2003 US National Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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JSS Round 9 Feature Match: Sullivan vs. Yakupov JSS
Thomas Sullivan has his hand in the cookie jar JSS
Russell Yakupov peels JSS
JSS Round 9 Feature Match: Shek vs. Buckley JSS
Vincent Shek, stoneface JSS
Sean Buckley is a zombie JSS
Best Nationals Top 8 Ever? Nationals
Tacklehug! Nationals
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Guess which of Berkowitz and Guevin made it. Nationals
Guevin consults Fear's proposed bracket Nationals
Ed Fear poses with Top 8 hopefuls Jordan Berkowitz and Tom Guevin Nationals
JSS Round 8 Feature Match: Josh Tabak vs. Jeff Garza JSS
Jeff Garza wonders what he's Wishing for JSS
Josh Tabak throws a supercilious smile JSS
JSS Round 8 Feature Match: Goodman vs. Tate JSS
Brian Tate bashes in and hopes for the best JSS
Kyle Goodman's got nothing but options, and it shows JSS
Rietzl's come a long way, he doesn't want to blow it now Nationals
Round 12 Feature Match: Jordan Berkowitz vs. Paul Rietzl Nationals
Berkowitz, and toothpick Nationals
Head Judge Mike Donais rules! Nationals
A tense moment Staff
Round 12 Feature Match: Tom Guevin vs. Chris DeMaci Nationals
Tom Guevin, who certainly wouldn't announce a spell in a silly voice Nationals
It's high-fives all around Nationals
JSS Round 7 Feature Match: Swan vs. Yakupov Nationals
Russel Yakupov serves! Nationals
JSS Round 7 Feature Match: Chong vs. Stein Nationals
William Chong gets his Lavamancer on Nationals
Sam Stein leans in for the kill Nationals
Greg Swan shows no wear after seven rounds Nationals
Strategamists talk Two-Headed-Giant Nationals
The No-Look Nationals
Round 11 Feature Match: Turian vs. Li'l Darwin Nationals
Paul Rietzl, 11-1 in grinders, now 8-2 in the main event Nationals
Mike Turian acts on instinct alone Nationals
Round 11 Feature Match: Justin Gary vs. Josh Wagener Nationals
A pensive Justin Gary Nationals
Josh Wagener frozen in place Nationals
Can I get a "Yaussssssssss!"? Nationals
Kold at side events Nationals
JSS Round 6 Feature Match: Dooley vs. Lecky JSS
Alex Lecky takes a reflective pose JSS
Matt Dooley is plum worn out JSS
JSS Round 6 Feature Match: Bryan vs. Towner JSS
Mitch Towner is taken aback JSS
Daniel Bryan Smothers JSS
Judges-to-be sign their lives away Staff
Zvi was narrowly beaten out by Eddie Murphy for his role in Shrek Nationals
Round 10 Feature Match: Mowshowitz vs. De Rosa Nationals
Antonino De Rosa, oddly, running with the Mongrel this weekend Nationals
Pros yuk it up Nationals
JSS Round 5 Feature Match: Peter Hensel vs. Daniel Bryan JSS
JSS Round 5 Feature Match: Josh Tabak vs. Matt Ayers JSS
Time Crisis V: DCI Hunter Nationals
Take this picture to your grave Nationals
Round 9 Feature Match: Mowshowitz vs. Hegstad Nationals
Brian Hegstad checks Zvi's yard Nationals
Zvi Mowshowitz, still in contention Nationals
Round 9 Feature Match: Gurwitz vs. Gary Nationals
The one and only Zev Gurwitz Nationals
Justin Gary guffaws Nationals
JSS Round 4 Feature Match: Franklin vs. Marella JSS
Bryan Marella. He'd take your lunch money JSS
Michael Franklin plays innocent JSS
Matt Dooley's secrets are laid bare JSS
JSS Round 4 Feature Match: McGill vs. Dooley JSS
... and Brandon McGill as "Jughead" JSS
Nothing sweeter than ripping off Grandma JSS
It's a barrel of laughs JSS
Everyone's a backseat driver JSS
Elders try their hand JSS
Mike Turian hopes to shrug his Nationals Curse Nationals
Neil Reeves is never without a toothpick Nationals
Dave Humpherys, at actual speed Nationals
Youthful exuberance Nationals
Round 8 Feature Match: Turian vs. Reeves Nationals
Round 8 Feature Match: Kibler vs. The Hump Nationals
Brian Kibler does what Brian Kibler does best Nationals
JSS Round 3 Feature Match: Mansur vs. Looby JSS
Melyssa Mansur loves the camera JSS
Robert Looby cracks his neck, creepily JSS
Austin Fincher shows us "Magnum" JSS
JSS Round 3 Feature Match: Fincher vs. Lee JSS
Kevyn Lee has quite the arsenal JSS
Quick Interview: Matt Dooley JSS
Quick Interview: Mike Linn JSS
Quick Interview: Andrew Jaquith JSS
Quick Interview: Dan D'Argenio JSS
A bunch of dudes Nationals
Quick Interview: Alex Pierce JSS
Quick Interview: Duncan Moskowitz JSS
Quick Interview: Ian Heinig JSS
Mother's Pride Nationals
Quick Interview: Richard Guevara JSS
Cub Reporter Van Tyne is mobbed by respondants Staff
Quick Interview: Danielle Mansur JSS
Quick Interview: Andrew Shrout JSS
The Illustrious Mary Van Tyne Staff
Quick Interview: Michael Franklin JSS
Quick Interview: Tanner Verhey JSS
Darwin Kastle plays with confidence Nationals
Round 7 Feature Match: Kastle vs. Jensen Nationals
Huey surveys his options Nationals
The Time Tunnel has you! Nationals
Awwwwww Nationals
Richard Garfield, Chris Galvin and Jaime West Elias field all questions effortlessly Staff
The Parents' Brunch Nationals
Trips Firebug, some good! Nationals
JSS Round 2 Feature Match: Elder vs. Heinig JSS
James Elder, smooth operator JSS
Ian Heinig just wants to resolve one spell. Is that so much to ask? JSS
A droopy-eyed Jon Finkel Nationals
Pros compare spoils Nationals
David Price is the in-house Celebrity Pro Staff
Magic demos can be baffling, at first Nationals
Security will notice those aren't Magic cards any minute Nationals
Everyone has their own "Happy Dance" Nationals
Ladies and Gentlemen: Throatpunch! Nationals
Some kind of Josh-Bennett-in-Training Nationals
A despondent Neil Reeves Nationals
The draft is in full swing Nationals
It's lonely on the outside Nationals
Mark Rosewater digs for trivia Nationals
JSS Round 1 Feature Match: Barnett vs. Gutierrez JSS
Noah Barnett likes it just so JSS
Steven Gutierrez announces a spell JSS
Go for the Death Stare! JSS
A reluctant Call of the Herd JSS
A well-earned slump JSS
Legions of JSS'ers JSS
JSS Round 1 Feature Match: Emmons vs. Smith JSS
Kelly Smith, unflappable JSS
Dan Emmons, already practised in that serious face JSS
Table 1, a ragtag bunch Nationals
Neil Reeves already doesn't like where this is going Nationals

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