Auction of Champions Recap

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler


Gerardo Godinez Chanpheng 6-15 3-0
Kai Budde Budde 6-20 3-0
Jon Finkel Dolan 7-15 3-0
Chris Pikula Maher 6-14 2-1
Ben Rubin Price 7-13 2-1
Darwin Kastle Rade 7-20 2-1
Trevor Blackwell Blumke 7-20 2-1
Bob Maher Loconto 7-20 2-1
Ryan Fuller McCabe 6-15 1-2
Noah Boeken Finkel 6-17 1-2
Alex Shvartsman McCarrel 6-20 1-2
Dave Price Selden 7-14 1-2
Yoshikazu Ishii Slemr 7-18 1-2
Mike Long Hovi 5-19 0-3
Gary Wise Buehler 6-13 0-3
Zvi Mowshowitz Long 6-19 0-3
Type 1 Decks 3-0
Extended Decks 2-7
Standard Decks 14-10
Block Decks 5-7
5-card hands 0-3
6-card hands 11-13
7-card hands 13-8

The big news has to be the weak performance of the big 3 Extended decks. Hovi, Buehler, and Maher were thought by many to be the best three decks, and they may have been the best three if everyone started on level footing. However, Mike Long failed to win a match with Hovi's deck even though he thought 5 cards and 19 life was a pretty good bid for it. And Gary Wise failed to win a game with my deck, perhaps because he bid too much life away and couldn't adequately fuel "the skull." Meanwhile, the three decks that went for 7-20 each finished up 2-1.

Three people went 3-0 in the Auction of Champions, sponsored by Jon Finkel went 3-0 with Zak Dolan's deck to move from a 4th place tie into sole possession of first. "All the crappy cards in this deck actually work well together!" exclaimed a surprised Finkel after setting up his second turn 2 Time Elemental lock of the morning against Yoshikazu Ishii. Kai Budde used his own Worlds '99 deck to go 3-0 and crawl out of the cellar, moving a game ahead of Zvi Mowshowitz in the race for last place. The other 3-0 deck was the white weenie deck that could. Gerardo Godinez piloted Australian Tom Chanpheng's Worlds '96 deck to a 3-0 mark.

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