2003 Pro Tour Yokohama Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Caption Category
The Smile of a Champion Pro Tour
The Last Masters Finalists Pro Tour
The Top 4! Pro Tour
Bob Maher, Masters Champion Pro Tour
Jorstedt and his novelty check Pro Tour
Ooiso borrows a page from Ikeda Pro Tour
Every time, the guns! Pro Tour
The two local heroes Pro Tour
Team Punisher readies the kegs Pro Tour
Jorstedt, Champion! Pro Tour
Jorstedt takes it Pro Tour
Ooiso looks for help that isn't there Pro Tour
Toby Wachter, hard at work as always Pro Tour
So much hoopla for such a small table Pro Tour
Everyone tries to get the best view Pro Tour
The finals Pro Tour
Ooiso is nonplussed Pro Tour
Jorstedt Waves through his Cadavers Pro Tour
The Rookie wins! Pro Tour
Ikeda needs a big one here Pro Tour
Jorstedt defeats Finkel! Pro Tour
Ooiso tries to swallow his nervousness Pro Tour
Ikeda throws it back Pro Tour
Towering Jorstedt Pro Tour
Consternation for The Machine Pro Tour
Jonny Magic back in the semis Pro Tour
Mattias Jorstedt stares Pro Tour
Jeff Cunningham better watch his back at the buffet Pro Tour
The Player Lunch Pro Tour
Three bigwigs: Chris Galvin, Ron Foster and President of Hobby Japan Mr. Sato Staff
Celebrations start immediately Pro Tour
Ikeda defeats Ben Seck! Pro Tour
Nassif hopes for a good one Masters
Yet another explosive Tinker draw Masters
Maher looks relaxed, considering what's on the line Masters
Video feeds make sure fans see all the action Masters
The Top 8 watch the Masters Finals Masters
Far too many permanents Masters
Maher is the last Masters Champion! Masters
Finkel victorious! Pro Tour
Quarterfinal Action: Ooiso vs. Barbero Pro Tour
That smile signals the return of Jonny Magic Pro Tour
Benjamin Caumes keeps it stony Pro Tour
Jose Barbero in a moment of reflection Pro Tour
All eyes on the action Pro Tour
Legions of fans Pro Tour
Randy Buehler and his new sidekick, "Jelly" Staff
The quarterfinals are a busy affair Pro Tour
The Great One Pro Tour
Ooiso's intensity is up tenfold Pro Tour
Quarterfinal Action: Ikeda vs. Seck Pro Tour
Quarterfinal Action: Hoaen vs. Jorstedt Pro Tour
Happy-go-lucky Jorstedt Pro Tour
Ben Seck in a pickle Pro Tour
Ikeda shows his eyes of ice Pro Tour
The man they call "RHoaen" Pro Tour
Standard Constructed throw-down! Pro Tour
The AV Crew keeps things running smoothly Staff
Expert Japanese commentary courtesy Koichiro Maki and Tsuyoshi "Mr. Rolly" Fujita Staff
Your Commentary Team, Buehler and Kibler Staff
The madding crowd Pro Tour
Takin' a break! Pro Tour
Serious Regionals Action Pro Tour
Canada's Mark Zajdner is happy to play the fool Pro Tour
Ikeda can't stop making this pose! Pro Tour
Ben Caumes. Yes, that's trips Timberwatch Pro Tour
Ooiso gives in to the fear Pro Tour
Mattias Jorstedt knows he's on a roll Pro Tour
Jose Barbero, smooth operator Pro Tour
TBS is delirious Pro Tour
Jonny Magic, back on top Pro Tour
Richard Hoaen, honest Canadian boy Pro Tour
Every move is check and re-checked Pro Tour
Craghorn is the pick Pro Tour
Jorstedt waits impatiently Pro Tour
Ooiso shows no nervousness, despite all eyes being on him Pro Tour
Ikeda and Jonny Magic choose their paths Pro Tour
Not much there Pro Tour
The Top 8 Draft in full swing Pro Tour
A Backseat Driver Staff
The Top 8 Draft: Hoaen and Ikeda fight for black-white Pro Tour
Judges go over last minute preparations Staff
For the locals, Sunday means Regionals Pro Tour
Eagerly anticipating the draft Pro Tour
The Yokohama Top 8 Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Jose Barbero Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Mattias Jorstedt Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Tsuyoshi Ikeda Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Rich Hoaen Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Jon Finkel Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Benjamin Caumes Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Masashi Ooiso Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Ben Seck Pro Tour

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