2004 Grand Prix Rimini Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2004

By Gabriel Nassif

It's the last round of the swiss, and Tosana and Paselli are playing for top 8. Tosana is playing a Mono-Red deck while Paselli is with Affinity. The red player is an amateur and could bring back a nice money prize if ever he clinches a top 8 slot whereas Paselli is a former Italian national champion.
Furnace Dragon

Tosana won the die roll and opened with Mountain followed by Magma Jet on Paselli's turn one Arcbound Worker. Paselli had a turn two Frogmite and Tosana ramped up to five manas with two Talismans on his third turn. Paselli added another Frogmite, a Myr Retriever and a Disciple of the Vault but it didn't seem that impressive once Tosana summoned a turn four Arc-Slogger. Paselli played a fourth land on his turn, left with two cards in hand, one of them being a Ravager, which he cast before attacking. Tosana paused and start thinking as he had one red open. He decided to shoot the Disciple. Paselli activated his Nexus and send both his Frogmites and the mishra into the red zone leaving the Retriever back. The Arc-Slogger blocked one of the Frogmites and Paselli sacrificied a land and the Retriever to pump the Ravager before sac'ing it itself to make the Frogmite a 5/5 and get rid of the huge Beast. Tosana untapped and it seemed clear why he had "chumped" with Slogger as he got rid of the big Frogmite with a Detonate. Paselli attacked Tosana down to twelve with the remaining Frogmite and cast another Ravager. Tosana emptied his hand on the following turn as he summoned Arc-Slogger number two. Paselli decided to make his Frogmite a 5/5 in response and attacked into the Slogger on his turn before playing a Worker. Tosana drew and passed the turn without a play and as Tosana had a Nexus, Paselli only attacked with his Worker leaving his own Nexus back. The Worker died, pumping the Nexus, and Paselli summoned another Worker. Again, Tosana drew and passed the turn. Paselli repeated the same operation as he send the Worker into the Nexus again, making his own land a 3/3. Tosana drew a second Nexus, and Paselli was out of action.

It seemed like Tosana had pretty well stablilized the game now but Paselli's next draw was a Myr Enforcer. Tosana used his Grab the Reins to get rid of it, dealing four damages in the process. He untapped and decided to race with his Nexus probably having drawn a Bolt to deal with Paselli's Nexus. Paselli drew a Ravager on his turn though and passed, which induced Tosana to stay back in defence. Paselli next attacked with the Ravagager having 2 artifact lands, 2 Nexus, a Glimmervoid and a Vial out. Tosana declared no blocks and Paselli pumped the Ravger twice. Tosana just drew and passed the turn again. Paselli activated his Nexus, and send both his creatures into the Red Zone. Tosana activated his two Nexus too, blocked one on each and pumped the one blocking the Nexus twice. Tosana killed the Ravager on his turn with a Shrapnel Blast and killed the Nexus with a Magma Jet when Paselli tried to transfer the counters but Paselli drew an Atog and a Plating getting Tosana low on life. Tosana needed something real good now and he finally drew one of his Furnace Dragons before it was too late. Paselli wasn't able to ounce back and Tosana could attack twice for the kill.
There was only twenty minutes left and both players side-boarded and shuffled very quickly.

Matteo Tosana 1-0 Andrea Paselli

Tosana had a turn two Talisman facing two lands and a Chromatic Sphere on Paselli's side for what seemed like a slow draw, but Paselli "went off" on his third turn as he played a Myr Retriever and three Fromites. Tosana had a solid turn three as he cast a Solemn Simulacrum and passed. Paselli cast a viridian Shaman to get rid of the talisman and traded one of his Frogmite for the Solemn. Tosana just played a Nexus and another Talisman on his fourth turn, and Paselli could attack with his whole team. Tosana put his Nexus in the way of a Frogmite as he had forgotten he couldn't pump it as it still was sick.

Matteo Tosana 1-1 Andrea Paselli

There was fifteen minutes left for the third game as Tosana had to take a mulligan and didn't seem happy with his six card hand but chose to keep anyway. Paselli had a turn one Vial, and a Thoughtcast on his second turn. Tosana seemed desperate as he chose to use his Magma Jet on Paselli, to be able to scry, probably into lands. He played a Nexus on his third turn and passed. Paselli played a Frogmite for free, a Thoughtcast and passed the turn. Tosana untapped and summoned a Solemn. Paselli added a third counter on his Vial, summoned a Ravager and attacked with his Frogmite. Tosana blocked and with damage in the stack, Paselli put a Moriok Rigger into play and sac'ed the Frogmite to the Ravager. He added another Frogmite to his board and said go. Tosana played an Arc-Slogger with one mana open and said go but things didn't look to hot for the amateur. It got worst as Paselli played Ravager number two before attacking with the 2/2 Ravager and the already 4/4 Rigger. Tosana blocked the Rigger with his Slogger and Paselli sacrificied a land to his 2/2 Ravager. Tosana let his creature die, untapped and just laid a land before saying go. Paselli activated his Nexus and send the whole team in. All Tosana could do is animate his two Nexus and to make things easier, Paselli killed one with a Shaman brought into play thanks to the Vial. It didn't take long before Tosana extended his hand in concession.

Andrea Paselli wins 2-1 and advances to the top 8.

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