2005 Invitational Standings by Format

Posted in Event Coverage on May 20, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

1Terry Soh3-02-12-12-13-012-3
2Tsuyoshi Fujita2-13-02-12-12-111-4
3Masashiro Kuroda2-12-12-13-01-210-5
4Carlos Romao1-21-23-02-12-19-6
5Gabriel Nassif3-00-31-22-13-09-6
6Antoine Ruel3-02-10-32-11-28-7
7Kai Budde2-12-12-11-21-28-7
8Bob Maher2-11-23-01-20-37-8
9Jeroen Remie0-33-01-21-22-17-8
10Eugene Harvey2-12-12-10-30-36-9
11Tim Aten0-31-21-21-23-06-9
12Olivier Ruel0-33-03-00-30-36-9
13Julien Nuijten1-21-21-21-22-16-9
14Pierre Canali2-11-20-32-10-35-10
15Sam Gomersall1-20-31-22-11-25-10
16Osyp Lebedowicz0-30-30-32-13-05-10

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