Analysis: Draft 4, Pod 3

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By Michelle Bush

By late Saturday afternoon here on the Queen Mary, the 169 players competing in Day 2 were starting to have some idea of where they could hope to settle out in the final standings. Most players were already out of contention for the Top 8. A select few could be sure of advancing to day three, barring disaster. For everyone in between, the final draft would mean the difference between playing on the big stage and watching from the sidelines.

I watched the draft at table 3, where all eight players had 24 points. Whoever sweeps the table will finish with 33 points, enough to make Top 8 if their tiebreakers are good enough.

Complete draft details are available in the accompanying article, but the Reader's Digest version of this draft as I see it goes something like this:

  • Seat 1: Eric Froehlich red/green/white
  • Seat 2: Allan Christensen green/white/black
  • Seat 3: Scott Richards blue/black/white
  • Seat 4: Wilfried Ranque black/red/green
  • Seat 5: Jeff Clark red/green/white
  • Seat 6: Scott Johns blue/white/black
  • Seat 7: Rob Dougherty red/black
  • Seat 8: Kamiel Cornelissen blue/white/black/green
  1. Eric Froehlich opened a Breath of Darigaaz and never looked back. He drafted a solid red/green deck splashing white for three Armadillo Cloaks.
  2. Allan Christensen is green/white, but was hurt significantly by Froehlich snatching up three Armadillo Cloaks in front of him. Christensen himself got only one Cloak, but does have 4 tappers and a Noble Panther. He made the unusual choice to splash black only for Hypnotic Cloud.
  3. Scott Richards went blue/black/white. He has some of the most powerful rares at the table: Rout and Teferi's Moat.
  4. Wilfried Ranque's draft was a bit unfocused. It looked like he might go 5CG when he picked up his 2nd Harrow, but he ended up with a red/black deck containing 2 Harrows, Restock, and Yavimaya Barbarian as the only green cards.
  5. Jeff Clark was obviously frustrated during the draft, but he ended up with a better green/red deck than his body language suggested. He is splashing white only for Ruham Djinn and a Thornscape Apprentice.
  6. Scott Johns executed a focused blue/white draft. He picked up three black cards as a splash late in the draft, including Spinal Embrace and Agonizing Demise.
  7. Rob Dougherty is the only player at the table who stuck to two colors. He has an amazing deck with three Soul Burns, two Cinder Shades, Crypt Angel, and Tsabo's Assassin.
  8. Kamiel Cornelissen has an excellent blue/white deck. His weakness is his mana base: he in splashing both black for Agonizing Demise and Recoil, and green for Noble Panther and Charging Troll.

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