2008 Worlds Feature: Standard Metagame Archetype Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on December 11, 2008

By Bill Stark

Your Standard Worlds archetype breakdown sees one of the format’s mainstays firmly on top. Faeries is being championed by 89 players this weekend, the largest percentage of the field for any one deck. Some famous names are pushing the deck including long-time top pro Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and many of the top Japanese players. It is the deck in second place, however, that has drawn the most raised eyebrows.

Black-White Tokens has gained some popularity lately after lists posted by Frank Karsten and Manuel Bucher picked up steam on the Internet. Nearly 50 pros agreed with the assessment that the deck was the real deal, and have brought it to battle this weekend. It’s highlighted by most of the token generators seen in Kithkin lists (Spectral Procession, Cloudgoat Ranger) with black providing it with Bitterblossom, Tidehollow Sculler, and even Marsh Flitter.

Five-Color Control was also a very popular choice on the weekend with 39 players opting to run the Reflecting Pool based deck. In answer to the question “Cruel Ultimatum or Tidings?” the World’s players resoundingly answered Ultimatum! Only a single copy of the deck ran just Tidings, while the majority ran only Cruel Ultimatum. A few fence-sitters split the difference and played at least one copy of each card.

Rounding out the top five are two flavors of Kithkin: the versions splashing red for things like Ajani Vengeant, and the traditional builds that focus on a stable manabase of Plains, Rustic Clachans, and Windbrisk Heights. So which archetype will reign supreme on the weekend? We’ve got the rest of today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to find out!


Archetype Number Percentage
Faeries 89 27.05%
Black-White Tokens 48 14.59%
Five Color Control 39 11.85%
Red Kithkin 28 8.51%
Kithkin 21 6.38%
Red-Black Aggro 17 5.17%
Blue-White Merfolk 14 4.26%
Rock 14 4.26%
RDW 9 2.74%
Doran 5 1.52%
Elves 5 1.52%
EsperLark 4 1.22%
Elves! 4 1.22%
Jund Ramp 4 1.22%
Black Kithkin 3 0.91%
Five Color Elementals 2 0.61%
Planeswalkers 2 0.61%
Blue-White Reveillark 2 0.61%
White-Blue-Green Reveillark 2 0.61%
Black-White Reveillark 1 0.30%
Green-White Aggro 1 0.30%
Green-White Elves 1 0.30%
Quillspike 1 0.30%
Red-Blue-Black-White Reveillark 1 0.30%
Red-White Aggro 1 0.30%
Red-White Reveillark 1 0.30%
Tezzerator 1 0.30%

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