2003 Pro Tour Venice Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on March 23, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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After the fighting's done, they're all buddy-buddy Masters
PS2 win the Team Masters! Masters
Osyp Lebedowicz, Champion Pro Tour
The Top 4 show their glittering prizes Pro Tour
CMU-TOGIT mob their man Pro Tour
And with that shake, Lebedowicz is PT Venice Champion! Pro Tour
Walamies just can't be serious, even with thousands on the line Pro Tour
Osyp's feelin' the love Pro Tour
The Finals draw a crowd Pro Tour
Lebedowicz bids two Pro Tour
Quite the sticky wicket for Tomi Walamies Pro Tour
PS2 can't get enough of this pose! Masters
Masahiko "Mr. Second-Place" Morita Masters
Masters Finals Match: Morita vs. Pollock Masters
Masters Finals Match: Kuroda vs. Rood Masters
Masashiro Kuroda, looking dangerous Masters
Masters Finals Match: Mori vs. Wolfman Masters
Elijah Pollock has nothing to hide Masters
A giddy Katsuhiro Mori Masters
David Rood tries to stop the stack Masters
Steven "The Wolf" Wolfman Masters
Pollock shows the ace up his sleeve Masters
The Masters are in effect Masters
Canada's Pride: 2020 Masters
Everyone loves to watch girls play Magic Pro Tour
Sealed Deck Mayhem Pro Tour
Females Only! Pro Tour
"Retro" Aaron Forsythe Staff
Endless Huey Pro Tour
Jordan Berkowitz is sickened by the beating he's receiving Pro Tour
The view from on high Pro Tour
The Italian Commentary Team Staff
The Commentary Team Staff
Huey bluffs. Or doesn't. We don't know. Pro Tour
Tomi Walamies plays Auric Goldfinger Pro Tour
Semifinals: Walamies vs. Berkowitz Pro Tour
Osyp Lebedowicz trades in his smile for his A-Game Pro Tour
It's still too early for the seats to be packed Pro Tour
Some cool Scandinavian dudes Pro Tour
The rapt crowd Pro Tour
Quarterfinal: Jensen vs. Nassif Pro Tour
It's the killing that Huey likes best Pro Tour
Huey consults his Top 8 plan Pro Tour
Nassif plays carefully, particularly for Goblins Pro Tour
Double Marshal into The Red Zone! Pro Tour
Kastle explains something at length Pro Tour
Berkowitz's hero-worship of Neil Reeves manifests Pro Tour
Kai always makes the finals Pro Tour
Quarterfinal: Kastle vs. Berkowitz Pro Tour
PS2 are at a loss Pro Tour
Walamies has turned the mind-eraser on himself Pro Tour
Jorstedt knows exactly what's coming Pro Tour
Quarterfinal: Walamies vs. Jorstedt Pro Tour
Walamies fortells the future Pro Tour
Quarterfinal: Lebedowicz vs. Kashima Pro Tour
Lebedowicz is all confidence Pro Tour
Kashima waits for a sign Pro Tour
Top 8: William "Huey" Jensen, on a tear Pro Tour
Top 8: Jordan Berkowitz loses his trademark sneer for a moment Pro Tour
Top 8: Osyp Lebedowicz takes off the specs for his close-up Pro Tour
"Who Rule Bartertown? Master Blaster!" Pro Tour
Top 8: Mattias Jorstedt is having a ball Pro Tour
Top 8: Darwin Kastle, back-to-back Constructed Top 8's Pro Tour
Top 8: Akihiro Kashima, Top 8 at his first PT Pro Tour
Top 8: Gabriel "Yellowhat" Nassif Pro Tour
Top 8: Tomi Walamies, The Ladies' Choice Pro Tour
The Top 8 play along, begrudgingly Pro Tour

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