The 3-0 Colors

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By Mark Wraith

As this is a new format, people may not know what decks are the best to draft. Here are the colors of the seven decks that went 3-0.

Holger Meinecke: black/green
Ladislav Zupancic: red/blue
Stephan Genser: black/green
Stefan Jedlicka: blue/green
Jakub Slemr: black/blue
Nicolai Herzog: white/red/blue
Matthias Künzler: red/green/white

The most played card in the top eight decks was Rabid Elephant of all things, with seven in total. All the 3-0 decks playing green had at least one. Repel was next with six appearances, but four of them were in Jakub Slemr's amazing deck. Nikolai Herzog had the other two. Nobody who drafted an Overrun or a Shower of Coals made it through with a perfect record. None of the best decks had any sort of broken rare in them.

White was the worst performer here with the only two people who played it using it as part of a three-color combination, whereas blue and green were both played four times.

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