vs. Dave Price Pro Tour
Jon Finkel tries to force his brain into overdrive Pro Tour
Dave Price is downright serene Pro Tour
No-good kids loitering at the Feature Match Area Pro Tour
Nothing to see here. Pro Tour
Nice to see these mental athletes taking care of their bodies Pro Tour
Let the good times roll! Pro Tour
Just because it's the big leagues, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it Pro Tour
Masashiro Ooiso, second in the Rookie of the Year race Pro Tour
"We fear change." Pro Tour
Magic Creative Director Jeremy Cranford shows off Blood Moon Staff
Vice President of Magic Brand Joe Hauck kicks off the unveiling Staff
Crowd Reaction: One dissenter in the middle Pro Tour
Crowd Reaction: YMG Pro Tour
Crowd Reaction: Taken aback! Pro Tour
Most players don't know what to think Pro Tour
The Future Pro Tour
Randy Buehler shows off some cards Staff
Crowd Reaction: Kastle gives it a game face Pro Tour
Crowd Reaction: Jonny Magic is lukewarm. Williams is just tired. Pro Tour
Crowd Reaction: Osyp approves! Pro Tour
Crowd Reaction: Critic Pro Tour
Ed Fear can't do anything without seeming insincere. He's fine with that. Pro Tour
Pretty shocking Pro Tour
Renee Roub shows off Magic's new face Staff
Magic's new look, coming soon in Eighth Edition! Pro Tour
When you wear a hat like that, you pretty much get to do whatever you want Pro Tour
Dave Williams waits for the go-ahead Pro Tour
Finkel is unfazed Pro Tour
Maro leans in to adjust the score Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: William vs. Finkel Pro Tour
Itaru Ishida stares wistfully Pro Tour
Budde vs. Maki Pro Tour
Kouichiro Maki checks the fine print Pro Tour
Budde asks his opponent how much he likes this one Pro Tour
Asleep at the switch Pro Tour
The Face gets ready to claim another victim Pro Tour
David Brucker flaunts a saucy scarf Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: Itaru Ishida vs. David Brucker Pro Tour
KK bids Budde good luck Pro Tour
So many stars Pro Tour
Boeken eyes his cards Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Noah Boeken Pro Tour
Iron Mike Turian swings with Baloth Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Dave Humpherys vs. Matt Linde Pro Tour
The Hump strikes! Pro Tour
Matt Linde painted by the harsh Feature Match lights Pro Tour
The Chicago city skyline Site
Collin "The Sherrif" Jackson calls the draft Staff
Kouichiro Maki musters a three-color special Pro Tour
Kai Budde: Monoblack Pro Tour
Antonio DeRosa smiles for the camera Pro Tour
Dave Williams has his best game on, and charm to boot Pro Tour
Who can resist a smile like that? Pro Tour
The barely-controlled chaos Pro Tour
Guest Artist Jeff Laubenstein shows off his handiwork Staff
Guest Artist Thomas M. Baxa smiles as he displays his wares Staff
Nights and days of Magic Online have left Gab Tsang unshaven, but ready for the PT Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz is completely outstyled by Jin Okamoto Pro Tour
Kouichiro Maki makes his feelings known Pro Tour
Antonio DeRosa needs to reach for this one Pro Tour
Kai makes his move Pro Tour
Jonny Magic and Dave Williams get their think on Pro Tour
Welcome to the PT, hope you can make the right pick Pro Tour
Apparently, the pick here is either Gustcloak Savior or Pinpoint Avalanche Pro Tour
"We Keep it Fair" Staff
At least the Iron Fist of Justice is smiling politely Staff
Pro Tour Chicago Head Judge Mike Guptil rallies the troops Staff
Grim Masters
"Equilibrium ... Callous Oppressor ..." "Cards you never see in Standard!" "Correct!" Masters
Eric Franz shows off his chrome dome Masters
A flattering picture of Mr. G. Wise Masters
Budde responds to Cabal Therapy with frown Masters
Wise and Blume throw down Masters
Budde vs. Romao. It's like some alternate-history Invitational Masters
Carlos Romao gives up, at least in spirit Masters
That's it, you finally invoked Kai's wrath Masters
Budde always looks sour, it's hard to tell what's going on Masters
Easygoing guys Masters
Ken Ho won a PT once. His opponent ... more than once Masters
Humpherys verifies Masters
Franck Canu holds back Masters
Kamiel, up close and personal Masters
Antoine Ruel works the stack Masters
It's far too late for these time-takers Masters
Budde is just happy to have escaped round one Masters
If there's one think Ho know's, it's surly Masters
A normally reserved Wise comes out of his shell Masters
Victory! Masters
Big men coming through Masters
Nitter drops Careful Study Masters
Olivier Ruel ponders Masters
Battle of Brothers! Masters
Malherbaud and Humpherys share a small joke Masters
Heck, I'd be worried Masters
The one, the only, Geordie Tait Masters
Ken Ho tries to appear inconspicuous Masters
Boeken and Canu shoot the breeze Masters
Scheming Masters
Boeken reprazents Masters
Crazy Scandinavians! Masters
Cunningham and Reeves, a study in contrast Masters
Becky Hiebert, caught in the headlights Masters
Some opponents are worth tuning out Masters
Too much MTG for one table! Masters
What he doesn't know probably will hurt him Masters
PT dreams are being forged and broken Masters
Hundreds of folks for this one Masters
The Last Chance Qualifier draws all kinds Masters
Wise sure does love his permanents Masters
The Ruels compare war stories Masters
Judges power down when not needed Masters
Ed Fear is well aware that Mikey P is hustling him Masters
A grip metagamed against creatures Masters
Kai says "No" Masters
The one and only Yellowhat Masters
Snepvangers vs. Cornelissen, sure to be played at a blistering pace Masters
Kastle intimidates Masters
What's that they say about power in irresponsible hands? Masters
PT Registration is a laid-back affair Masters
Chicago is lit up Site
Swanky! Site
Kai waves to his adorning fans Masters
Farid Meraghni's impatience comes to a head against Dave Humpherys Masters
Carlos Romao's mind is elsewhere Masters
Dirk Baberowski and Noah Boeken fight Masters
J.T. Money menaces Rob Dougherty Masters
Even with so much on the line, Eivind Nitter is the clown prince Masters
Jeroen Remie gets swarmed by Ken Ho Masters
All-French Action as Olivier Ruel tangles with Amiel Tenenbaum Masters
Larkin vs. Cunningham. If it was a streetfight, you know who'd win Masters
Franck Canu always looks slightly out of it, but don't be fooled! Masters
Jens Thoren and Jin Okamoto go head-to-head Masters
Gary Wise goes incognito vs. Brian Davis Masters
Maher vs. Ruel, a clash of titans Masters
Masters Head Judge Gis Hoogendjik plays it coy Staff
Clowning around during setup Masters

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