2008 Worlds Decklists: Top Extended Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on December 14, 2008

By Event Coverage Staff

Here are all the decklists from the Extended portion of 2008 Worlds that went 4-2 and better.

Petras Ratkevicius, 6-0

Luis Scott-Vargas, 6-0

Sebastian Thaler, 6-0

Masaya Kitayama, 6-0

Paul Cheon, 5-0-1

Asaf Shomer, 5-0-1

Akira Asahara

Carlos Amaya

Nedim Cem Aytekin

Cristian Broens

Jan Brodzak

Jonathan Bergstrom

Petr Brozek

Yong Han Choo

Plato Chan