2007 UK Nationals Announcement

Posted in Event Coverage on July 29, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

In 2007 Wizards of the Coast UK has decided to amalgamate the Welsh, Scottish and English Magic: The Gathering National Championships into one event - the UK Magic: The Gathering National Championships.

Whilst there are many arguments that can be made to justify both a UK Nationals and separate Nationals (amongst Wales, Scotland and England), we have taken this decision because we believe it is in the best interests of the Magic: The Gathering community within the UK for us to do so.

By combining the 3 separate Nationals events into one larger National Championship event it allows us to focus both our time, energy and resources on creating a truly great National Championship event that is rewarding and enjoyable to both qualified players and all fans of Magic: The Gathering.

The 2007 UK Magic: The Gathering National Championships will be held in Edinburgh on (or close to) the last weekend of July, 2007. The exact date and times will be announced as soon as we have signed a contract with our venue. We plan to rotate the venue of the UK nationals each year amongst the three territories (Wales, Scotland and England).

Please find below a list of questions and answers that you may have on the amalgamation and how it may or may not affect you.


What will the prize money be for the 2007 UK Nationals?

The prize money will be US$10,000 split amongst the top 8 players. The prize money will be split in the following way:

1st = $4000 2nd = $2000 3rd/4th = $1000 5th - 8th =$500

How will this affect my ranking?

This change will not affect your ranking, we will integrate the rankings of Wales, Scotland and England together to form one United Kingdom ranking list. However you will still be able to see where you rank in your individual territory by using the "Region" box.

How many people will be automatically invited to the UK Nationals in 2007?

The Top 100 UK ranked Players will get automatically invited to the 2007 UK Nationals (with no drop-downs), as well as the 2006 English Champion, Scottish Champion and Welsh Champion and the 2006 teams (including alternate) for each respective territory. Finally all players that are Pro Club Level 2 and above will also automatically qualify. Un-qualified players will be able to qualify at one of the 2007 National Qualifier Tournaments.

Where will the Nationals be held every year?

We plan to move the Nationals around the UK. The current plan is to have the 2007 Nationals in Edinburgh and then host the 2008 Nationals somewhere in the Midlands (possibly Birmingham), though of course this is subject to change.

How many National Qualifiers will be held for the 2007 Nationals?

We are hoping to run around 20 qualifiers for the 2007 UK Nationals. Each qualifier event will offer one qualification slot for each full 8 players that are participating. Example 1 - A National Qualifier in Newcastle has 33 players it will qualify 4 players to the 2007 National Championships.
Example 2 - A National Qualifier in Cardiff has 63 players it will qualify 7 players (63/8 = 7.87 (rounded down to 7 Players))

Is there any chance of us having separate Nationals again?

Yes there is every chance of separate Nationals again. The UK Office will continue to monitor the amount of active players in both Scotland and Wales. When they each reach a sufficient number of active players then we will again look into hosting separate Nationals events.

How many players do you expect to qualify?

We plan on having about 225 players qualify for the 2007 UK Nationals.

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