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Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast



After 7 rounds of intense competition, Mai Jun Wei (pictured left) remains the only undefeated player with the much coveted untarnished 7-0 record, edging out Meng Fan Xuan (pictured right) in the last round of the day. Six players, each with eighteen points, tail closely behind, whilst reigning Worlds Team Champion 2009 members Zhang Zhiyang and Wu Tong remain in contention at fifteen points each.



pairings, results, standings


7 6 5 4 3 2 1


7 6 5 4 3 2 1


7 6 5 4 3 2 1

星期一, 10.15 a.m. - 第9轮: 雷强 对战 庞禹

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

Game 1

Pang Yu won the die roll and elected to play, but was forced to swap his hand for a fresh six. He didn't seem happy about it and could only muster Silvercoat Lion and double Goldenglow Moth within the first four turns. Lei Qiang had a vastly superior opening though, starting with Preordain on turn 1, Augury Owl on turn 2, Scroll Thief on turn 3 and Aether Adept on turn 4. He followed up that brutal draw with Quag Sickness and Stabbing Pain, killing the lion and one of the two annoying moths. Pang Yu started to land flood and could only watch as Lei Qiang attack turn after turn with his team, drawing four extra cards off Scroll Thief over the next four turns, finishing the game in speedy order.

庞禹掷骰子赢了,选择先开始,不过被迫调度。可惜,手牌还是不太好,前四回合只有一只银毛狮[Silvercoat Lion]与两只澄闪蛾[Goldenglow Moth]。雷强似乎占了上风,以注定[Preordain],卜算猫头鹰[Augury Owl],卷轴盗贼[Scroll Thief]和乙太专家[Æther Adept]华丽开场。过后,又使用沼地病症[Quag Sickness]和刺痛[Stabbing Pain]干掉狮子和澄闪蛾之一。庞禹继续爆地,一只没有抓到任何生物。卷轴盗贼[Scroll Thief]接二连三为雷强抓了四张牌,通常若有这种现象应该会稳操胜券。

Lei Qiang wins Game 1.

Lei Qiang (雷强)

Game 2

Pang Yu summoned a Child of Night on turn two, then enhancing it on turn three with Holy Strength. However, Lei Qiang had Augury Owl on turn two, scrying into an Æther Adept to deal with the 3/3 lifelinking monstrosity. Pang Yu returned Child of Night to his hand, but opted to play his Cloud Crusader on turn four instead. He also dropped Stormfront Pegasus next turn, boosting his air force significantly, but both fliers traded with Lei Qiang's Quag Sickness and Augury Owl.

The board was empty and both players were out of gas, laying only lands for the next three turns while passing with no plays. Such attrition wars causing stalemales seem pretty common in the world of M11. Playing off the top of their decks, Lei Qiang was the first to draw some business spells. In succession, he summoned Azure Drake and Gravedigger, resurrecting Augury Owl. All that scrying netted Lei Qiang the "very-ridiculous-in-M11-draft" Grave Titan and Corrupt, which took his opponent down from twenty to zero in one swift turn.

庞禹第二回合亮出暗夜之子[Child of Night],雷强则召唤卜算猫头鹰[Augury Owl]。不洁之力[Holy Strength]成功让吸血鬼进攻,不幸被乙太专家[Æther Adept]制服。下回合云际十字军[Cloud Crusader]和暴锋飞马[Stormfront Pegasus]加入庞宇的阵容,不过都与雷强的沼地病症[Quag Sickness]和猫头鹰一对一交换。不过,下几回合一片寂静,除了下地以外,两人都没有使用任何咒语。雷强比较幸运些,顺序掏到碧蓝龙兽[Azure Drake],掘墓怪[Gravedigger]和M11最暴力的炸弹,墓地泰坦[Grave Titan]。下回合的攻击加上腐化[Corrupt],一口去把对手的20个生命化为乌有。

Lei Qiang wins Game 2 and takes the match!

Pang Yu (Pictured Right) // 庞禹(图左)

星期一, 11.40 a.m. - 北京一游

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

I am an ardent believer (and follower) of the saying that while we "Play the Game", we should also be "Seeing the World". Take a glimpse of what we have experienced so far, and be sure to attend the next Grand Prix held in China if you want your share of good food and great culture.


Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)
A great country like China needs to have an impressionable facade. The capital of the world's most populated country welcomes you warmly with a grand airport like this one. Currently the 2nd busiest airport in the world (outranked by only the Atlanta International Airport), it was also named the "World's Best Airport" in 2009


A hearty local breakfast
I received quite a pleasant surprise when I had breakfast for the first time in China. For only 3 Yuan (USD$0.45), I got 5 scrumptious pork buns and a warm bowl of soya milk, and a comfortable air-conditioned environment to enjoy it all.


Great Wall of China
Still the only man-made structure that can be seen from the moon, this majestic fortification has been the icon of China as long as anyone could remember. Some of the judges had the fortune to witness its magnificence first-hand and were not disappointed with the breathtaking views.


Tian An Men Square
Widely considered the most important site in the history of modern China, it happens to also be the largest city square in the world. UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Forbidden City, also lies nearby, making it a much heralded area to visit for international tourists and locals alike.


"Quanjude" Peking Duck
My dad once told me not to leave Beijing without trying Quanjude. Peking Duck is one of the most famous Chinese delicacies in the world and for good reason. Quanjude (established in 1864) happens to be the most historied brand of China, selling more than 2 million of such roasted ducks annually. At only 158 Yuan (USD$23), you could take one home for yourself.


Tournament Venue
The tournament officials were meticulous when it came to choosing a venue for the convenience and comfort of the players. There is no better setting than a luxurious ballroom at Holiday Inn Beijing for China's most important Magic event.


"Little Sheep" Steamboat Restaurant
The locals frequent steamboat restaurants in search of delectable delights and "Little Sheep" is one of the favorites. Boiling thinly sliced mutton in broth may not sound appetitizing but it really is. Li Chao (a local judge and PTO) made sure he brought us here for an unmissable treat and the judges from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore were lucky they came along. In fact, they are so famous they even have expanded to Japan.


Dongpo Meat
This Chinese dish is named after its creator Su Dongpo, one of China's most celebrated poets from the Song Dynasty. It is essentially a piece of sinful pork belly, but you'd need to be crazy to resist taking a bite after looking at this photograph. At 15 Yuan (USD$2.20) per portion, it happens to be very affordable as well.


Shopping in Beijing
What's a vacation without a little shopping? We chanced upon a mall packed with more brand names than we can remember, selling off-season apparel at a fraction of its usual price. The only regret was not having more time (or money) to indulge in such retail therapy.


星期一, 12:15 p.m. - 轮抓6-0玩家快问快答

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

What is the best common, uncommon and rare/mythic in M11 draft?
M11轮抓最强的C, U 和 R/M 是什么?

Lei Qiang(雷强) Jia Bin (贾斌) Yu Chao (于超)
注定 [Preordain]
心灵操控 [Mind Control]
墓地泰坦 [Grave Titan]
闪电击 [Lightning Bolt]
心灵操控 [Mind Control]
墓地泰坦 [Grave Titan]
送终刀锋 [Doom Blade]
心灵操控 [Mind Control]
墓地泰坦 [Grave Titan]

星期一, 12:30 p.m. - 环境分析

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

Ever since the introduction of M11, new decks have been born and classics have received makeovers with newly added tech. Along with M10, the presence of both Core sets being legal in Standard (an unprecedented occurrence) creates rather interesting interactions.

Perhaps the most shocking of all is the popularity of Blue White Control, with 25 players choosing hide to behind Wall of Omens and a grip of countermagic. Due to Mana Leak's entrance into the format, control players now have the ability to use Essence Scatter and Negate alongside it to greater effect. It has been a few blue moons ago that any archetype has exceeded the number of Jund decks in any Standard tournament.

Mana Leak

Jund remains popular as before with 24 players, even if there aren't many too changes to its maindeck. M11 has provided new gear for Jund pilots, seeing how Grave Titan and Obstinate Baloth have partnered with the usual suspects Bloodbraid Elf and Sprouting Thrinax to create a new "monsterpiece".

Naya also makes a resurgence thanks to Fauna Shaman, enabling a toolbox strategy while providing a card advantage engine, all rolled up into one fantastic package for a mere two mana. 17 players have been pitching Vengevines to assemble the deadly combo of Cunning Sparkmage and Stoneforge Mystic (searching for Basilisk Collar of course) all day, while tutoring up their singleton Baneslayer Angel or Realm Razor.

Howling Mine
Temple Bell

Blue Red seemed to be the rage the entire day though, with 9 of them (including multiple Nationals Team players) running Runeflare Trap decks and 5 with Pyromancer Ascension. Once again, this is largely attributed to the fact that both M10 and M11 are coexisting in Standard, enhancing combo strategies that were not as consistent as before. M11 provides Temple Bell (receiving the baton from Font of Mythos) to speed up the deck considerably, pairing up with M10's Howling Mine to ensure opponents always have more cards than they can ever play.

Pyromancer Ascension has also benefited from both Core sets being in the same format. M11's Preordain alongside M10's Ponder considerably increases the chance to draw this namesake enchantment. I know for a fact that not drawing any of them is lethal, because I learnt it the hard way myself. Call to Mind and Time Warp also allows the generation of infinite turns, previously impossible without playing 4 colors and Naya Charm.

Treasure your time with these decks for they may not even exist once the rotation occurs few months later. What would China's Nationals Champ would be wielding? Let us await as the action unfolds today.


最令人吃惊的也许是蓝白控受欢迎的程度,居然比屹立不倒的勇得还要多,共有25件代表作。这种现象近几个月的比赛几乎未发生过。想必是因为魔力流失[Mana Leak]的关系,连同菁华离散 [Essence Scatter]和失效 [Negate]等等反击咒语,使得蓝白控套牌加强不少。

Fauna Shaman

勇得以往常一样,依然十分受欢迎,一共有24副。套牌基本上没有很大的变化。墓地泰坦 [Grave Titan]和顽强巴洛西 [Obstinate Baloth]都上阵,连同血辫地精 [Bloodbraid Elf]和芽生叉齿蜥 [Sprouting Thrinax]一块儿展开肆虐。

纳雅也在一瞬间成了顽强的竞争者,应该和动物群祭师 [Fauna Shaman]离不开关系。只需2点魔法力,她可将一张张的复仇藤蔓 [Vengevine],转换成狡诈火花法师 [Cunning Sparkmage]或锻石秘教徒 [Stoneforge Mystic](搜出蜥怪颈环 [Basilisk Collar]),将这具有杀伤力的"康宝"组合起来。同时,又能把仅有一张的破邪天使 [Baneslayer Angel]和夷壤 [Realm Razor]找出,一点儿也不赖!共有17位玩家选择了这副套牌。


红蓝似乎也非常受欢迎,一共有9副红蓝陷阱套牌,和5副焰侯腾扬套牌。这两种套牌实力大增的原因,多半和M10于M11同处在标准环境内有关。加上M11的庙宇响钟 [Temple Bell]并除掉神赐洗礼盘 [Font of Mythos]使得陷阱套牌加速不少,连同M10的嚎叫的矿井 [Howling Mine]确保对手的手牌"滔滔不绝"。

至于焰侯腾扬套牌,M11的注定 [Preordain]和M10的沉思 [Ponder]可让玩家比较顺利搜到不可或缺的结界,没有两张共存在标准真的没法玩。M11的回忆升起 [Call to Mind]和M10的时间弯曲 [Time Warp]可让玩家的到无限量的免费回合,几个月后在标准就无法再实行。


星期一, 1:00 p.m. - 第11轮: 徐亮 对战 余季荪

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

Game 1

Xu Liang had to mulligan but it did not hamper his explosive start. A first turn Noble Hierarch enabled Knight of the Reliquary to hit play on turn two. Bloodbraid Elf, cascading into Cunning Sparkmage, hit play on turn three, together dealt 5 damage this turn.

The 8/8 Knight threatened to end the game next turn and Yu Ji Sun probably realised that as well. Controlling only five land with no way to deal with the fattie, he promptly conceded after drawing his forth card of the game.

徐亮虽然调度了,但没影响爆发力。第一回合的贵族大主教 [Noble Hierarch]允许圣物骑士 [Knight of the Reliquary]在第二回合进场。第三回合血辫地精 [Bloodbraid Elf]进场,倾曳到狡诈火花法师 [Cunning Sparkmage]。目前,坟场内共有六张地牌,圣物骑士 [Knight of the Reliquary]有8/8那么大。 余季荪算了算自己的地牌,第四回合就认输。

Xu Liang (徐亮)

Game 2

The second game was equally speedy. Oddly, the player who mulliganed seemed to have the nuts draw for this match. Yi Ji Sun opened with a turn two Explore, into a turn three Explore and Cultivate. A forth turn Primeval Titan tutoring for two Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle hit play, with Yi Ji Sun laying his third Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. Not having a Path to Exile, Xu Liang was smart enough to deduce what would happen next turn and promptly scooped up his cards.

这次改换余季荪调度,展开了另一场血腥的对局。他第二回合探索大地 [Explore],第三回合再次探索和栽培[Cultivate]。在第四回合中施放出劲爆的太古泰坦 [Primeval Titan],搜出两张熔天顶瓦拉库[Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle],自己从手中掏出第三张瓦拉库,迅速拿下第二盘。

Xu Ji Sun wins Game 2!

Yu Ji Sun (余季荪)

Round Three

Xu Liang opened with a Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise, but both were toasted to a crisp by a Forked Bolt. This slowed down his draw significantly, so he tried to tangle up his opponent's mana with an Ajani Vengeant. Not having bombs with power out with his abundance of mana, Yi Ji Sun could only watch as the counters of Ajani Vengeant reach 8. The ultimate ability didn't matter anyway, since Xu Liang had dropped a Realm Razor to secure his victory.

徐亮的魔法力生物贵族大主教 [Noble Hierarch]与天堂鸟 [Birds of Paradise]快速被分叉雷击 [Forked Bolt],不过在第四回合结算了复仇阿耶尼 [Ajani Vengeant]。余季荪地牌虽然够多,但没什么炸弹可施放,眼巴巴看着阿耶尼的忠诚度上升到8。当夷壤[Realm Razor]在下回合进场的时候,胜负已分,余季荪只好再度认输。

Xu Liang wins round 11! // 徐亮第十一轮获胜!

Monday, 2:05 p.m. - Round Twelve: Zhang Zhiyang VS Meng Fan Xuan

Chapman "randomchap" Sim

I had to pick an epic win-and-in match in the last round of Swiss and I'm pretty sure I made the correct choice. Easily the most exciting match I have witnessed today, it also promises to be lengthy and full of huge stacks of spells and triggered abilities. Proceed at your own risk!

Both players at 8-3 records saw themselves paired against each other with no chance to draw in the final swiss round of the tournament. Zhang Zhiyang won the die roll with a whooping 20 and elected to begin first. Piloting one of the nine Runeflare Trap decks in the field today, he found himself in the position to make Top 8 once again. Incidentally, his opponent Meng Fan Xuan happened to be playing a deck of a similar color combination, but choosing to duplicate spells with Pyromancer Ascension instead. As both players are running decks with combo elements and permission spells, this promises to be an arduous battle of wits.

Zhang Zhiyang

Round One

Zhang Zhiyang opened with Howling Mine and Temple Bell on turns two and three, only to have the latter countered by Mana Leak. Meng Fan Xuan dug for his Pyromancer Ascension by Seeing Beyond and passed the turn after making his third land drop. A 4th turn Font of Mythos entered play for Zhang Zhiyang.

All the card drawing artifacts had ironically helped his opponent draw the enchantment he needed. Meng Fan Xuan looked at his grip of 9 cards and decided to drop the "Replicate-granting" enchantment and discarding Preordain rather than casting it, apparently to hold mana back for countermagic.

Zhang Zhiyang found himself in trouble, now that his opponent had drawn the most important card in his deck. Aside from Into the Roil, he did not seem to have a way to deal with it. He studied Meng Fan Xuan's graveyard intently before deciding on casting a Temple Bell. Meng Fan Xuan flashed him a second Mana Leak, putting the first counter on Pyromancer Ascension.

Untapping, he cast a Preordain triggering Pyromancer Ascension once again. Zhang Zhiyang tried to send the enchantment Into the Roil and surprisingly, Meng Fan Xuan did not try to oppose. There was no need to. With so many cards flowing in and out of his hand, he had no problem recasting the Ascension and fulfilling it again. He discarded Call to Mind and See Beyond and passed the turn.

Meng Fan Xuan tried once again to See Beyond next turn, but Zhang responded with his second Into the Roil. Meng Fan Xuan tried to cast the Ascension again and Zhang Zhiyang let it resolve. Currently holding a Lightning Bolt, one Runeflare Trap, all he needed was a Twincast or another Trap to kill his opponent instantly. There was no use to exhaust his countermagic.

The action started after Meng Fan Xuan had drawn for his turn, because Zhang Zhiyang decided to go for the kill and create possibly the biggest stack this game. A Runeflare Trap ran into Mana Leak, which prompted Zhang Zhiyang to Twincast the Runeflare Trap. Meng Fanxuan let the Twincast resolve, taking a huge zap, going down to Lava Axe range. Zhang Zhiyang then tried to resolve the original Runeflare Trap by paying 3 mana to fulfil Mana Leak's payment, leaving him with only one Mountain. His opponent simply responded with a second Mana Leak. and Zhang simply flung at Lightning Bolt to the dome, bringing Meng Fan Xuan down to just two life. Although his Pyromancer's Ascension had come online, he was on the brink of impending death.

Convinced that Zhang Zhiyang was out of gas, Meng Fan Xuan picked up both artifacts and made sure he was announcing his spell during the correct step. During Zhang Zhiyang's upkeep, Meng Fan Xuan tapped out for a copied Into the Roil on both Zhang Zhiyang's artifacts (Howling Mine and font of Mythos), trying to prevent him from drawing more cards. The copy targeting Font of Mythos was countered and Zhang Zhiyang proceeded to draw three cards, including his draw step. That net him a time Warp, which he immediately cast without a second thought. On his free turn, he drew the Lightning Bolt required to win the game, ending the half-hour long epic battle.

Zhang Zhiyang wins Game 1.

Round Two

Meng Fan Xuang swiftly resolved Pyromancer Ascension and Jace Beleren on turns two and three respectively, while Zhang Zhiyang once again had his faithful Howling Mine on turn two. Both players were wary not to tap out and discarded cards on both of their next turns.

Drawing a second Howling Mine, Zhang Zhiyang tried to resolve it, only to meet Negate from Meng Fan Xuan. Jace Beleren, now at 9 counters threatened to take twenty cards from Zhang Zhiyang's and he tried to send it home using Into the Roil. Mana Leak from Meng Fan Xuan ensured that Jace would reach 11 counters next turn. In a matchup where player are typically drawing 5 cards a turn, decking your opponent with Jace Beleren's ultimate seemed like a very solid plan. All Meng Fan Xuan had to do was defend his Planeswalker (and himself) so he simply passed with no play and proceeded to discard, but Zhang Zhiyang stopped him.

He tried a Runeflare Trap at the end of Meng Fan Xuan's turn, which he revealed a Flashfreeze to nullify. Zhang Zhiyang then cast Into the Roil on Pyromancer Ascension, which met Meng Fan Xuan's Mana Leak. Zhang Zhiyang proceeded to tap out for a Twincast, targeting Mana Leak and Meng Fan Xuan ensured nothing resolved by also tapping out for a Negate.

Zhang Zhiyang's secret agenda to tap Meng Fan Xuan out had successfully been executed, for he had two Time Warps in his hand waiting to resolve. Time Walk number one allowed him mana to cast another Time Warp and bounce the Ascension.

Meng Fan Xuan

On his third consecutive turn, he asked him opponent how many cards he had, presumptably trying to go for the kill again. Using Jace Beleren to kill his opponent's copy, he had managed to temporary evade library death but could not finish off his tapped out opponent. He could only shake his head in despair and pass the turn.

Meng Fan Xuan untapped and recast the Ascension, having no other play. Two Lightning Bolts were flung at Zhang Zhiyang during his end of turn, putting the first counter on the enchantment. Call to Mind tried to recollect Negate, but Zhang Zhiyang responded with Mana Leak, which was promptly paid for. Zhang Zhiyang tried Spell Pierce again, which was again paid for, tapping Meng Fan Xuan for another turn.

A third time Warp had appeared for Zhang Zhiyang, so he dropped his Temple Bell, Howling Mine and then Time Warp. On his next turn, he dropped another Temple Bell and passed the turn, still unable to win immediately despite all the cards he was drawing.

Meng Fan Xuan untapped in relief and Pondered twice in a row, putting the second counter on Pyromancer Ascension. Zhang Zhiyang was in real trouble now, since he would need to counter each of his opponent's spells twice, burn and countermagic included. Meng tried to Time Warp but Zhang Spell Pierced the copy. Meng Fan Xuan, having only two mana left, declined to pay. Zhang Zhiyang then responded with a Runeflare Trap, hoping to bait his opponent to tap out, since he was holding onto Ricochet Trap in his hand to misdirection the Time Warp on the stack. Zhang was out of options and was forced to play his last trump card and Meng responded with a copied Negate on the Ricochet Trap.

At this juncture, there was a hiccup as Meng Fan Xuan forgot to discard before moving on to his free turn. The judge's verdict was for him to discard RANDOMLY down to the intended amount. He tried to cast Pyromancer's Ascension, which Zhang Flashfreezed. Meng simply cast his second Jace Beleren and did a double Time Warp and proceeded to take both his extra turns.

On his 3rd consecutive turn, he cast another Time Warp, bringing himself up to three extra turns in-lieu. On his 4th turn, drew another three cards and copied a Ponder, trying to find just one more burn spell. He eventually fulfilled the second Ascension to ensure his burn spells would be copied threefold. Time was called and Meng Fan Xuan had control of 4 of the remaining five turns, with Zhang Zhiyang was tapped out.

At this juncture, he asked a judge if it was ok to play with his hand revealed and the response was positive.

He revealed a grip full of multiple burn spells and countermagic, displaying that he had would win this match if he simply tapped two Mountains to fling triple Lightning Bolts and Burst Lightnings at Zhang Zhiyang. However, there was no way that either of them could make the Top 8 cut if this game turned out to be a draw. Meng Fan Xuan thought it was a waste if that happened, and decided to graciously concede without a word, putting Zhang Zhiyang in the top 8 for the second year running, generating immense applause from the bystanding audience.

Zhang Zhiyang wins 2-0 and advances to the Top 8!

星期一, 2:55 p.m. - 轮抓6-0玩家

Chapman "randomchap" Sim & Lin Jinyi

Six rounds of M11 draft left only three players with pristine 6-0 records. Check out their winning decks!


Yu Chao (于超)
Pod 1 (White Black)
6 平原 [Plains]
11沼泽 [Swamp]
17 地牌 / 17 Lands

1 突袭狮鹫 [Assault Griffin]
1 云际十字 [Cloud Crusader]
1 洛克鸟蛋 [Roc Egg]
1 攻城乳齿象 [Siege Mastodon]
1 野生狮鹫 [Wild Griffin]
2 黑骑士 [Black Knight]
1 血座吸血鬼 [Bloodthrone Vampire]
1 死门恶魔 [Demon of Death’s Gate]
2 掘墓怪 [Gravedigger]
1 莉莲娜仆幽灵 [Liliana Specter]
1 夜翼阴魂[Nightwing Shade]
1 腐臭军团兵 [Rotting Legion]
1 皇家刺客 [Royal Assassin]
15 生物 / 15 Creatures

1 以血立契[Sign in Blood]
1 安全出路[Safe Passage]
1 庄严献祭 [Solemn Offering]
1 行刺 [Assasinate]
1 腐化 [Corrupt]
1 送终刀锋 [Doom Blade]
2 心之衰 [Mind Rot]
8 其他咒语 / 8 Spells

Yu Chao (于超)
Pod 2 (Black Green)
8 树林 [Forest]
8 沼泽 [Swamp]
1 地塑旷野 [Terramorphic Expanse]
17 地牌 / 17 Lands

1 血座吸血鬼 [Bloodthrone Vampire]
2 掘墓怪 [Gravedigger]
1 莉莲娜仆幽灵 [Liliana's Specter]
1 阴间惊惧兽 [Nether Horror]
1 重组骷髅 [Reassembling Skeleton]
1 拽脏预言师 [Viscera Seer]
1 斑野猪 [Brindle Boar]
1 贾路的旅伴 [Garruk's Companion]
2 高大蜥怪 [Greater Basilisk]
1 罗堰妖精 [Llanowar Elves]
1 顽强巴洛西 [Obstinate Baloth]
1 圣狼 [Sacred Wolf]
1 刺棘亚龙 [Spined Wurm]
15 生物 / 15 Creatures

3 行刺 [Assassinate]
1 送终刀锋Doom Blade]
1 沼地病症 [Quag Sickness]
1 坟场复生 [Rise from the Grave]
1 以血立契[Sign in Blood]
1 栽培 [Cultivate]
1 归返自然 [Back to Nature]
9 其他咒语 / 9 Spells

Lei Qiang (雷强)
Pod 1 (Blue Red)
9 海岛 [Island]
7 山脉 [Mountain]
16 地牌 / 16 Lands

1 钢铁督军 [Steel Overseer]
1 三臂铁人 [Triskelion]
1 乙太专家 [Æther Adept]
2 卜算猫头鹰 [Augury Owl]
1 碧蓝龙兽 [Azure Drake]
2 卷轴盗贼 [Scroll Thief]
2 峡谷牛头怪 [Canyon Minotaur]
1 穿隧鬼怪 [Goblin Tunneler]
1 放荡烈焰术士 [Prodigal Pyromancer]

12 生物 / 12 Creatures

1 细语丝篷 [Whispersilk Cloak]
1 仿生妖 [Clone]
2 预知 [Foresee]
1 魔力流失 [Mana Leak ]
1 注定 [Preordain]
1 眠梦咒 [Sleep]
2 反召唤 [Unsummon]
1 叛行 [Act of Treason]
1 火球 [Fireball]
1 烈火断层 [Pyroclasm]
12 其他咒语 / 12 Spells

Lei Qiang (雷强)
Pod 2 (Blue Black)
8 海岛 [Island]
9 沼泽 [Swamp]
17 地牌 / 17 Lands

1 拽脏预言师 [Viscera Seer]
2 乙太专家 [Æther Adept]
2 卜算猫头鹰 [Augury Owl]
1 碧蓝龙兽 [Azure Drake]
1 卷轴盗贼 [Scroll Thief]
1 墓地泰坦 [Grave Titan]
1 掘墓怪 [Gravedigger]
1 莉莲娜仆幽灵 [Liliana's Specter]
1 夜翼阴魂 [Nightwing Shade]
1 腐臭军团兵 [Rotting Legion]
12 生物 / 12 Creatures

1 缩小 [Diminish]
1 魔力流失 [Mana Leak]
1 注定 [Preordain]
2 反召唤 [Unsummon]
1 行刺 [Assassinate]
1 腐化 [Corrupt]
2 沼地病症 [Quag Sickness]
1 坟场复生 [Rise from the Grave]
1 刺痛 [Stabbing Pain]
11 其他咒语 / 11 Spells

Jia Bin (贾斌)
Pod 1 (White Red)
8 山脉 [Mountain]
8 平原 [Plains]
1 地塑旷野 [Terramorphic Expanse]
17 地牌 / 17 Lands

1 眩目法师 [Blinding Mage]
1 云际十字军 [Cloud Crusader]
1 资深步兵 [Infantry Veteran]
1 洛克鸟蛋 [Roc Egg]
1 撒拉天使 [Serra Angel]
1 攻城乳齿象 [Siege Mastodon]
2 暴锋飞马 [Stormfront Pegasus]
3 奔腾电弧灵 [Arc Runner]
1 火仆役 [Fire Servant]
1 贮宝巨龙 [Hoarding Dragon]
2 放荡烈焰术士 [Prodigal Pyromancer]
15 生物 / 15 Creatures

1 水晶球 [Crystal Ball]
3 逐出教会 [Excommunicate]
1 大步飞跃 [Mighty Leap]
1 茜卓的暴怒 [Chandra's Outrage]
1 投掷 [Fling]
1 闪电击 [Lightning Bolt]
8 其他咒语 / 8 Spells

Jia Bin (贾斌)
Pod 2 (Blue Black)
8 海岛 [Island]
9 沼泽 [Swamp]
17 地牌 / 17 Lands

1 石魔像 [Stone Golem]
1 乙太专家 [Æther Adept]
1 碧蓝龙兽 [Azure Drake]
2 港湾巨蛇 [Harbor Serpent]
2 沿海守卫 [Maritime Guard]
1 人鱼君王 [Merfolk Sovereign]
3 掘墓怪 [Gravedigger]
4 莉莲娜仆幽灵 [Liliana's Specter]
15 生物 / 15 Creatures

1 取消 [Cancel]
1 缩小 [Diminish]
2 预知 [Foresee]
1 心灵操控 [Mind Control]
1 注定 [Preordain]
1 反召唤 [Unsummon]
1 送终刀锋 [Doom Blade]
1 刺痛 [Stabbing Pain]
9 其他咒语 / 9 Spells


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