2003 US National Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Caption Category
On their way to Berlin! Nationals
Ladies and Gentlemen, the U.S. National Team Nationals
Josh Wagener, U.S. National Champ Nationals
Gabe Walls, Second Place Nationals
Justin Gary may follow PTR's example with this plaque Nationals
The JSS Top 3 JSS
Kyle Goodman still a little dazed JSS
Mitch Towner accepts his novelty check JSS
JSS Second-Place, Sam Stein JSS
Peter Matson accepts his trophy from Richard Garfield JSS
Wagener well-wishers Nationals
Wagener can't believe he's the champ Nationals
Stein gives this one a try JSS
Towner shows no fear under the camera JSS
Mitch Towner, dumbfounded JSS
Gabe Walls hams it up for the crowd Nationals
Josh Wagener gets a little greedy with a ninja cut Nationals
The Finals! Nationals
Gab Walls makes his situation clear Nationals
Josh Wagener giggles furiously Nationals
JSS Finals: Stein vs. Towner JSS
USA! USA! USA! Nationals
Justin Gary takes his place on the U.S. National Team Nationals
Berkowitz flexes his face-muscles Nationals
Nearing the Grand Finale! Nationals
Old-Schoolin' it! Nationals
Robert ripped a Library, how lucky! Nationals
Everyone's waiting to see who's the Champ Nationals
Third/Fourth-Place Playoff: Gary vs. Berkowitz Nationals
Berkowitz suits up for the 3/4 playoff Nationals
What a smug jerk Nationals
Justin Gary makes his "Oh" Face Nationals
Berkowitz lets his feelings be known Nationals
Alex Shvartsman isn't above beating up a little girl Nationals
Crazy Gunslinging! Nationals
Kibler makes a bold prediction Nationals
Photographer Craig Gibson is resposible for all the great shots this weekend Staff
Everyone's got a story to share Nationals
Good times abound at the player lunch Nationals
OMG! Mirrodin Sneak Peek! Nationals
Semifinal Action: Wagener vs. Gary Nationals
The Semis Nationals
Semifinal Action: Berkowitz vs. Walls Nationals
Berkowitz head to the Red Zone Nationals
Jordan Berkowitz, more cartoon than human Nationals
Josh Wagener lightens up for the semis Nationals
Gabe Walls, hungry for the win Nationals
Justin Gary enjoys a small celebration Nationals
JSS Semifinals: Mitch Towner vs. Kyle Goodman JSS
Mitch Towner, Ed Fear's understudy JSS
Sam Stein grimaces JSS
JSS Semifinals: Sam Stein vs. Peter Matson JSS
Kyle Goodman puts the pieces into place JSS
Peter Matson refuses to commit JSS
An unlikely duo of Tom Guevin and Randy Buehler Nationals
Jon Finkel waits for this card to be something better Nationals
Justin Gary tweaks Nationals
Quarterfinal Action: Finkel vs. Gary Nationals
JSS Quarters: Sam Stein vs. Richard Oleksak JSS
Top 8 Portrait: Brian Kibler Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Gabe Walls Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Neil Reeves Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Jordan Berkowitz Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Jon Finkel Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Josh Wagener Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Justin Gary Nationals
Top 8 Portrait: Mike Turian Nationals
A pose more fitting potential champions Nationals
The Nationals Top 8 clown around Nationals
JSS Top 8: Josh Tabak JSS
JSS Top 8: Mitch Towner JSS
JSS Top 8: Peter Matson JSS
JSS Top 8: Grady Hunt JSS
JSS Top 8: Daniel Bryan JSS
JSS Top 8: Sam Stein JSS
JSS Top 8: Kyle Goodman JSS
JSS Top 8: Richard Oleksak JSS
The Quarters are under scrutiny Nationals
Quarterfinal Action: Jordan Berkowitz vs. Neil Reeves Nationals
Berkowitz waits for the end Nationals
Reeves gets ready to pull a good one Nationals
You can see Sam Stein's gears going Nationals
JSS Quarters: Josh Tabak vs. Kyle Goodman JSS
Richard Oleksak gives the go-ahead JSS
Kyle Goodman in stunned silence JSS
Peter Matson checks his yard JSS
JSS Quarters: Daniel Bryan vs. Peter Matson JSS
Daniel Bryan attempts Genesis JSS
Grady Hunt, caught on camera JSS
Mitch Towner pauses JSS
JSS Quarters: Mitch Towner vs. Grady Hunt JSS
Gabe Walls tries to keep his mind on the task at hand Nationals
Quarterfinal Action: Mike Turian vs. Gabe Walls Nationals
Mike Turian toughs it out Nationals
For Josh Wagener, this is just a formality Nationals
The dawning realization that he cannot win Nationals
Things are not going according to Kibler's plan Nationals
Quarterfinal Action: Wagener vs. Kibler Nationals
The JSS Top 8 JSS
Richard Garfield, and his doomed opponent Nationals
Things quickly got out of hand Nationals
A pair of Prodigal Sorcerers, perhaps Nationals
Akroma, Angel of Wrath lays the beats Nationals
Tangle hits the attackers in Live Action Magic Nationals
Sheldon Menery demands a hug from Richard Garfield, who suspects ulterior motives Nationals
Plaing for Top 8 in the JSS Nationals

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