"All Night Magic" is All Right Magic!

Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2002

By Ruud Warmenhoven

For those Magic players not shooting for Top 8 and Worlds-invites this weekend there are more than enough other things to do. Besides the usual side events Wizards of the Coast organises, Dutch Magic importer and tournament organiser PS-Games is running tournaments all night long. A catchy slogan was even thought up to attract players: "All Night Magic" is All Right Magic! This is proven by an impressive line-up of tournaments, including a Power 9 tournament and a 200 euro Grand Prix trial tournament. There will also be the usual 8-player side-events, with Asian and Revised boosters if you like.

Unfortunately, the Beurs van Berlage is closed at night, so these nightly tournaments will be held at the ABC Treehouse, located only a few minutes from the main site. A level 3 judge will make sure that there will be nothing but fun and fair play in the center of Amsterdam, even at night.

Highlight of these events will be at Saturday night when the already famous Power 9 tournament will start at 0:30h and will take 50 euro to compete in. In this Standard tournament competitors will be playing for a spot at the Top 8 draft table, which will determine the final standings. When that draft is finished, the players will be seated to draft again, but this time there will be only nine cards to draft, a complete mint Beta Power 9 set! There is one catch though, there will have to be at least 40 players present to compensate for all the pain and effort it took to get this unique set together. (The rumour goes that Kai Budde himself used to own this set...)

Over the course of Euros 2002 this Sideboard reporter will keep a close eye on these nightly events, so expect to see more reports over course of the weekend. If you've always dreamt of being covered by the Sideboard but you're just not invited to Euros, "All Night Magic" is your chance...

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