2003 US National Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 27, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Admit it, this was you, once. Nationals
The pure joy of cracking packs Nationals
Gerard Fabiano shows you what a frown is all about Nationals
Round 6 Feature Match: Franz vs. Fabiano Nationals
Eric Franz in mid-goof Nationals
Round 6 Feature Match: Reeves vs. Shvartsman Nationals
Neil Reeves shows off his chinbrush Nationals
Dapper Alex Shvartsman senses a photo op Nationals
Zvi Mowshowitz, looking guilty Nationals
JSS'ers learn to storm the standings early Nationals
Anyone can learn Magic! See? Nationals
Jonny Magic Nationals
Round 5 Feature Match: Jon Finkel vs. Mike Pustilnik Nationals
Mikey P, a gamer's gamer Nationals
Turian prepares an interlude of barnyard noises Nationals
Round 5 Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Matt Linde Nationals
Matt Linde, serious as always Nationals
Everyone wants to see what's going on in The Pit Nationals
Kibler, the dark superman Nationals
PTR, possibly throwing a gang sign Nationals
Round 4 Feature Match: Brian Kibler vs. Peter Szigeti Nationals
Phil Freneau is nothing if not edgy Nationals
Mike Turian with a bit of a pout Nationals
Round 4 Feature Match: Freneau vs. Turian Nationals
Brian Kibler talks about himself for a change Nationals
"Iron" Mike Turian Nationals
It's a hat-tastrophe! Nationals
Sheldon Menerey calls the draft Nationals
Ed Fear tries to take advantage Nationals
Brian Kibler lays it out Nationals
Freneau, Franz and Turian rip up this table Nationals
Pure, unadulterated draft action Nationals
BDM and Randy Buehler take in a whole draft Nationals
Careful ladies, these two young studs are on the prowl! Nationals
Since he ground in, Gilson gets a novelty nameplate Nationals
Round 3 Feature Match: Frank Gilson vs. PTR Nationals
Lex Luthor is in trouble Nationals
Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett and Head Judge Mike Donais share a Canadians-only joke Staff
Ben Rubin, as close as he gets to a berserker rage Nationals
Phil Freneau, total passivity Nationals
Richard Garfield tries not to be too hard on the kids Nationals
Round 3 Feature Match: Freneau vs. Rubin Nationals
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais talks strategy with the Lawmakers Staff
Give this man a prize Nationals
PTR does his own take on Flava Flav Nationals
Brad Taulbee flashes those bedroom eyes Nationals
Eugene Harvey, pale as can be Nationals
Round 2 Feature Match: Taulbee vs. Harvey Nationals
The delightful and charming Tom Guevin Nationals
Round 2 Feature Match: Craig Krempels vs. Tom Guevin Nationals
Craig Krempels on a knife-edge of tension Nationals
It's a mob Nationals
The line-up for registration extends to the horizon Nationals
Your diligent Judges Staff
Head Judge Mike Donais and his Nationals posse Staff
JSS Head Judge Elaine Chase poses with her cronies Staff
A few last-minute adjustments Nationals
Plenty of tired faces at the Player Meeting Nationals
Darrell Riche, Guest Artist Staff
Artist Ben Thompson shows off his wares Staff
Probably best not to trust this one Nationals
The JSS Open draws a crowd Nationals
Almost-made-it's line the rails Nationals
Judge Sheldon Menerey lays down the law Staff
Well, I suppose you have to wear your badge Nationals
The sea of competition Nationals
Neil Reeves plucks Nationals
Round 2 Feature Match: Reeves vs. Franz Nationals
Eric Franz demands better topdecks Nationals
Round 1 Feature Match: Matt Ranks vs. Ken Ho Nationals
Ho doesn't like this one bit Nationals
Matt Ranks hopes Nationals
Randy Buehler fraternizes over a game of Puerto Rico Staff
Some kind of wanna-be pimp Nationals
Only Sideboard.com takes you to the heart of the action! Staff
Finkel feels no remorse, handing out the beats Nationals
Guy Incognito reads the Sideboard Nationals
It's always the little ones that crush dreams Nationals
Another satisfied Sideboard customer Nationals
Overjoyed Nationals
This vacant look may be part of an elaborate hustle Nationals
The knit-cap is "in" these days Nationals
Rowell is all concentration Nationals
Stroh shows resolve Nationals
Grinder 1 Final Round Feature: Brian Stroh vs. Brad Rowell Nationals
He's lapsed into a sideboarding stupor Nationals
Decisions, decisions Nationals
Kenney puts on his pro face Nationals
It's win and in for these players Nationals
Grinder 1 Final Round Feature: Bryn Kenney vs. Jon Barnes Nationals
Why is this man smiling? Nationals
Judges keep the peace Staff
It's a mad dash for pairings Nationals
Harry Potter is inescapable Nationals
Which half of this trade do you like? Nationals
One very guilty-looking gentleman Nationals
The mighty Jake Bales Staff
Staff and judges work together smoothly Staff
Toby Wachter lays on the beats Nationals
BDM drives the proverbial car Nationals
Poor saps Nationals
A peek into the mind of Dave Williams Nationals
An unlikely duo Nationals
Dave Williams in the trenches Nationals
A brief rules consultation Nationals
It's utter chaos in the ifght for slots Nationals
The first grinder is sold out! Nationals
Hopefuls, looking hopeful Nationals
The Venue, in all its glory Site
M.C. Escher at work Site
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here Site
The Pit, as yet unoccupied Site
Wacky hats make for wacky dudes! Nationals
Everyone hopes to make it in for the first grinder Nationals
Someone apparently stole the monorail Site
Gamers as far as the eye can see Nationals
The unmistakeable look of gamers Nationals

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