2003 World Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on August 7, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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Peer Kröger shows his disgust for Lavamancer's Skill Players
Jeroen Remie is like some kind of stone sentinel Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Kröger vs. Remie Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Maher vs. Finkel Players
Maher confirms life totals Players
Jin Okamoto assigns damage Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Nieminen vs. Okamoto Players
Tuomo Nieminen brings his own mood lighting Players
Sparkle sparkle! Players
Ben Rubin fails to hide his shame Players
Kibler and Huey throw down between rounds Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Wise vs. Rubin Players
Gary Wise gets his think on Players
Mighty Carlos Romao Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Ruel vs. Romao Players
How high-pitched an "Oooh!" do you think that is? Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Ishida vs. Chapela Players
Ishida plays it cautious Players
Gabe Walls always has a "YAUS!" ready Players
Gustavo Chapela, with beard Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Walls vs. Finkel Players
Jon Finkel in atypical dire straits Players
The Feature Match Area, in all its glitz and glam Site
Round 10 Feature Match: Mowshowitz vs. Shvartsman Players
Zvi Mowshowitz always has something to smile about Players
An exhausted Jensen checks the math Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Dougherty Players
Rob Dougherty makes a block Players
Shvartsman plucks Players
Huey likes him some rares Players
Drafting with Kai gets everybody down Players
Throwdown at the top table Players
Huey really wants these four, but he'll settle for one of them Players
Head Judge Rune Horvik chats up Sylvain Lauriol Players
Is that Sigurd? Players
Sigurd powers up with the help of his fan club Players
A Judge's life is all hustle, except for the occasional bustle Staff
Jensen surveys his options Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Wolfman Players
The Wolf is shocked to be in such a good way Players
Humpherys looks for a way out Players
There's a reason they call him "The German Juggernaut" Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Budde vs. Humpherys Players
"THE" Ben Seck Players
Matt Place, back from the dead Players
Bob Maher clowns around Players
A diminutive Brian Kibler. You know, for kids! Players
Extra Innings Players
John Larkin, looking significantly less menacing than usual Players
Last Year's Champ, Carlos Romao Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda, tough guy Players
Masashi Ooiso, probable Rookie of the Year Players
Judges get into the nitrous oxide Staff
Apparently, the Rune Horvik - Collin Jackson - Dan Clegg hybridization did not go as planned Staff
Judges put the final stamp on failure Staff
The Demo team quenches youthful curiosity about the game. Players
The PTQ is in full swing. There's even an island in play Players
Tradsies? Players
The irrepressible Jonny Magic Players
Shvartsman is wracked by a coughing fit Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Finkel vs. Shvartsman Players
This is Huey's thinking face. Really. Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Eder vs. Jensen Players
Wolfgang Eder sends it back Players
Mark Rosewater is momentarily transported to a world of childlike wonder Staff
Tomi Walamies is a little down in the mouth Players
Dirk Baberowski intimidates the camera Players
These fly fellows from Vancouver won a trip to Worlds through magicthegathering.com Players
Humpherys's every gesture is law Players
Glittering prizes for good little drafters Players
A look back at ten years of zaniness Site
Fine reading, that Sideboard Magazine Players
Real-time spellcraft combat drives the kids wild. Players
Members of ZZ Top are on-hand to try out the new MTG: Battlegrounds game Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Harvey vs. Van den Broek Players
Victor VDB drives the ladies wild Players
Eugene Harvey is blue Players
Rob Dougherty busts out a mystery man Players
Eager fans Players
Justin Gary shifts to ludicrous speed Players
Brian Kibler is not impressed Players
Wolfman's board is "some good" Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Steve Wolfman vs. Brian Kibler Players
Patrick Mello, a study in red Players
Justin Gary laughs at an inside joke Players
Gary Wise is going ... to the moon! Players
Nico Herzog is wired for battle! Players
No, he's not going to eat you. Mike Turian always looks like this Players
Zvi Mowshowitz, cyberpunk Players
Dirk Baberowski shrugs off the camera Players
First pick, first pack, first prize! Players
With this card, Tomi Walamies can SEE THROUGH TIME! Players
Huey offers you a saucy duo Players
Jin Okamoto poses with Tribal Golem Players
Players can't sign up fast enough! Players
These kids are eager to win a snowboard so they can hurt themselves Players
Side Events is quite popular Players
The ceremonial laying out of the pack Players
Jon Finkel is the centerpiece of almost any table Players
Anyone for a game of "Where's Wise?" Players
A bunch of cards and Cabal Archon Players
The Top Table Players
How many of these eight can you identify? Players
Drafting with the best Players
Okamoto goes long for Solar Blast Players
Fabiano scores a Smother Players
Kibler doesn't have to think too hard about this pick Players
Marc Hernandez holds the fates of eight men in his hands Players

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