2003 Pro Tour Yokohama Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat Pro Tour
Parazzoli is mesmermized Pro Tour
Finkel takes a good long look Pro Tour
TBS and Finkeltron celebrate Pro Tour
Lo Moro gets mobbed Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature match: Lo Moro vs. VDB Pro Tour
Lo Moro takes a cautious approach Pro Tour
Van den Broek doesn't like his chances Pro Tour
Ooiso takes it! Pro Tour
Jon Stern, Can Nats Finalist Pro Tour
Ooiso looks so defenseless, but don't be fooled Pro Tour
Judge showdown, who will win? Pro Tour
The adoring crowd express their support Pro Tour
Mecha-Rune smashes! Staff
Finkel steals it from Canu! Pro Tour
Ooiso defeats Jeudon! Pro Tour
Krempels and Sully do a celebratory belly-bump Pro Tour
Alex Shvartsman and Jack Ho work something out Pro Tour
Round 13 Feature Match: Victor van den Broek vs. Ben Seck Pro Tour
Ben Seck is a laser focussed on victory Pro Tour
VDB does it with grace Pro Tour
Round 13 Feature Match: Krempels vs. Parazzoli Pro Tour
Dario Parazzoli checks himself Pro Tour
Rookie of the Year contender Craig Krempels Pro Tour
Ooiso smiles as he twists the knife Pro Tour
The Machine is back Pro Tour
A dishevelled and displeased Franck Canu Pro Tour
Florent Jeudon keeps it tight Pro Tour
Ikeda earns the high-five from Rolly for his performance Pro Tour
Fans are awe-struck Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Ooiso vs. Cunningham Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Seck vs. Lo Moro Pro Tour
Cunningham rigs the top of his deck Pro Tour
"The" Ben Seck Pro Tour
Lo Moro tries to figure out what's going on Pro Tour
Ooiso gawks Pro Tour
Finkel vs. Ikeda draws a crowd Pro Tour
Ikeda is bemused Pro Tour
Finkel fist-pumps the mulligan Pro Tour
Ben Seck anticipates victory Pro Tour
Oosio is in striking distance of Top 8 Pro Tour
Jordan Berkowitz always looks on-edge Pro Tour
Finkel smiles at what might be yet another Top 8 Pro Tour
Rich Hoaen shows off the Bane he got FOURTH! Pro Tour
Calling the draft is tough work Pro Tour
Though it looks like it, Sideboard reporter Keita Mori is NOT giving advice to Ooiso Pro Tour
Hoaen and Seck try to find the right pick Pro Tour
Jonny Magic, determined Pro Tour
Jorstedt and Ikeda ponder Pro Tour
Unsurprisingly, there's some hits at Table 1 Pro Tour
The crush to get at pairings Pro Tour
Judges take care of business Staff
WotC types Ron Foster, Adrian Teh and Jeff Donais goof it up Staff
Round 11: Hoaen vs. Krempels, youth against youth! Pro Tour
Rich Hoaen. Look at that face, so innocent! Pro Tour
Burgeoning crowds check out the Feature Matches Pro Tour
Just like his shirt says, it's Craig Krempels Pro Tour
R11 Feature Match: Barbero vs. Ikeda Pro Tour
Jose Barbero plays it cool Pro Tour
Tsuyoshi Ikeda can't bear to see what happens Pro Tour
Round 11 Feature Match: Finkel vs. Tashiro Pro Tour
Tashiro tries to best the best Pro Tour
Jon Finkel is poised Pro Tour
Glitz and glam from the giants of Japanese Magic Pro Tour
Mental Giants in another arena Pro Tour
Side Tournament Action! Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Ooiso vs. Caumes Pro Tour
Ben Caumes drops a secret guy Pro Tour
Ooiso keeps hope alive Pro Tour
Gary Wise, Canadian Thug Pro Tour
Cory checks his math Pro Tour
Matthew Cory prays Timberwatch will go the distance against Gary Wise Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Kastle vs. Levy Pro Tour
Raphael Levy tries the puppy-dog eyes Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle has no time for fun Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Lebedowicz Pro Tour
Kibler ain't just whistling dixie Pro Tour
Osyp can't hide what he thinks of his opponent Pro Tour
Terese Nielsen, in person! Staff
Mello is anything but! Pro Tour
ZOOM! Pro Tour
Kamiel and Mello mix it up Pro Tour
Yoshikawa is pooped Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: Herms vs. Yoshikawa Pro Tour
Roc Herms gets a surprise Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: Karsten vs. Finkel Pro Tour
There's that old Finkel fire! Pro Tour
Frank Karsten gives his opinion Pro Tour
Guest Artist Jim Nelson shows off his work Pro Tour
More furious than the stock exchange Pro Tour
One word: Style Pro Tour
Smiling Politely Pro Tour
It's all ringers here: Romao, Ruel and Okamoto Pro Tour
Japanese Megastars run the Team PTQ. How corrupt! Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Levy vs. Canu Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Rood vs. Kibler Pro Tour
David Rood, Canadian Pro Tour
Brian Kibler mourns his fallen comrade Ben Rubin Pro Tour
Franck Canu, Masters Champion Pro Tour
Raphael Levy is just happy to be here Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Haim vs. Malherbaud Pro Tour
Pierre Malherbaud is easily confused with a rum-runner Pro Tour
Christophe Haim, fan of the soul patch Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Tsuyoshi Ikeda vs. Matt Linde Pro Tour
Ikeda shows fatigue Pro Tour
Linde smirks, about to drop the Goon Pro Tour
Ikeda scores, big time! Pro Tour
Stan van der Velden and his three-color special Pro Tour
Underdog Matt Cory, and yes, that's a Crown of Ascension Pro Tour
Bob Maher is cold as ice Pro Tour
No wonder Osyp's such a hit with the ladies! Pro Tour
Kamiel is downright giddy Pro Tour
Kibler knows what he wants, and takes it Pro Tour
Ooiso's playing some duds, but still manages a smile Pro Tour
Vertigo Pro Tour
Row of stars: Lebedowicz, Cornelissen and Kibler Pro Tour
Bob Maher and GP Boston finalist Matthew Cory Pro Tour
Table 1 draws a crowd Pro Tour
Draft 3, StanV and Rookie Ooiso Pro Tour

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