3rd/4th-Place Playoff: Maarten Ferguson vs Frank van den Hanenberg

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Frank Wareman

Maarten is playing Frank for a place in the national team. This also includes a lot of prize money that can be won in the national team at the worlds. This match will be important. Maarten is playing his own build of GB Cemetery. Frank is still playing GR Beats.

Game 1

There will be no mulligans the first game and Maarten starts. Frank starts out with an army of 1/1s, an elf and two rootwalla, but fails in drawing lands. Maarten takes out his elf with a smother and picks out a lavamancer with a therapy. He then plays a Wirewood Herald. Frank still has no second land and Maarten flashes his therapy. Frank finally finds a second land and attacks with his Rootwalla’s and plays a Grim Lavamancer. A butcher takes care of this Lavamancer. Maarten continues on drawing only lands and lets Frank find his fourth source of mana. Maarten plays a living wish and finds a Visara in his Sideboard. He can even play the Visara with all his lands. Maarten is at 14 life with a Visara, butcher holding a Grim Lavaman, and a Herald. Frank is on 16 and has 2 Rootwalla’s, a elephant token and an elf. As if the Visara isn’t bad enough it is joined by a Ravenous Baloth. Frank has to make haste if he wants to kill Maarten. Frank does so and attacks followed by a Violent Eruption. Maarten is left with a Visara, facing an elf, lavaman and rootwalla. Another living wish finds another Baloth. Frank gives it a small try, but scoops when he sees he won’t stand a chance…

Maarten 1 – Frank 0

Game 2

Again no mulligans and Frank starts with an elf. Maarten plays a Cabal Therapy and finds 2 Violent Eruptions and just 1 mountain. Frank follows this by a Mongrol and a Rootwalla. Maarten can make a Birds which dies of an Violent Eruption in Frank’s turn. Maarten makes a bird and an oversold, then flashes for the second Violent Eruption. The team of three takes Maarten to 5, after which he played a Nantuko Husk. Frank topdecks a Threaten and Maarten scoops.
There was some questions why Maarten didn’t use the flashback Cabal earlier, sacking his hard needed bird, to get rid of 2 Violent Eruptions. Maarten was hoping Frank wouldn’t find a mountain to cast these eruptions. Frank did find his mountain and from there it was beyond repair for Maarten.

Maarten 1 – Frank 1

Game 3

This game starts with a mulligan for Frank. Maarten starts with an elf, which gets easily burned by a Firebolt. Next for Maarten is an Oversold Cemetery. Frank makes a little lizard. Maarten makes even more oversolds. Frank puts an Elephant guide on his Rootwalla, but this guy gets butchered. The butcher dies to Violent Eruption after this. Maarten tries a Phantom Centaur now, which will give Frank some trouble now. Frank can only play more lands and hits on the centaur with the walla and a bolt to reduce it in size. He is left with a Grim Lacvamancer. A Wish gets Maarten a Braids and a Smother deals with this Lavaman. Frank is facing a Centaur and has to top-deck for solutions. Frank flashes a firebolt to get rid of the centaur. This sets Frank at 10 and Maarten at 8 life. Maarten can now make a Braids. Frank is trying to outrace the Braids with direct damage on Maarten. He can’t kill Braids or the Oversold will become active and a Phantom Centaur returns. Maarten is on 8 and Frank on 4 when a Wirewood Elf arrives in play at Maarten’s side. This makes both Oversolds active and the Braids way too dangerous, so Frank scoops.

Maarten 2 – Frank 1

Game 4

Frank starts again, but not before Maarten goes to 6 cards. Frank starts with his Elf and Maarten with his Cabal Therapy. Frank has a turn 2 Call of the Herd, Maarten makes an Llanowar elf and another Therapy on Volcanic Hammer. Frank topdecks an Hammer to get rid off the elf, which leaves Maarten with a shady mana base. Maarten’s mana-base isn’t improving but he can get rid of a lot of cards with the flashback Cabal Therapy. Frank’s mana isn’t the way it should be too, and he isn’t able to keep the pressure on. A Nantuko Husk at Maarten’s and a Grim Lavamancer at Frank’s cheer things up a bit. Wild Mongrol makes a good advantage at Frank’s side, knowing he has an Eruption in his hand. Maarten finds a solution by getting a Caller of the Claw with his Wirewood Elf. Maarten plays the Caller for two tokens at end of Maarten’s turn and does nothing on his own. This way he tries to win before the Eruption Frank misses out on Mountains and has to wait before attacking meanwhile dealing damage with the Grim Lavamancer. Maarten topdecks a Ravenous Baloth, being on 3 life. Frank finds his Mountain, but won’t win this turn due to the Baloth. At the end of Maarten’s turn Frank plays the eruption on Maarten, who needs to sac the Baloth to survive. In his turn Frank attacks and can do exactly 3 to kill Maarten.

Maarten 2 – Frank 2

Game 5

After Frank mulligans again and then again, Maarten can start. Frank is starting with only 5 cards and a Grim Lavamancer, but now has a decent hand. Maarten has 2 Cabal Therapy for Grim Lavamancer, trying to strip Frank’s hand. He however topdecks a Lavamancer and plays it. Maarten has a Nantuko Husk and an oversold cemetery to start the game for him. Frank’s lands do not really show up and he doesn’t have much to do. Maarten can even make a Phantom Centaur and with the possibilities of the Therapies and Cemetery things arfe looking grim for Frank. Frank can make a Wild Mongrol, but the Centaur will hurt a lot. Maarten attacks with the Husk and the centaur. The Husk is unblocked and Maarten plays a Caller of the Claw. The husk is inflated to 8/8 by sacking all creatures and the Caller itself, putting the trigger on the stack. After that Maarten receives 3 tokens. Saccing those too will let the husk do 14 damage for the win. Frank can only say that he hates Magic… The players agreed to a nice price split that eventually will make this less harsh for Frank.

Maarten 3 – Frank 2

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