3/4-place Playoff: Sam Lount vs. Benny Wong

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By Toby Wachter

Sam Lount

This match was in the finals of the loser's bracket, and would determine the third member of the Canadian National team. Terry Tsang and Elijah Pollock had already earned the right to represent their country, and either Lount or Wong would join then in Toronto.

Game 1

Wong played first, but had to mulligan his opening hand, as it contained only one land- Caves of Koilos. The following hand was not much better, and Wong mulliganed yet again, going down to an opening hand of five cards. Now that all his mulligans had been declared, Lount had a mulligan of his own. A first turn Bird was summoned by Lount, and Wong played Defiant Falcon. Lount added another Bird to his side on the next turn, and played a Port, which was used on Benny's upkeep. Brainstorm was cast in response, but the result was not what Wong was looking for. None of the cards drawn were land, and Wong missed his third land drop, knowing that a land would not show up for at least the next two turns.

Lount took full advantage of the situation, playing Spiritmonger on turn three. Wong followed up with a Meddling Mage on Saproling Burst, but it was still no answer to the beast on the table. Spiritmonger attacked for six damage, and continued to build up his army with a Thornscape Battlemage, which shot down the Defiant Falcon. Lount also played a second Rishadan Port. Meanwhile, Wong was still having problems finding land, and the two Ports weren't helping. He had no answer to the Spiritmonger, and hardly any lands available, which was reason enough to concede.

Lount- 1 Wong- 0

Game 2

Once again Wong went first, but had a better mana draw this time around. Lount played a first turn Birds, and Wong summoned Meddling Mage, naming Thornscape Battlemage. A second Birds then showed up on Lount's side of the table, and was followed up by Rishadan Port, which was used on the following upkeep. Meanwhile, Meddling Mage attacked for two, and Defiant Falcon came out. Lount then used Flametongue Kavu to shoot down the Mage. It attacked on the next turn, and the Falcon searched out Lin Sivvi on end step. While Wong was still tapped out, Lount used Tsabo's Decree to wipe out Wong's forces. In the process, three Lin Sivvis ended up in the graveyard.

All was not lost, as Wong drew a Sergeant off the top. However, it died to a Flametongue Kavu. Wong used Brainstorm to draw into Meddling Mage, which named Thornscape Battlemage. It blocked and traded with a Flametongue in combat, but Lount still had one left. It kept attacking, and eventually finished off the job.

Lount- 2 Wong- 0

Game 3

Wong had to mulligan his opening hand once again, but kept the second one. Lount mulliganed down to six as well. A first turn Ramosian Sergeant was summoned by Wong. Unfortunately, Wong stalled at two lands, and could not start searching with the Sergeant. Lount wasn't doing much better, as he had already played three lands and nothing else. He cast a Thornscape Battlemage on turn four with red kicker to take out the Sergeant, which searched out a Lieutenant before going to the graveyard. Still, Wong was stuck at three mana. If Lount could kill off the Lieutenant on the next turn, he would be able to cut off the Rebel chain from progressing. Wong did his best to prevent this from happening, as he played a Meddling Mage on Thornscape Battlemage.

Benny Wong

The Battlemage already on the table attacked for two damage, and Lount used Ghitu Fire to kill off the Lieutenant. Meddling Mage swung back, and Wong finally found a fourth land. Saproling Burst was cast by Lount on the following turn, but Wong dealt with it right away thanks to Disenchant. Wong then cast a Falcon, while Lount played Spiritmonger. Spiritmonger and the Battlemage attacked on Lount's next turn. Meddling Mage blocked and traded with the Battlemage, and a Sergeant was searched out to chump block Spiritmonger. With Wong mostly tapped out, Lount had his opening and used Ghitu Fire to take out the searcher.

Staring down a Spiritmonger seemed less than comfortable at this point, so Wong used Wrath of God to kill it off. He played Lin Sivvi on the following turn. A Port was used on end step to tap down a blue source, which allowed Tsabo's Decree to resolve during Lount's main phase. This left Wong with Reverent Mantra and Absorb in hand, and caused him to lose the Lin Sivvi in play, along with the Defiant Vanguard in his hand. Meddling Mage was played a few turns later, naming Thornscape Battlemage.

Lount then played Saproling Burst, and Wong answered with Parallax Wave. A Saproling token was made on end step, and was killed off with Parallax Wave when it attacked. Lount then summoned Spiritmonger, giving him the clock he needed. However, it would be handled for the time being by the Wave in play. Two tokens were made on Wong's next end step, and they attacked for damage while the Spiritmonger was put under the Wave. Ramosian Sky Marshal was summoned a few turns later, and Wong had plenty of mana available to search with.

The following upkeep saw the Wave fade away, and Lount got his Spiritmonger back. The Sky Marshal attacked for three damage, and was joined by Defiant Vanguard. Fires of Yavimaya was now played and Absorbed, leaving Wong with one card in hand. Spiritmonger attacked, and was unblocked, dealing six damage. The Vanguard on the board was too important to chump block with, since it would allow Wong to stabilize the board on the following turn. Wong played Reverent Mantra on green, and attacked with his creatures to deal the final seven points of damage necessary to win. However, Lount had a fast effect. He cast Tsabo's Decree to take out Wong's army, which was enough to give him the game and the match.

Final Result: Lount- 3 Wong- 0

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