Auction of the People: Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Sideboard Staff

And now it starts to get interesting. With three rounds to go we come to the last format of the Invitational, the Auction of the People. In August, the Sideboard ran a contest to get seventeen decks themed around creature types. With nearly four thousand decks submitted, the selection committee had their hands full. Many of the decks were very creative and flavorful. To see the seventeen selected decks, click here.

Here's how the auction works. The players are arranged based on their seeding in the tournament after round twelve. The top seed, Kai Budde, will choose the first deck for bidding. Budde must bid on the deck. Bids are made by stating the starting hand size and life total the player is willing to play the deck with. The lowest bid is seven cards, twenty life. Starting hand size is considered the primary bid meaning that six cards, twenty life is a lower bid than seven cards, one life.

The decks for this year were purposely selected to have a wise range of power. The Chimera deck, for example, is chock full of powerful cards like Mishra's Workshop and The Abyss while the Wall deck is considered almost unplayable. With numerous low power decks, the players will be forced to get very aggressive with the bidding. Talk among the players is how low certain decks can go and still be viable.

The current desired decks seem to be the Chimera deck, the Land deck and the Homarid deck. The decks on the bottom of everyone's list are the Wall deck, the Spy deck and the Dwarf deck. But with sixteen players and only seventeen decks, many of the undesired decks will have to be played by someone.

The cards of this year's Auction of the People are being sponsored by Star City ( This means the winner of the Rat deck will be playing with eight actual Black Lotuses.

As the last format, the Auction of the People has all the marbles riding on it. We will have full coverage of the draft as well as the key players in the final rounds.

A final thanks to all of you out there who contributed to this year's auction. These are your decks. Enjoy!

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