3rd/4th-place Playoff: Rob Nadebaum vs. Daniel Clifton

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By Andrew Pirie

Game 1

Daniel won the toss and elected to play first in this Trenches versus Psychatog match. The match progressed with both players playing land and passing, with three brief flurries of activity when Daniel attempted to cast a Nightscape Familiar on three occasions, each time sparking a counter war that Rob won. Rob capitalised on his opponent being tapped out after the third counter war to cast a Teferi's Moat, and selected black. Several more draw, play land, pass turns on both sides of the table allowed both players to restock their hands, and Rob cast a Prophetic Bolt during Daniel's end phase, selecting a counterspell over 3 lands. Daniel cast a Psychatog followed by a standstill, and in response to the standstill, Rob cast a kicked Urza's Rage and Daniel scooped.

Clifton – 0, Nadebaum - 1

Game 2

Daniel's third-turn Psychatog was Memory Lapsed, and prevented from returning to play by a Meddling Mage. Daniel cast a Nightscape Familiar, and the two of them traded blows for several turns until Daniel was on 13 life, and Rob was on 15. Daniel's attempted Fact or Fiction in Rob's end phase instigated another small counter war which resulted in Rob gaining 3 life from an Absorb. Daniel cast a Standstill, and Rob continued to attack every turn with his Meddling Mage which Daniel blocked with his regenerating Familiar. Eventually, Rob cast a Fact or Fiction, allowing Daniel to draw from the Standstill. Meddling Mage and Battlefield Forge were selected over the Coastal Tower, Circle of Protection Black and a Gainsay. More fruitless attacks followed, and Rob's Mage was countered after an exhausting counter war. Rob's next Fact or Fiction gained him a Shivan Reef, Memory Lapse and a Skycloud Expanse, selected over a Syncopate and the third Meddling Mage. Daniel Memory Lapsed Rob's fourth Meddling Mage, and sacked his Cephalid Coliseum, discarding a Psychatog, and two Nightscape Familars. Rob's next attack was surprisingly not blocked, dropping Daniel to 11 life. Rob cast the Memory Lapsed Meddling Mage, but Daniel responded with a Mana Short, sparking yet another counter war which resulted in Rob's life raising to 18 from an Absorb, and a Meddling Mage hitting the table enabling Rob to lock down Upheaval. Daniel sacked his other Coliseum, discarding a Mana Short, a Counterspell and an Island, but he gained and cast an Aether Burst on Rob's Upheaval-locking Mage. Daniel tapped out to cast Upheaval leaving a Blue and Black Mana floating, dropped a swamp and cast Psychatog which caused Rob to scoop.

Clifton – 1, Nadebaum - 1

Game 3

Game 3 was disappointing for Rob, as he stalled on two Islands for seven turns. He managed to stave off some of Daniel's offence by countering his third turn Nightscape Famiar. Daniel extended his advantage by casting Fact or Fiction, netting himself a Swamp, a Cephalid Colisem and an Upheaval, selected over a Duress and Nightscape Familiar. On turn six, Daniel dropped a Psychatog, and a helpless reigning Champion resigned himself to his fate as the alternate in the 2002 Australian Magic Team in Sydney.

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