2003 Pro Tour Chicago Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on January 19, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Category
Franck Canu is dragged down by his massive check Masters
Vive la France! Masters
The handshake Masters
Masters Finals: Ho vs. Canu Masters
Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain Staff
The best free entertainment around Staff
Hold Masters
Franck Canu lays the hammer down Masters
Ken Ho gives in to his fears Masters
Masters Champion Franck Canu Masters
"Mr. Kai? Can I have your autograph?" Pro Tour
Budde always has time for a fan Pro Tour
Kai Budde enjoys a little post-victory relaxation Pro Tour
Chicago's Greats Pro Tour
Champion Kai Budde Pro Tour
Finalist Nicolai Herzog Pro Tour
Semifinalist Dustin Stern Pro Tour
This one hurts Pro Tour
Kai forsees a beating Pro Tour
"Do you really think you can beat me?" Pro Tour
The Finals: Budde vs. Herzog Pro Tour
A delicate touch does little to help things Pro Tour
Herzog makes the hard choice Pro Tour
This ain't no singalong Pro Tour
Riveting! Pro Tour
Finkel sends, undaunted Pro Tour
Finkel feels the end is near Pro Tour
Semifinal Action: Finkel vs. Budde Pro Tour
Probably not a losing situation Pro Tour
Herzog allows himself a bit of smugness Pro Tour
This is definitely the look of someone with few outs Pro Tour
Stern is concerned Pro Tour
Semifinal Action: Stern vs. Herzog Pro Tour
Tangible Glory Pro Tour
The Quarterfinals hum with excitement Pro Tour
I dunno, maybe an ogre? Pro Tour
Budde Shocks Finkel's facedown, and feels voodoo repercussions when it's revealed to be Voidmage Prodigy! Pro Tour
Budde turns it over Pro Tour
A packed house Pro Tour
Nico sends this one out to the ladies Pro Tour
Snepvangers sheds his frown for but a moment Pro Tour
Stern gonna bring the beats Pro Tour
Finkel has plenty of tricks up his sleeve Pro Tour
The Finkel of old? Pro Tour
Hard to say no to Cruel Revival Pro Tour
Fabio Reinhardt's steely good looks stand up to those of his namesake Pro Tour
Jensen, looking particularly fresh-faced Pro Tour
Total concentration Pro Tour
Stern and Harvey duke it out Pro Tour
Budde explains how this is going to go down Pro Tour
The dulcimer tones of messieurs Buehler and Kibler claim yet another willing victim Pro Tour
Rapt attention Pro Tour
Was it worth it? Pro Tour
Overt Collusion Pro Tour
The first pack Pro Tour
Finkel focuses Pro Tour
Huey resents Finkel's mize Pro Tour
Lots of eyes on this one Pro Tour
Two intimidating figures Pro Tour
Herzog lays out a late pack Pro Tour
Kai lunges Pro Tour
Dustin Stern is more nervous than he looks Pro Tour
Fabio Reinhardt has a tough road to the title Pro Tour
Eugene Harvey, cautiously optimistic Pro Tour
Jonny Magic likes how this one turned out Pro Tour
Bram Snepvangers wants to take Kai down another notch Pro Tour
Huey is always good for a smile Pro Tour
Kai Budde shows no compassion Pro Tour
What do you think, ten forests and swamps, run it? Pro Tour
Top 8: William Jensen Pro Tour
Top 8: Jon Finkel Pro Tour
Top 8: Nicolai Herzog Pro Tour
Top 8: Dustin Stern Pro Tour
Top 8: Kai Budde Pro Tour
Top 8: Fabio Reinhardt Pro Tour
Top 8: Eugene Harvey Pro Tour
Top 8: Bram Snepvangers Pro Tour
The Top 8 Pro Tour
Ken Ho, on the waterfront Masters

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