Antoine Ruel is the Judges' Pick!

Posted in Event Coverage on February 24, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Few groups involved in the Magic Pro Tour see and hear as much as the judges. Once again, we asked them to select a player for this year's Invitational.

To determine which players would make it onto the judges' ballot, a nomination form was sent to all Level 3 and higher judges with the names of all Pro players with 30 or more Pro Points. The judges nominated five players who best combined sportsmanship and playing skill.

Taking the top 10 names from the nomination process, we then asked the same body of judges for a single vote from this field of candidates:

  • Antonino De Rosa, Tsuyoshi Fujita, Anton Jonsson, Raphael Levy, Gabriel Nassif, Julien Nuijten, Masashi Oiso, Antoine Ruel, Geoffrey Siron, Jelger Wiegersma

Congratulations to Antoine Ruel, the 2006 Judges' Pick!

Final Results
Antoine Ruel 25.6%
Antonino De Rosa 16.3%
Tsuyoshi Fujita 16.3%
Raphael Levy 11.6%
Masashi Oiso 9.3%
Anton Jonsson 9.30%
Gabriel Nassif 7.0%
Jelger Wiegersma 2.3%
Julien Nuijten 2.3%
Geoffrey Siron 0.0%

    What they said about Antoine:


    • “He's always respectful and friendly -- to judges, opponents and tournament staff. And Antoine is one of the top players who really understands that players and judges are partner in the game.”


    • “Having seen his behavior he is quick witted and fun without crossing the line into anything unsportsmanlike. He shows a genuine enthusiasm for the game and has great skill without bring it down to boring statistical analysis.”


    • “…a very friendly and professional player”


    • “I observed that he behaves fair and in polite way all the times even if he plays and loses against "no name" players.”

    Thanks to all the judges who participated, and congratulations Antoine!

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