2009 World Championships: Team 3 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on November 21, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Team   Result   Opponent
1 Japan 120 vs. Czech Republic
2 Brazil 120 vs. Austria
3 Argentina 120 vs. China
4 Chinese Taipei 120 vs. Germany
5 Spain 111 vs. Netherlands
6 Poland 210 vs. Portugal
7 Switzerland 030 vs. South Africa
8 France 210 vs. Australia
9 Greece 120 vs. Thailand
10 New Zealand 030 vs. Croatia
11 Finland 300 vs. Philippines
12 Costa Rica 210 vs. Malaysia
13 Belgium 201 vs. Israel
14 Bulgaria 120 vs. Italy
15 Russian Federation 120 vs. Ukraine
16 Denmark 030 vs. Hong Kong
17 Puerto Rico 120 vs. Sweden
18 Norway 111 vs. Great Britain
19 Slovak Republic 120 vs. Macedonia
20 Serbia 120 vs. South Korea
21 Hungary 210 vs. Peru
22 Bolivia 030 vs. Chile
23 Mexico 210 vs. Guatemala
24 Romania 021 vs. Lituania

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