The 2012 Community Cup Team

Posted in Event Coverage on October 25, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

Every year we bring a handful of individuals from the Magic Online community to Wizards' offices to compete in the Community Cup! They battle against employees of Wizards across a variety of formats over a few days. We'll be announcing more information for the event in the upcoming weeks, but today we're happy to announce the team which will come to Seattle to battle on behalf of the Magic Online community.

The Community Cup will run from Oct. 24-26; that's the week after Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. They will also make use of the new client currently in wide beta. If you haven't yet, download it and give it a try!

We'll be telling you more about the event, the formats, and the stakes in the coming weeks! Until then, let's meet the community's team! Share your thoughts on Twitter using the #mtgocc hashtag.


Jon Loucks

When did you start playing Magic? - 10 years ago, right before Onslaught came out.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - Reveillark. Since its release I’ve asked so much of that bird... plant... light... thing. And every time, Reveillark delivers.

What was your reaction to getting selected? - ...ring ...ring ...ring... ”Hi Mom! I’m in the Magic Online Community Cup! It’s really awesome, I’m super excited. I get the chance to represent the community - it’s a huge honor. I think I got in for that podcast thing I told you about. Podcast. Pod. Cast. You know, like on an iPod? No, that’s not what an App is. No mom, you can’t put this on the Facebook yet. Yes I’ll get a haircut. Ok Mom, goodbye Mom.”

Got any final words? - Wizards of the Coast / Oh how the mighty will fall / Community Cup

Neale Talbot


When did you start playing Magic? - I started playing Magic in 1995, though I was mostly Magic-adjacent, playing games like Vampire: The Masquerade and Illuminati: New World Order. I left the game after I left university, but was reintroduced to the game by friends in 2007 on a lounge-room floor, just in time for Lorwyn block.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - My favorite card is Necrotic Ooze, largely because my favorite format is Commander. With every set released, Necrotic Ooze becomes a little bit better. For instance, thanks to Magic 2013, it can now sacrifice Goblins to deal damage to opponent’s creatures thanks to Arms Dealer. How can you not love a card that only ever gets better with time?

What was your reaction to getting selected? - At first I didn’t think I was selected, as everyone was discussing it on Twitter and I hadn’t received an email. I even tweeted that I’d missed the cut. Worth must have seen it, as I received a DM asking me to check my inbox again. I think I almost died of a heart attack after convincing myself I’d missed out!

Got any final words? - I’d like to thank everyone who nominated me, I still can’t believe I’m worthy of such an amazing opportunity. More importantly, as an #mtgdad – father of four boys – I’d really like to express my gratitude to the support of my wonderful wife, Jenny, who is shouldering everything at home while I’m in the US playing games. I love you, Jen

Jesse Smith


When did you start playing Magic? - Right around Magic 2010, in fact darn near the day it came out. Been hooked every single day since.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - It’s a tossup between Vengevine and Blood Artist. #TeamBloodArtist

What was your reaction to getting selected? - Before reaching the end of the acceptance email I nearly spoiled my acceptance on Twitter because I was so excited! Luckily I didn’t do that, but after it all hit me I was extremely humbled by the fact community members and Wizards of the Coast had noticed my efforts. It really is an honor to be selected among such a large community.

Got any final words? - Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way!

Heath Newton


When did you start playing Magic? - I started playing Magic in 1995

What’s your favorite Magic card? - I’m embarrassed to say my favorite card is still Shivan Dragon just due to the fond memories it brings back of when I first got into Magic.

What was your reaction to getting selected? - My reaction to getting selected was me running like an 8 year old that just got a new Red Ryder BB Gun to tell my wife I got in.

Got any final words? - Final words: Super stoked to be representing the community and I look forward to beating down the WOTC team.

Jackie Lee


When did you start playing Magic? - 1998. I was the only one of my friends without an abundance of dual lands.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - Splinter Twin, because it first described how I feel about my husband.

What was your reaction to getting selected? - I’m touched! It’s a great honor to represent the community, and I’ll definitely play my best.

Got any final words? - Thank you, Wizards, for making my first year of pro play amazing. And special thanks to the community, because you’re the ones who make this game what it is.

Conley Woods


When did you start playing Magic? - I started playing just as Mirrodin (the original) came out. I remember buying a box of 8th Edition as my first big jump into Magic!

What’s your favorite Magic card? - My favorite Magic card is Wee Dragonauts. I have always loved the way that Blue and Red cards look sitting in a deck next to each. With the recent guild alignments though, it doesn’t appear that I am the only one!

What was your reaction to getting selected? - It was a huge honor to be selected to the Community Cup team. I really didn’t do any campaigning or anything this year, so it definitely caught me off guard. That said, being able to represent the amazing community of people that I have grown up around is such an amazing honor and I hope to do everyone proud!

Got any final words? - There is a lot of pressure on us to not be the first community team to lose this thing, so I intend to do everything in my power to stop that from happening!

Walter Kolcynski


When did you start playing Magic? - Other than a couple of random games using borrowed cards when I was in high school (mid-90s), my first real extensive experience was with the old Shandalar game. Then I didn’t play much for a few years until some friends brought me back into Magic just before Torment. I then played my first paper events in the form of two side-drafts at the Torment release. Shortly thereafter (around Feb 2002) I got into the Magic Online beta, and there I have played ever since. Since my appearance on the first Community Team, I’ve been able to branch out into the paper world as well, playing most of the pre-releases, some side-events at GenCon and PT Philly, and GP Seattle earlier this year. I’ve also broken my normal prohibition on constructed formats to build a few EDH decks.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - Time Stop. Not because I like to play it, but because I think it is one of the most elegant cards WotC has ever printed.

What was your reaction to getting selected? - A bit surprised, since I’ve been before, and of course ecstatic at the idea of participating in another. My first experience was so much fun, and it just seems like each subsequent year has been even better. I can’t wait to find out just how awesome this year is going to be.

Got any final words? - Just that I am honored to have been chosen again when there are so many people creating so many awesome things for Magic Online, and that I intend to keep the Hammy Cup where it belongs.

James Turner


When did you start playing Magic? - I first started playing in 1994 with some friends in elementary school. Managed to play up until the Mirage block. Then picked it up again during PAX 2010 just before Scars of Mirridon came out.

What’s your favorite Magic card? - I’ll always have a soft spot for Force of Nature. I remember opening that dude in my very first booster pack of Revised and being blown away by something with 8/8.

What was your reaction to getting selected? - Super excited! I got a chance to come down for the event last year as a spectator while Graham got to play. It was a great couple days filled with Magic, food, and good people. Couldn’t ask for much else.

Got any final words? - Probably? Get back to me on this one. I want to make it something good.

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