Auction of the People Deck Submission

Posted in Event Coverage on March 2, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast


Auction of the People 2005 FAQ

Can I use possessives? If I use Akroma can I use Akroma's (as in Vengeance)?
Yes, Posessives are exceptable.

If my word is a verb, can I use other tenses of the verb? If I use target can I also use targets or targeted?
Yes. Alternate tenses are acceptable.

What about hyphenations?
You may choose a word with hyphenations but you cannot include a card where you word appears as part of a hyphenated word. For example, if your word is Golem, Ur-Golem is not acceptable. But if your word is Ur-Golem you may inlcude any card with Ur-Golem on it (this might not be the strongest word to build a deck around).

Can I have a sideboard?
No, players will not be sideboarding. The one exception is using a sideboard for puposes of Wishes. In that case the sideboard will merely hold their options for Wishing.

Does the word count if it's in reminder text?
Yes. Anything in the text box (or in the name or card type lines) is acceptable.

Do we use Oracle text?
You may choose to use Oracle text if you wish to. The rule is that the word has to appear on the Magic Online version of the card. As cards on Magic Online can be viewed with Oracle text, Oracle text is acceptable.

Are Betrayers of Kamigawa cards acceptable?
Yes. The cards must be Online Extended legal at the time of the Magic Invitational (which is in May).

One of the annual traditions of the Magic Invitational is a format we call the Auction of the People. As the name implies, the format is an auction where the Invitationalists acquire decks by bidding life, starting cards, and hand size. The competitors then play the decks against each other for three rounds, beginning with the appropriate life and starting cards based on their bids.

So where do these decks come from? Why, from all of you. It is the Auction of the People, after all. Also, as is tradition, the decks have a weird deck restriction. Without any further ado, here are the hoops to jump through this year:

1. The deck must be legal in Online Extended.
2. The decks must have a minimum of 24 lands.
3. Choose a word. All cards in the deck, with the exception of basic lands, must have the chosen word in the name, card type line or text box (this includes rules text and flavor text). The chosen word cannot take any other form other than being plural. For example, if you chose the word “land", the words “land” or “lands” are okay, but the words “island” or “landwalk” are not.
4. The chosen word must appear on the version of the card found in Magic Online. If the word appeared on a previous version of a card but isn't found on the Magic Online version, it is not legal for this deck.
5. Only one deck may be submitted per person.
6. The decks will be selected based on a combination of creativity, entertainment and play value. Note that only one deck will be chosen per word, and emphasis will be put on selecting decks using more offbeat words.
7. The deadline for submitting a deck was March 21, so the submission window has closed. We'll post the decks the Invitationalists will be bidding on in mid-April.

Enjoy. I’m exciting to see what you all come up with.

Mark Rosewater

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