2003 Pro Tour Yokohama Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Darwin Kastle plays with deliberation Masters
Maher takes his sweet time, there's too much at stake Masters
Kastle and Maher slug it out for the big bucks Masters
Richard Hoaen gives us a "Whooo!" Pro Tour
Ikeda calls attention to his draw step Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Lo Moro vs. Fear Pro Tour
It's that jive-talking Ed Fear fellow Pro Tour
Raffaele Lo Moro, all business Pro Tour
Tashiro can't keep the giggles at bay Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Ooiso vs. Tashiro Pro Tour
Ooiso uses a delicate touch Pro Tour
Justin Gary thinks this is all a hoot Pro Tour
Gary and Dougherty want to do what's best for the team Pro Tour
Dougherty does some pre-draw calculations Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Hoaen and Ikeda battle it out for undefeated Pro Tour
There's trouble brewing for Kamiel Pro Tour
Round 6 Feature Match: Cornelisson vs. Ishida Pro Tour
Ishida verifies his three-card hand Pro Tour
Some of the best have already been sent to the rail Pro Tour
Round 6 Feature Match: Finkel vs. Canu Pro Tour
Franck Canu takes a peek Pro Tour
Finkel gets his block on Pro Tour
Satoshi Nakamura's wardrobe was chosen for maximum confusion. See how Finkel falls under its spell? Pro Tour
Round 6 Feature Match: Blume vs. Nakamura Pro Tour
Marco Blume's intimidating gaze hides a heart of gold Pro Tour
Ikeda and Krempels draft at 4-0 Pro Tour
Round 5 Feature Match: Jens Thoren vs. Jin Okamoto Pro Tour
Jens Thoren, immobile Pro Tour
Jin Okamoto plays with care Pro Tour
Maher weighs his options Pro Tour
Both Maher and Budde must win out. Two men enter, one man leaves! Pro Tour
Budde strikes an unflattering pose Pro Tour
Round 5 Feature Match: Baberowski vs. Wise Pro Tour
Kai keeps an eye on his main man, his ace in the hole Pro Tour
A firm handshake to start the match Pro Tour
Tsuyoshi Ikeda sends one out to the ladies Pro Tour
Baberowski frowns at his shattered mana base Pro Tour
Gary Wise throws out his best smile Pro Tour
One of these is out of place Pro Tour
That smile says "Jon's back!" Pro Tour
Wise and Baberowski try to figure out what's going on Pro Tour
Collectors show off their original art Pro Tour
Kastle finds solace in a good book Pro Tour
Could be a some morph shenanigans going on here Pro Tour
Gabriel Nassif in a rare serious moment Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Huey vs. Yellowhat Pro Tour
Olivier Ruel can always be counted on for a great pout Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Ruel vs. Krempels Pro Tour
Craig Krempels, dazed and confused Pro Tour
Huey laughs at Budde's misfortune Pro Tour
Ooiso's Sparksmith is a wrecking ball Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Ooiso vs. Budde Pro Tour
Nigh-Unstoppable Pro Tour
Budde & Ooiso share a good luck handshake Pro Tour
BDM champs at the proverbial bit Staff
Round 3 Feature Match: Berkowitz vs. Gary Pro Tour
Justin Gary shuffles angrily Pro Tour
Jordan "Plasticman" Berkowitz Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Ooiso vs. Mowshowitz Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz shades his eyes in shame Pro Tour
Rookie of the Year Leader Masashi Ooiso Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Shvartsman vs. Davis Pro Tour
Alex Shvartsman shrugs off his good fortune Pro Tour
The one and only BDavis Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Finkeltron vs. Parker Pro Tour
Zach Parker shows why he's called "The Babyfaced Assassin" Pro Tour
Tough times for Jonny Magic Pro Tour
This man believes himself to be the Master of Time Pro Tour
Randy Buehler calls out the round's Feature Matches Staff
In The Pit, the best fight it out Pro Tour
"Tequila" Tang and Paul Rietzel get a visit from the Head Judge Staff
Ishida ponders Pro Tour
Bespectacled Masterminds, Pustilnik and Ishida Pro Tour
Mikey P has an effect Pro Tour
Eugene Harvey decides to pull a little Jedi action Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: Walamies vs. Harvey! Nonstop Excitement! Pro Tour
Walamies serves Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: VDB vs. Thoren Pro Tour
This is as expressive as Jens Thoren gets Pro Tour
Victor van den Broek is all business Pro Tour
Judges get ready for justice Staff
Superpowered Sideboard writers run on water! Staff
Round 1 Feature Match: Darwin Kastle vs. Bob Maher Pro Tour
Kastle makes sure Pro Tour
Maher Festers Pro Tour
This line-up is only the beginning Pro Tour
John Avon serves another happy customer Staff
The always-stunning Satoshi Nakamura Pro Tour
Good friends Cunningham and Nassif have to throw down round 1 Pro Tour
Intensity is Matt Linde's middle name Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Linde vs. Fujita Pro Tour
Tsuyoshi Fujita in mid-sneeze Pro Tour
Budde doesn't like this one bit Pro Tour
Zvi double-checks Pro Tour
Budde and Mowshowitz, clash of the titans! Pro Tour
Asahara sends! Pro Tour
Wiegersma, up close and personal Pro Tour
Akira Asahara vs. Jelger Wiegersma Pro Tour
John Avon permits himself a small smile Staff
Anthony Waters is a scary fellow Staff
Artists love their fans Staff
Cunningham tries on a serial killer smile Pro Tour
Raphael Levy is underwhelmed Pro Tour
The always-reserved Ken'ichi Fujita Pro Tour
William Jensen likes the way this one went Pro Tour
Rob Dougherty shows off his wares Pro Tour
All the action Pro Tour
Suit & Tie looks out of place at this table. Pro Tour
Anonymous drafters Pro Tour
"Fujiken" doesn't like what he sees Pro Tour
JC and Huey flaunt their chicanery Pro Tour
Toby Wachter gets the goods on Dougherty's draft Pro Tour
Quality spells Pro Tour
Chessmaster showdown, Superman vs. Mikey P draws a crowd Pro Tour
Earnest pre-event discussions Pro Tour
It's non-stop laughs at the PT Pro Tour
The Champ pals around with Olivier Ruel Pro Tour
A warm welcome indeed Pro Tour
Some of Japan's best take a relaxed attitude towards work Staff
Zebras discuss strategy Staff
The Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall Site
A teched-out Japanese skyline Site
Head Judge Rune Horvik poses with his many underlings Staff
Your diligent Judge Staff Staff
Simply breathtaking Site
This handy dandy map will show the way Site
The staff keep things running smoothly Staff
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais is beyond help Staff
Kastle is ready to pounce! Masters
Kibler looks for confirmation Masters
Quarterfinal action, Kibler vs. Kastle Masters
Reporter Brian David-Marshall fights off the jetlag Staff
Nassif's perpetual grin betrays nothing Masters
Walamies tries to get a read Masters
It's Walamies and Nassif in the semifinals Masters
Darwin Kastle, loner Masters
Maher has a trick up his sleeve Masters
Pierre Malherbaud points, at something Masters
Malherbaud enjoys an explosive start against Maher Masters
"Jelly" refuses to show emotion Masters
Diego Ostrovich does some computations Masters
Ostrovich and Walamies tangle Masters
Dougherty vs. Kibler, goofy looks optional Masters
Kibler throws it back with gusto Masters
Rob Doughtery notes Masters
Behold! The Spawn of Dougherty! Masters
Randy Buehler chats with Zvi Masters
Nassif has everything to smile about Masters
Oh dear Masters
Mowshowitz only looks like he's peeking Masters
Tomi Walamies has too much going on Masters
Gary tries a stoic pose Masters
Maher gives nothing away Masters
Justin Gary and Bob Maher do battle Masters
The Tinker on Tinker 2.5 Hour Nightmare: Kibler vs. Nitter Masters
Cornelissen vs. Kastle Masters
Harvey hides his identity as best he can without his mask Masters
Walamies's Future Sight makes Eugene Harvey miserable Masters
Nassif vs. Mowshowitz, a combo-on-combo special Masters

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