2004 Grand Prix Rimini Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2004

By Olivier Ruel

Unlucky Rocco Palumbo. One turn from being Top 8 on the previous round, he has to face his worst match up as Luca Cialini and his blue Green deck stand in front of him on this last round's feature match.
Rude Awakening

Luca wins the dice roll and this is unbelievably strong with 3 Condescend in opening hand. While the first one finds Talisman of impulse, he chooses to play Ascetic Troll on turn four to put some pressure on Rocco.

Rocco plays Solemn Simulacrum and once again Jens Thoren chump blocks on the following turn. No creature had been designed as a chumpblocker that often in the history of magic, Jens Thoren must be really proud.

Well, back to the game, the Simulacrum and Rocco's mana fold resulted in a big mana advantage that permit him to race the troll with a Pulse of the forge. It only takes Luca two turns to realize this race is not necessary, and forcing Palumbo to burn, he will have enough man to condescent it.

When Cialini decides to play Rude Awakening for the win, Palumbo notices him that one more mana could be helpful and let him take his spell back. That's how the Pulse is eventually countered at end of turn.

And when Cialini decides to play Rude awakening for the win, well, it works this time.

Palumbo 0-1 Cialini

Palumbo takes 4 Slith and 4 Molten Rain for 4 Dragons and 4 Bolts.
Cialini cuts 3 Oxidise for 3 Sun Droplet.

Palumbo's hand is close to perfect, so close to perfect, featuring Slith two Molten Rain, Slogger, Jet, mountain and… citadel. While he doesn't draw it and even has to refuse his third Rain from a second Jet, Luca Plays the very annoying Sun Droplet.
As a very fast start is the only way for big red to beat blue green, this game seems quite over at this point.

Two condescend and one Last Word later, still at twenty and with no threat on Palumbo's side, Cialini plays Rude Awakening with entwine an concludes the match.
He will play his first top 8 in an hour.

Palumbo 0-2 Cialini

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