2006 Champs Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on October 31, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

The 2006 Magic State/Province/Territory/Island Champs assembled thousands of Magic players across dozens of states, provinces, territories, islands, cities, counties and prefectures, providing the first chance to play Time Spiral cards in a Standard event.

As an added bonus, all the decklists are provided as Magic Online deck files in text (.txt) format. To download a deck, right-click the ".txt" icon in the upper-right corner of that deck and select "Save As..." Save that text file in your Program Files\Magic Online\decks folder. Then run Magic Online and load the text file to see the deck. For more information about using text files with Magic Online, click here.

North American decklists and winners' photos can be found here.

Champs 2006


  • Aichi | 1st Place: Eiji Mizuno
  • Akita | 1st Place: Tomoya Tsushima
  • Aomori | 1st Place: Naoki Uehara
  • Chiba | 1st Place: Shuuji Nomura
  • Fukushima | 1st Place: Atsushi Kanazawa
  • Gifu | 1st Place: Fumiaki Oguri
  • Hiroshima | 1st Place: Yuuichi Kishimoto
  • Hokkaido | 1st Place: Yoshitoki Sakai
  • Hyogo | 1st Place: Tetsuya Okano
  • Ibaraki | 1st Place: Yuu Ebisawa
  • Iwate | 1st Place: Toshimitsu Sakuma
  • Kagawa | 1st Place: Takeshi Murakami
  • Kagoshima | 1st Place: Masahiro Mitsuke
  • Miyagi | 1st Place: Daisuke Hirose
  • Miyazaki | 1st Place: Takanori Nakagami
  • Nagano | 1st Place: Akinobe Yamasaki
  • Nagasaki | 1st Place: Tadataka Nagao
  • Nara | 1st Place: Takeshi Eda
  • Oita | 1st Place: Takayoshi Kido
  • Okayama | 1st Place: Toshifumi Hanaoka
  • Okinawa | 1st Place: Morishi Kiyatake
  • Osaka | 1st Place:
  • Masahiro Nomura
  • Saga | 1st Place: Kazuhiko Motoyama
  • Shiga | 1st Place: Hiroaki Okada
  • Shimane | 1st Place: Mitsuteru Yoshinaga
  • Shizuoka | 1st Place: Yoshikazu Mukaida
  • Tochigi | 1st Place: Nobuhiko Negishi
  • Tokushima | 1st Place: Yoshifumi Matsumoto
  • Tokyo | 1st Place: Yoshiyuki Yamane
  • Tottori | 1st Place: Akira Genkou
  • Toyama | 1st Place: Takafumi Matsumoto
  • Wakayama | 1st Place: Hirokazu Iwama
  • Yamagata | 1st Place: Yuuya Satou
  • Yamaguchi | 1st Place: Kazuya Saitou
  • Yamanashi | 1st Place:
  • Yoshihiro Ban

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