2004 World Championships Feature

Posted in Event Coverage on September 7, 2004

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

Yesthere are five days of intense Magic competition at Worlds, but that’s not the only event happening this weekend. Friday night, I ran an event that I run at every Pro Tour I attend -- the Question Mark Magic Trivia Game show.

Here’s how it works: any team of three or fewer players can enter. There is no entry fee. The game show is then run like a Swiss tournament. Each round, each team is paired against another team. Whoever scores better at the trivia wins the round. Last night we had seven teams, so we played five rounds of Swiss and then cut to a Top 4.

After the tournament, all participating teams draft from a table of prizes (provided by sponsor King Games). A free event that everyone participating in gets prizes -- the best deal at the Pro Tour. I thought it might be fun to let all of you see how you would have done if you were here. Provided below are the questions for each round -- answers are listed at the end of the article. Try it out to see how you fare.

Round 1

The answer for each question below is an expansion (note: not a base set). You get 1 point for each correct answer.

1) What expansion has premium cards with alternate art?

2) What was the first expansion (once again not a base set) to have a merfolk?

3) What was the first expansion where the uncommons and rares were printed on a different sheet?

4) What was the first expansion to reference the Weatherlight?

5) What expansion had the first two-color multi-color card with enemy colors?

6) What was the first expansion to have non-scanable booster wrap?

7) What expansion was mistakenly collated such that only half of the uncommons appeared in any one box?

8) What was the first expansion to have exactly three different booster pack images?

9) What was the first expansion to have an artifact with a colored activation?

10) What was the first expansion to have the mono-colored cards not appear in equal number?

Round 2

Time Limit – 3 minutes

For each letter of the alphabet, fill in a legend (the creature type, not the expansion) that starts with that letter. You may only write one answer per letter. “None” is an acceptable answer. Note that three letters that have an answer of “none.” You get 1 point for each correct answer.

Round 3

Name how many cards were (or will be) sold in each of the following booster packs. You get 1 point for each correct answer.

1) Arabian Nights

2) Legends

3) The Dark

4) Alliances

5) Chronicles

6) Unglued

7) Portal Second Age

8) Portal Three Kingdoms

9) Renaissance

10) Unhinged

Round 4

Time Limit – 3 minutes

This is the 11th World Championships. For this round, you need to name the twenty countries (and be aware that there are a bunch of countries whose names appear multiple times) that have played in the ten previous finals (meaning the Top 2 match). You get 1 point for each correct answer.

Round 4

Time Limit – 5 minutes

Here are ten cards that appear in Eighth Edition:

Abyssal Specter

Aladdin’s Ring

Ambition’s Cost

Anaba Shaman

Angel of Mercy

Angelic Page


Ardent Militia

Avatar of Hope

Aven Fisher

Put these cards in the chronological order that they were first printed in. Your score is the number of cards in the longest correct chain in your answer.

Semifinal Round

Time Limit – 3 minutes

All your answers for this question must start with the same letter, but you get to choose the letter. Name as many creature types of Mistform Ultimus as you can.


For each card, choose the cost that King Games (our sponsor) was selling that card at this event. (Note that these costs may change in the future.)

1) Time Elemental

2) Time Stretch

3) Time Bomb

4) Timesifter

5) Time Ebb

6) Time Spiral

7) Time Warp

8) Time Vault

9) Timetwister

10) Time Walk

So how did you do? The answers are below.

In the competition, Team Kiki Jiki, Mirrorbreaker (I make the teams choose a Magic card title as a name) won. It probably helped that one of their member, Jeremy Smith, runs the Magic price guide in Inquest Magazine.

The Answers

Round 1

1) Planeshift. Three cards (Ertai, Tahngarth, and Skyship Weatherlight) had alternate art by artist Kev Walker.

2) The Dark. The merfolk was Merfolk Assassin.

3) Legends. Both Arabian Nights and Antiquities had a single sheet for the uncommons and the rares (which is why there are things like U1’s and U3’s).

4) Mirage. The Weatherlight is referenced in flavor text.

5) The Dark. The card was Dark Heart of the Wood. It was a black/green enchantment.

6) Ice Age.

7) Legends.

8) Tempest. There was originally going to be five images but the art director at the time, Matt Wilson, decided there were three that he liked better than the rest and stopped at three.

9) Apocalypse. The card was Legacy Weapon.

10) The Dark. Due to the few multi-colored cards, white and blue had more mono-colored cards than black, red and green.

Round 2

For each letter I’ve listed a popular legend: (other answers obviously exist)

A – Akroma, Angel of Wrath

B – Baron Sengir

C – Chainer, Dementia Master

D – Dakkon Blackblade

E – Ertai, Wizard Adept

F – none

G – Glissa Sunseeker

H – Hanna, Ship’s Navigator

I – Ixidor, Reality Sculptor

J – Jareth, Leonine Titan

K – Kamahl, Pit Fighter

L – Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

M – Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer

N – Nicol Bolas

O – Orim, Samite Hero

P – Phelddagrif

Q – none

R – Rorix Bladewing

S – Sliver Queen

T – Timmy, Power Gamer

U – Ur-Drago

V – Visara the Dreadful

W – none

X – Xira Arien

Y – Yuan Shao, the Indecisive (from Portal Three Kingdoms)

Z – Zuberi, Golden Feather

Round 3

1) 8 cards

2) 15 cards (I accepted 16 cards as well as Legends came with a rules card.)

3) 8 cards

4) 12 cards

5) 12 cards

6) 10 cards

7) 15 cards

8) 10 cards

9) 8 cards

10) 15 cards

Round 4

’94 – Zak Dolan (United States) defeats Betrand Lestree (France)

’95 – Alexander Blumke (Switzerland) defeats Marc Hernandez (France)

’96 – Tom Chanpheng (Australia) defeats Mark Justice (United States)

’97 – Jakub Slemr (Czech Republic) defeats Janusch Kuhn (Germany)

'98 – Brian Selden (United States) defeats Ben Rubin (United States)

’99 – Kai Budde (Germany) defeats Mark Lepine (United States)

’00 – Jon Finkel (United States) defeats Bob Maher (United States)

’01 – Tom van de Logt (The Netherlands) defeats Alex Borteh (United States)

’02 – Carlos Romao (Brazil) defeats Mark Ziegner (Germany)

’03 – Daniel Zink (Germany) defeats Jin Okamoto (Japan)

Round Five

The order is:

Aladdin’s Ring (Arabian Nights)

Abyssal Specter (Ice Age)

Anaba Shaman (Homelands)

Ardent Militia (Weatherlight)

Angel of Mercy (Portal Second Age)

Angelic Page (Urza’s Saga)

Archivist (Urza’s Legacy)

Ambition’s Cost (Portal Three Kingdoms)

Avatar of Hope (Prophecy)

Aven Fisher (Odyssey)


Here is the creature types of Mistform Ultimus, as of Fifth Dawn:

Creature -- Abomination Aboroth Advisor Aladdin Albatross Alchemist Ali-Baba Ali-from-Cairo Alligator Ambush-Party Ancestor Angel Ant Antelope Ape Archaeologist Archer Artificer Asp Assassin Assembly-Worker Atog Aurochs Avatar Avenger Avizoa

Badger Ball-Lightning Bandit Banshee Barbarian Barishi Basilisk Bat Bear Beast Bee Beeble Behemoth Being Berserker Bird Blinkmoth Boar Bodyguard Bringer Brood Brother Brownie Brushwagg Bull Bureaucrat Butterfly

Camarid Camel Caravan Caribou Carnivore Carriage Carrier Cat Cavalry Cave-People Centaur Cephalid Cheetah Chicken Chimera Citizen Clamfolk Cleric Clone Cobra Cockatrice Constable Cow Crab Crocodile Crusader

Dandan Demon Dervish Deserter Devil Devouring-Deep Dinosaur Djinn Dog Doppelganger Dragon Dragonfly Drake Drill-Sergeant Drone Druid Dryad Dwarf

Eater Eel Effigy Efreet Egg Elder Elemental Elephant Elf El-Hajjaj Enchantress Entity Erne Essence Exorcist

Faerie Fallen Farmer Ferret Fiend Fish Flagbearer Flying-Men Force Fox Frog Frostbeast Fungus Fungusaur

Gaea's-Avenger Gaea's-Liege Gargoyle Gatekeeper General Ghost Ghoul Giant Gnome Goat Goblin Golem Gorgon Graveborn Gremlin Griffin Guardian Gus Gypsy

Hag Harlequin Hell's-Caretaker Heretic Hero Hipparion Hippo Homarid Hornet Horror Horse Horseman Hound Human Hunter Hydra Hyena

Illusion Imp Incarnation Infernal-Denizen Inquisitor Insect Island-Fish

Jackal Jellyfish

Kavu Keeper Kelp King Kithkin Knight Kobold Kraken

Lady-of-Proper-Etiquette Leech Legend (until Champions of Kamigawa is legal in tournaments) Legionnaire Lemure Leper Leviathan Lhurgoyf Lichenthrope Licid Lion Lizard Lord Lurker Lycanthrope

Mage Maggot Maiden Mammoth Manticore Mantis Marid Martyr Master Medusa Meerkat Mercenary Merchant Merfolk Mindsucker Minion Minor Minotaur Miracle-Worker Mist Mistfolk Mob Mold-Demon Monger Mongoose Monkey Monster Mosquito Mummy Murk-Dwellers Mutant Myr Mystic

Nameless-Race Narwhal Necrosavant Nekrataal Niall-Silvain Nightmare Nightstalker Noble Nomad

Octopus Ogre Ooze Orb Orc Orgg Ouphe Ox Oyster

Paladin Peacekeeper Pegasus Pentavite People-of-the-Woods Pest Phantasm Phelddagrif Phoenix Pig Pikemen Pincher Pirate Pixie-Queen Plant Poison-Snake Poltergeist Pony Preacher Priest Prism Pyknite

Rabbit Raider Ranger Rat Rebel Reflection Rhino Robber Roc Rock-Sled Rogue Rukh

Sage Salamander Sand Saproling Satyr Scavenger Scorpion Scout Serf Serpent Shade Shaman Shapeshifter Shark Sheep Ship Shyft Sindbad Singing-Tree Sister Skeleton Slith Sliver Slug Smith Snake Soldier Sorceress Spawn Speaker Specter Spellshaper Sphinx Spider Spike Spirit Sponge Sprite Spuzzem Spy Squire Squirrel Stangg-Twin Starfish Stone Strider Survivor Swarm

Tactician Tarpan Taskmaster Tetravite Thief The-Biggest-Baddest-Nastiest-Scariest-Creature-You'll-Ever-See Thopter Thrull Thundermare Tiger Titan Toad Tombspawn Tortoise Townsfolk Tracker Treefolk Troll Turtle Twin

Uncle-Istvan Undead Unicorn

Vampire Vedalken Viashino Villain Viper Volver Vulture

Walking-Dead Wall War-Rider Warrior Warthog Wasp Wave Whale Whippoorwill Wight Wiitigo Wildebeest Will-o'-the-Wisp Wirefly Witch Wizard Wolf Wolverine Wolverine-Pack Wolves-of-the-Hunt Wombat Wood Worm Wraith Wretched Wurm




1) $5.00

2) $5.00

3) $1.00

4) $2.00

5) $0.50

6) $5.00

7) $10.00

8) $90.00

9) $350.00

10) $600.00

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