2003 Pro Tour Chicago Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on January 18, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Literally tens of players endure Question Mark Pro Tour
Coming Soon: Twins II Pro Tour
Masters Semifinals: Canu vs. Ruel Masters
Laid-back Antoine Ruel, as if there was another kind Masters
Franck Canu and his pronounced cheekbones Masters
Masters Semifinals: Ho vs. Reeves Masters
Neil Reeves goes into power-save mode Masters
Ken Ho pouts Pro Tour
Jerry Rubin enjoys a moment of bliss Staff
All work and no play make etc. Staff
Judges meet after Day 2 Staff
The final standings command attention Pro Tour
Possibly some kind of strap-match Pro Tour
Kibler raves unto himself Pro Tour
That's more like it, Mox Pearl Pro Tour
More swag Pro Tour
How appropriate that Ed Fear should crack both Fear and Demonic Tutor Pro Tour
There's some winners: Serendib Djinn, Juzam and Ali From Cairo Pro Tour
Players survey their ancient booty Pro Tour
Benafel is nonplussed by an Alpha Counterspell Pro Tour
Alpha-Arabians Sealed! How decadent! Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature Match: Brucker vs. Reinhardt Pro Tour
The man known simply as ... Fabio Pro Tour
German sensation David Brucker Pro Tour
Bill Stead reads the fine print Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature Match: Snepvangers vs. Stead Pro Tour
Bram Snepvangers seems calm, considering the stakes Pro Tour
A quick rules question Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature Match: Herzog vs. Bruneau. Win, and in! Pro Tour
NicoH is uberconfident Pro Tour
David Bruneau needs one more win Pro Tour
It's not all hard times for Judges Staff
You gotta watch Zach Parker. He's shifty. Pro Tour
The Great Japanese Hope: Maki vs. Fries Pro Tour
Maki knows it's all about style Pro Tour
Stefan Fries with a fine start Pro Tour
Side Events continues to bustle Pro Tour
Round 13 Feature Match: Herzog vs. Finkel Pro Tour
Nicolai Herzog fakes left, heads right Pro Tour
Winning is so ... boring. Pro Tour
The WotC crew are in a hubbub Staff
Round 13 Feature Match: Benafel vs. Snepvangers Pro Tour
Benafel feels the sting Pro Tour
Bram Snepvangers, and his evil Doppelganger EFro Pro Tour
Kai Budde, macking like James T. Kirk Pro Tour
Maki vs. Hoelzl Pro Tour
Kouichiro Maki brings the beats Pro Tour
Johannes Hoelzl draws yet another land Pro Tour
Chris Benafel likes to be suggestive Pro Tour
Maybe sloppy blocks will fool his opponent Pro Tour
Brian Kibler can't believe this farce Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Turian Pro Tour
Turian shows spectators why he's one of the best minds in the game Pro Tour
Jonny Magic is happiest serving up the beats Pro Tour
Bruneau cocks an eyebrow Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Jon Finkel vs. Derek Bruneau Pro Tour
Remember that look? They used to call him The Machine Pro Tour
Jensen doesn't bother holding back a sneeze Pro Tour
Finkel rolls his eyes Pro Tour
Ishihara's had a rough day Pro Tour
Kouichiro Maki, the last, best hope for a Japanese Top 8 Pro Tour
Harvey is smiling because he just needs two draws Pro Tour
Nicolai Herzog has double 'Smith and a bunch of red spells to go with triple Ascending Aven Pro Tour
Ben Rubin will not show confidence Pro Tour
He may not look it, but Mike Turian came to kill Pro Tour
Kai Budde's eyes of ice Pro Tour
Taunting Elf... very tasty! Pro Tour
Snepvangers is flanked by Rubin & Kibler Pro Tour
Christophe Haim refuses to part with his scarf Pro Tour
A throng hopes to pick up some pointers from watching the best at work Pro Tour
This is what the Pro Tour is all about Pro Tour
The Ghosts of Pro Tours Past and Present Pro Tour
Slice and Dice tends to make other choices irrelevant Pro Tour
Behold, a legend Pro Tour
The agony of defeat Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski, consummate thug Pro Tour
Judges talk business Pro Tour
Everyone's got a sob story to tell Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski sports Soccer Hooligan Chic, complete with bruise Pro Tour
Battle of the Baldies: Baberowski vs. Larkin Pro Tour
John Larkin loves Magic exactly this much Pro Tour
Jelger Wiegersma's chiselled features Pro Tour
Round 11 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Wiegersma Pro Tour
Kibler lets the hurt sink in a bit Pro Tour
This doesn't look good Pro Tour
Kai Budde vs. Eugene Harvey! Stars collide! Pro Tour
4-3 at Houston has spurred Budde back to his original form Pro Tour
Baberowski takes on Cornelissen Pro Tour
Harvey, baffled by the combination of forests and plains Pro Tour
The Feature Matches are finally starting to draw crowds Pro Tour
Canadians flock to watch Gab Tsang in action Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Reeves vs. Tsang Pro Tour
Human Caricature Neil Reeves Pro Tour
Tsang foresaw this turn of events, and is as a result blase Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Blume vs. Ishida, great expressions on both sides Pro Tour
It's a good thing Marco knows his own strength or he'd split that table in half Pro Tour
Itaru Ishida radiates purpose Pro Tour
Weekend Crooner Mark Rosewater sings a sultry version of "All That Jazz" Staff
Harvey prepares to block with his chin Pro Tour
David Bruneau forgets to click OK Pro Tour
White and green, together at last Pro Tour
Time-lapse photography reveals no motion in Dave Humpherys's play Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: Ho vs. Da Hump Pro Tour
Ken Ho's Exalted Angel is so good, almost forgot his draw step Pro Tour
Eugene Harvey doesn't play fair Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Blume Pro Tour
Blume suckerpunches Kibler Pro Tour
Marco reaches, possibly for something delicious Pro Tour
In another surprise turn, the Head Judge is needed at Chris Benafel's table Staff
Not staged. At all. Staff
Rob Dougherty isn't used to the sidelines Pro Tour
I forsee many cowering JSS kids Pro Tour
Berthelssen shows the heart of his blue-red Pro Tour
Huey can't stay away from the pingers Pro Tour
This must have seemed like a good idea at the time Pro Tour
That Slide player better feel sorry for what their doing to this poor lad Pro Tour
JSS'ers grab at fame Pro Tour
Osyp Lebedowicz has trouble keeping this one on the down-low Pro Tour
Things have not gone well for Itaru Ishida Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski can't believe what he's seeing Pro Tour
Raphael Levy is insouciant Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Baberowski vs. Levy Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Rubin Pro Tour
William Jensen grimaces. Shocking! Pro Tour
Taking his bluff too far, Ben Rubin bursts into tears Pro Tour
Young mages knock each other senseless Pro Tour
Unorthodox countermeasure at the JSS Pro Tour
Judges scour decklists, eager to punish misdeeds Staff
Showman Adrian Sullivan plays Magic like no-one else Pro Tour
Harvey's got himself some busty rares Pro Tour
Jonny Magic is satisfied with this turn of events Pro Tour
Kibler bares his canines in his trademark grin Pro Tour
Fun in the wintry outdoors Pro Tour
There has to have been a bet involved Pro Tour
Huey plays Treebeard to The Face's Pippin Pro Tour
5-Color still going strong Pro Tour
Ben Bleiweiss carts in food for the writers. Variety is not on the menu Staff
Caught red-handed Pro Tour
Bioengineering allows the dead Toby Wachter to work on as a flesh-thirsty zombie Staff
Table 15 boasts some familiar faces Pro Tour
Nis Berthelssen loves the blue-red Pro Tour
A saucy pack draws stares from Kibler, Ishida and Marco Blume Pro Tour
"Did I ever tell you about Sammy Jankis?" Pro Tour
Few arcs as mighty as Rubin-Thoren-Jensen Pro Tour
Finkel tries to shake off the doldrums and draft Pro Tour
Budde feeds CMU-TOGIT's best Pro Tour
I know what you're thinking: Sea's Claim AND Brightstone Ritual? But it's the tough decisions that make good players. Pro Tour
Jon Finkel sends a covert message Pro Tour
Brian Kibler kicks up his heels Pro Tour
Guptil Rampage! Staff
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais bonds Staff
Photographer Craig Cudnohufsky ends up on the wrong side of the lens Staff

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