2003 World Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on August 8, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

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One of the worst jobs Wizards has to offer Staff
Round 18 Feature Match: Romao vs. Nieminen Players
Carlos Romao is looking at you. Yes, you. Players
Tuomo Nieminen is overcome by the hot lights Players
Jordan Berkowitz gets ready to grab Players
Round 18 Feature Match: Barclay vs. Berkowitz Players
Scotland's Bradley Barclay fights off nerves Players
Bernardo Cabral likes this card a great deal Players
Ruond 18 Feature Match: Cabral vs. Thoren Players
Jens Thoren playing for pride Players
Gary Wise gives Kai Budde a piece of his mind Players
Round 17 Feature Match: Kröger vs. Soh Players
As the festivities reach a fever pitch, more and more spectators crowd the stage Players
Round 17 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Gabe Walls Players
Gabe Walls pulls up a good one Players
You may be able to defeat Budde, but can you escape his hordes of fans? Players
Peer Kröger and Savannah Lions. Welcome to 1996. Players
Han Yuen Soh, Malaysian National Champion Players
Round 16 Feature Match: Zorc vs. Budde Players
As if Kai Budde needs the home-field advantage Players
Sasha Zorc, Geordie Tait look-alike Players
The Meticulous Jin Okamoto Players
Daniel Zink is pretty easygoing, considering his position Players
Round 16 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Zink Players
All kinds of killer swag at this event Site
"Drafted for Worlds" These guys seem to be having a grand old time Players
Fans fans fans! Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Remie Players
Jeroen Remie busts up another party Players
Jin Okamoto plays the "broken" Skirk Prospector Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Romao vs. Myrvig Players
Henry Stern shows off a list of potential Sunday players Players
Roughly all of these people are here to see Kai Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Walamies vs. Dougherty Players
Rob Dougherty plays reanimator, just like always Players
Tomi Walamies has infinite street cred Players
Carlos Romao does some figuring Players
Peter Myrvig swings with the red men Players
One's a hip youngster, one's a big softie. It's a recipe for a can't-miss buddy movie. Players
Worlds is a sight to behold Staff
OnBC Throwdown at Side Events Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Budde vs. Thoren Players
Kai loves the ladies, and the ladies love Kai Players
Hometown fans love to watch The Kai Players
Kai Budde likes to win Players
"Dapper Dan" Berkowitz likes it just so Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Berkowitz vs. Kröger Players
Peer Kröger, Germany's answer to Mikey P Players
Jens Thoren tries a not-so-subtle steal Players
A very small die thrills the competitors Players
Judges are not tempted to steal valuable cards during deck checks. At all. Staff
Mark Rosewater has been known to tell a joke or two Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Nassif vs. Budde Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Nieminen vs. Remie Players
Wilting Violet Tuomo Nieminen Players
Not even Jeroen Remie is safe from Toothpick Tech Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Gary Players
Justin Gary hopes it won't come to fisticuffs Players
The Nefarious Dr. Budde Players
Huey likes 'em big Players
Gabriel Nassif smiles when he's winning. When he's losing, too. Players
Jerry Rubin and his buddy gear up for Tennis Players

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